What is the difference between temporary color’s and semi-permanent? (4 marks)

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Haircolouring Worksheet

Haircoloring Worksheet

  1. What is the difference between temporary color’s and semi-permanent? (4 marks)

-the difference between temporary and semi-permanent color’s is that for semi-permanent color’s you can use them straight from the applicator without being pre-mixed, as for temporary colors they don’t contain bleach and can’t lighten your natural shade

2. What is a patch test and why is it important to perform? (3 marks)

-it is something you do to see how the client’s skin and scalp reacts to see if you should use those products on the client; it performed 24-48 hours before the service is provided.

3. Why would a stylist choose a demi-permanent color over a permanent? (2 marks)

- the reason why they would do such is because demi-permanent doesn’t affect the natural hair pigment it just wraps around the hair-strand like a mask for approximately 24 shampoos; also its better because if you don’t like the color it won’t stain the hair strand and permanent it messes up the natural hair

4. Which types of haircoloring use developers? (2 marks)


5. Which types of haircoloring requires a patch test? (3marks)


6. Describe how temporary color’s change the color of the hair (1 mark)

- Large color molecules sit outside of the hair structure and stain the cuticle. If the hair is slightly damaged the temporary color could stain the hair for longer than one shampoo.

7. What is the maximum level of lift that can be achieved with permanent hair color’s? (1 mark)

- 10

8. List all the things you should consider before coloring a client’s hair. (5marks)

- what products are they allergic to?

- are they’re any open cuts or open pimples on the scalp?

- how much color am I going to apply/

- what they’re natural pigment is?

- the porosity of the hair strand?

9. What is an underlying pigment and why is it important to know during color formulation? (2 marks)

- Underlying pigments are the natural pigments that make up every hair color, they are very important to know so you can figure out what will counteract the color

10. If a client has 50% grey hair, how does it affect your color formulation? (2 marks)

- because how much developer you use will affect the outcome of the hair for example 20 developer is best used for 2 levels of lift and for covering grey.

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