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and attach a letter of application, Curriculum Vitae, statements about the applicant's research program and teaching interests, a statement of teaching philosophy, writing samples and or list of professional references. In addition, three letters of recommendation and any writing samples the applicant wishes to provide should be sent directly to:

Search Committee | Department of Geography | The Maxwell School of Syracuse University | 144 Eggers Hall | Syracuse University | Syracuse, NY 13244

Application deadline: January 15, 2009


Call for papers - Tourisme des racines : expériences du retour | TÉOROS automne 2009, vol 28 no 3
Découvrir la terre des ancêtres, renouer les fils de la généalogie familiale, faire l’expérience concrète du pays d’origine telles sont quelques-unes des motivations qui poussent les descendants de migrants et d’exilés à effectuer ce parcours touristique initiatique. Si le phénomène a maintes fois été l’objet de récits mythiques et quasi-mystiques pour la littérature et le cinéma, il constitue plus concrètement un ensemble incontournable de pratiques à étudier tant il influence les touristes et l’industrie du voyage. Le numéro Tourisme des racines: expériences du retour de la revue Téoros souhaite faire un état des lieux du phénomène touristique du retour en s'intéressant à ses spécificités et ses déclinaisons, ses enjeux socio-culturels, économiques et politiques, ses acteurs et ses structures.


Architecture competition - "Sham Spiritual Oasis Architecture Competition"

We are glad to announce to you the exhibition's opening of "Sham Spiritual Oasis Architecture Competition" in Damascus, along with an on-line exhibition of participants' entries plus jury comments and reasoning of ranking.

Sham Spiritual Oasis is the name of the architecture competition that aimed at developing concepts for a facility of hospitality for travelers and pilgrims through Sham Region (Damascus Area). The Oasis is to serve as a visitor center, a place of spiritual growth and an opportunity to provide initiation to welcoming the other. This Visitor Center is located at the entrance of Wadi Deir Mar Musa Protected Area, near the town of Nebek, Syria.
The competition was launched in March 2008 by COSV (Comitato di Coordinamento delle Organizzazioni per il Servizio Volontario, Milan, Italy), Deir Mar Musa al-Habashi (The Monastery of St. Moses the Abyssinian, Nebek, Syria) and Tanween Arabian Cultural Centre (Prague, Czech Republic). Funds for the project were provided by the European Union as a contribution to the celebration of Damascus as the cultural capital of the Arab world for the year 2008. The competition was open to Euro-Mediterranean architecture and art students. Contributions from professionals from all over the world were also welcomed.
For more information about the competition:

For the news article "Damascus Exhibition Opening in Pictures":

For the online exhibition:


Research resources - Forced migration and climate change
Increasingly, there is widespread recognition that the environment, people's lives and livelihoods are being transformed as a result of climate change. This has been linked to increased levels of environmental and weather-related disasters and higher levels of displacement. The Refugee Studies Centre has produced a set of resources which debate the issues - including numbers, definitions and modalities - and the tension between the need for research and the need to act. Prepared to complement Forced Migration Review 31 ( and the Forced Migration Online (FMO) Research Guide on Climate Change and Displacement (, FMO also hosts a new Resource Summary ( on the topic which provides links to many key resources, websites and documents related to climate change, environmental change, disasters and forced migration.


Constructing Spaces of (Im)-mobility: Geo-historical Perspectives | RGS-IBG Annual Conference | Manchester, 26-28 August 2009 | Call for Papers
Sponsored by the Population Geography Research Group & the Historical Geography Research Group
Recent scholarship has highlighted the socially constructed nature of mobility and focused on its changing spatialities under the current global regime. Less has been written about the historical development of mobility in general and mobile subjects (migrants, travelers, and refugees) in particular. The session seeks to explore various historical contexts within which mobility - and the mobile - have been constructed and uncover the material and immaterial geographies that enabled and were unleashed by it. We invite papers that examine the (im)-mobility of people, cultures, knowledge, labor, money and other objects in historical perspectives. We welcome papers dealing with issues outside the Anglo-American world. Suggested themes include but are not limited to: Mobile subjects and identities (especially in the developing world) | Urban/rural mobility | Mobility and the socially excluded | Mobile cultures | Pre-globalization travel and migration | Financial flows (including migrants' remittances) | Mobility and place-making | Fixity and Anti-Mobility.
If you are interested in submitting a paper, please contact Nir Cohen ( Please note the deadline for submission of abstracts is February 3rd, 2009. When submitting your paper please include the following information: 1) name 2) institutional affiliation 3) contact email, 4) title of proposed paper, 5) abstract (no more than 250 words) and 6) technical requirements (i.e., video, data projector, sound).


