What do I really believe in?

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As I linger to contemplate on what it means to ponder on “what do I really believe in?” Personally, as I grew up, I have had believed in different principles in life. In my philosophies, in my studies, in my political views, in my spiritual and religious belief most especially, and in my entire being. All these hones and shape me to become a better version of myself, through the influence of my family, my friends, and my previous home and school. I would like to highlight my high school Al-Ma mater because it is because of her that I learned what I should believe in, it is because of her that I understand more about life, it is because of her that I become who I am now. And that to believe that there is God who gave me this life and always with me wherever I go. I believe, me, being put into a religious school at the Sisters Of Mary School is not only because it's my choice but rather it is part of God's plan for me.

Besides religion, the following are the things I also practically believe in, these are, logic, reasons, my capabilities, truthfulness, history, and in friendships these are just a few to name amongst all the things I believe in. The saying "Everything happens for a reason", in the religious context I hundred percent believed in it. because for me there is a supreme being who is watching us and guiding us in our direction. But sometimes, because we do not want it, we tend to go against His plan, and there we start to neglect Him and so troubles will follow. It is we sometimes that put ourselves in danger. I believe that we are equally created, out of love of God. The saying that says it is not our fault that we were born poor and naked but it if we leave this world poor still it is something, we should not blame from Him but instead to ourselves.

 In the end we should have a common end to believe in our hearts and believe in God. We should have the courage and bravery to stood with what we trust and believe even if we are alone. For my fellow youngsters, we should not be contented of learning instead hunger ourselves to acquire more knowledge and be the person we believe the best, prudent and honest. Being able to expose myself in a company, having job for one and a half year being a Computer-Technician I was able to prove some of my beliefs. In the reality of life, proving the hardships my parents have told me back-then I was kid. It is through there that strengthens me in my commitments as a productive worker to the company. After all, these beliefs we hold onto are the ones that will show us some of our purpose in life. So just always be the best version of yourself and stick to the beliefs we have and be not easily shaken by those luring and convincing words that might pervert our goals and totally destroy what we have started to believe in.
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