When I first met him, I never saw any signs of ptsd until when we moved in

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I write the letter on behalf of my husband who is a former veteran in the army. I met him in 2017, the same year that we got married and I have known him since then. We have stayed together for almost three years as husband and wife.
When I first met him, I never saw any signs of PTSD until when we moved in together. Staying with him has helped realized that he suffers from PTSD and depression that makes him show signs of mental disorder. My husband cannot have a peaceful sleep at night because of the continuous nightmares he keeps on having. Sometimes he jumps and talks in sleep while discussing his experiences in the army. He suffers from anxiety and depression and he keeps on saying how his military buddies were burnt from head to toe. Our children are now scared of him since he behaves so strangely and he too is paranoid of the kids. My husband’s current condition is getting worse and he is becoming more violent. I was often forced to employ a handyman to help out in controlling his movements around the house. We cannot even go out on a date together. In the past dates, he has also developed other complications such as trust issues, panic attacks, anger issues and relationship problems.
Therefore, my husband needs an immediate medical attention.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder behavioral symptoms often comes out unpredictably but triggered by certain objects and experiences within the environment. My husband has always been avid about his friends and whenever he sees a photo they took together, his full array of PTSD symptoms becomes triggered. Sometimes, he even fears that someone is after him to harm him.
My hope is that the information above may help in securing help in my husband’s case since it is to the best of my traumatizing experiences and knowledge about my husband.
Thank you.
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