RGS-IBG annual conference, Manchester 2009 | Call for Papers | Beyond Home and Family: Alternative Spaces of Ethno-Consumption
Sponsored by the Social and Cultural Geography Research Group and the Population Geography Research Group
Convenor: Kathy Burrell (De Montfort University)
With commodities and consumption firmly embedded in geographic research and debates (Bridge & Smith, 2003; Goss, 2006; Mansvelt, 2008), the important roles that material culture and consumption play in locating and embedding migrant identities are now increasingly recognised. Homespaces, as sites of consumption and performances of ethnicity, have been especially closely investigated (Petridou, 2001, Tolia-Kelly, 2004; Walsh, 2006; Miller, 2008). Transnational family relationships have also been highlighted as important sites of consumption in migrants’ lives (Marques et al. 2001; Gardner & Grillo, 2002; Burrell, 2008). With so much research in this area taking place within the parameters of ‘home’ and ‘family’, however, the intense emotional and performative connections between ethnicity, migration, consumption and material culture which take place beyond the immediate spaces of home and family need more attention. This session therefore seeks to interrogate these ethno-consumer connections, looking beyond homespaces and family units to consider the social, emotional and performative geographies at play in alternative, and often hidden, spaces of ethnicity and consumption.

With this in mind, this session invites papers which explore this theme. Topics could include: Ethnic retailing and specialist shops and products | The development of particular shopping areas | Beauty services | Magazines | The internet | Fashion and dress | Restaurants | Leisure venues.

Please send all enquiries and completed abtracts to Kathy Burrell ( by Friday 23rd January 2009. When submitting your abstract please ensure you include: your name, institutional affiliation, contact email, title of proposed paper, abstract (no more than 250 words), and any technical requirements.


SCHOOL OF ORIENTAL AND AFRICAN STUDIES University of London | Teaching Fellow in Development Studies
Maternity cover for up to 12 months

£31,838 - £37,603 p.a inclusive of London Allowance

Vacancy No: 100438
The Department of Development Studies is seeking to replace a member of staff who will be on maternity leave from 1 February 2009. The principal responsibilities of the appointee will be to contribute to the launch of the Department’s new MSc programme in Migration, Mobility and Development, convene and teach one MSc optional course, lecture in BA and MSc team-taught courses, supervise dissertations, and carry out

administrative duties compatible with the level of the appointment.

Preference will be given to candidates with experience and expertise in the field of migration, mobility and development, a good background in development studies, teaching experience and a completed or advanced PhD.
An application form and further particulars can be downloaded from Alternatively, write to the Human Resources Department, School of Oriental and African Studies, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG, fax: 020 7074 5129 or email stating your name, address and the vacancy reference number. CV's will only be accepted when accompanied by an

application form. No agencies.

