What’s new with kennelsoft’s atlantis version 2 Multi Location Capability

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Version 9.2

Multi Location Capability – Atlantis can be run from multiple facilities in the same geographic area accessing the same database.
Comprehensive Rewards Program – A sample receipt is shown below. Read the KennelSoft Rewards document for complete information.

Report Showing Reward Options

Day Care Preview Tab
Shows the total number of dogs each day for a six (6) week period. Clicking on any day in the preview will bring up the day care/service schedule for that day.

Supports up to Four (4) Pet Detect I.D. Collar Printers
Now supports up to Four (4) Pet Detect I.D. Collar Printers – Option allows for using one color (i.e. yellow) for Boarding dogs, another color for Day Care dogs, another color (i.e. red) for dogs on Medication, and another color for dogs that requires Special Monitoring.
Auto Charge Capability

Automatic inclusion of mandatory charges. If you have a Healthy Pet Program or any type of pet insurance program that you require for all boarding pets, this feature will automatically insert those charges. The charge may be a fixed price i.e. $7.00 per visit or a daily charge i.e. $0.75 per day.

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