When the Lord provided Dominique with her Holy Spirit filled

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Jeremiah 336-12

Psalm 126
When the Lord provided Dominique with her Holy Spirit filled husband and family, it was like a dream. Dominique’s mouth was filled with laughter and her tongue with singing.
Then all that saw and heard said the Lord has done great things for Dominique.
Jeremiah 33:6-12
The Lord brought healing to Dominique’s body and restoration to Dominique’s family; Dominique and her children are not only healed, they enjoy abundant peace and security. The captivity of Dominique’s family was reversed and they are rebuilt on the groundwork of the Word of God.
They were cleansed of all sin and rebellion. This new family brings the Lord glory, joy, praise and honor before all who hear of the good things the Lord has done for them. The world is in awe and filled with wonder at the good and all the peace, prosperity, security, and stability the Lord provides to
Dominique’s family. While at one time, this entire family was a desolate wasteland, without men or wealth. There is now heard the sounds of joy and gladness within
Dominique’s family, the voices of brides and grooms, and the voices of those who bring thanks offerings to the house of the Lord, thanking the Lord God Almighty for His goodness and His unfailing love. Oh Yes, the Lord restored them with prosperity. Grooms, shepherds for the Lord,
have been provided as husbands to Dominique and the women of this family, where the order of the Lord has been established.

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