Closing date: Tuesday 16 December 2008 | SOAS values diversity and aims to be an equal opportunities employer
Dr. Laura Hammond | Senior Lecturer | Department of Development Studies | School of Oriental and African Studies

Thornhaugh Street | London WC1H 0XG | Tel: +44 (0)207 898 4654 | Fax: +44 (0)20 7898 4559


Mediterranean Politics
The latest issue of Mediterranean Politics has just been published. For more information about this issue and the journal, please visit the Routledge website at:


Immigrant Image Archive - Chamber for Immigrant Visual Studies
Chamber for Immigrant Visual Studies was established in Copenhagen 2007 as an independent, non-profit art project focusing on the visual aspects of immigration. The archive collects, preserves, and provides photographs and video films about immigrants in Denmark. The aim is to build a national, visual documentation centre for the immigration to Denmark in the period from 1950 and till today. The archive solely contains images with relation to immigration taken by the immigrants themselves. Hence, visitors to the archive are confronted with the social realities and experiences of the contributors who are conveying their own stories. The archive functions as an information and research centre and is open to the public. It consists of an electronic image database, which form basis for exhibitions, talks, publications and electronic presentations. The archive also organizes public lectures and seminars, and provides professional advice through arrangements addressing the relationship between the various immigrant societies and the Danish society. The purpose of this is to increase the mutual knowledge of the societies and break down social barriers.

Through exhibitions, debates, talks, symposiums, artist presentations, performances, slide shows and film screenings, the archive sheds light on the last 60 years' immigration to Denmark. Simultaneously with this, it passes on knowledge of Danish immigrant societies and enhances the visual dialogue and social interaction between the original Danish population and the immigrant population. In order to establish new networks and partnerships, the archive arranges exhibitions in educational institutions, cultural institutions, art institutions and museums. The archive also gives advice in relation to book publishing, video production, and printing of post cards and posters with images from the collection. The archive is open for cooperation with individuals and institutions that share the archive's visions of enhancing the understanding between different societies in Denmark and the wider Scandinavia. Ordering of material

For the sake of preservation, it is not possible to borrow material from the archive, but it is possible to order copies of photographs and video films from the collection. The reproductions are delivered digitally (on CD or DVD). The delivery time for copies is minimum one week. Orders are received by letter or e-mail. Users of material from the archive must obtain the permission from the archive curators to use the material for different purposes. When using the material, all relevant information must be provided.
Archive address: Chamber of Public Secrets, CPS Art Space, Forhabningshiolmsalle 53,

1904 Frb. C Denmark

for more info: |


Séminaires mobilités de loisir - Tourisme : Recherches , Institutions, Pratiques
Saskia Cousin, anthropologue, IIAC-LAIOS / CITERES, mcf à l’Univ. François-Rabelais | Sylvain Pattieu, historien, EA 1571 (Université Paris 8)
Bertrand Réau, sociologue, CRIS / CSE, mcf à l’Université de Lyon-I | 1er et 3e jeudis du mois de 17 h à 19 h (salle 215, 54 bd Raspail, sauf le 27/11, en salle 007) | du 16 octobre au 18 juin | Renseignements :
Pour la quatrième année, nous poursuivons notre exploration des recherches menées sur le tourisme. Il s’agira toujours croiser les terrains et les approches disciplinaires, en donnant cette année une place plus importante aux historiens et aux géographes. Nous avons également voulu faire mieux connaître les recherches menées à l’étranger, tant du point de vue des méthodes et des concepts, qu’en termes d’organisation scientifique. 6 chercheurs nous aideront à faire le point sur ce sujet. Comme chaque année, nous alternerons les interventions de chercheurs confirmés et de doctorants. Les séances seront organisées autour de la présentation d’un ou de deux intervenant (s), suivie d’une mise en perspective avec un discutant, et d’une discussion avec les participants. Ce séminaire est associé au LAIOS. Il est ouvert à toutes les personnes qui s’intéressent à la recherche sur le tourisme et les mobilités de loisirs.
27 novembre : Mathis Stock, Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire sur le Tourisme, Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch, Sion (Suisse) : « Défis de connaissance scientifique sur le tourisme » | 4 décembre : Anne Gaugue, Université de Clermont-Ferrand : « La navigation de plaisance au long cours » | 18 décembre : Emmanuel Peyvel, Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis /ENS-LSH Lyon : « Tourisme, développement et construction nationale au Vietnam » | 15 janvier : Eric Boutroy, Université de Lyon 1, CRIS/IDEMEC : « L’ailleurs et l’altitude. Une ethnologie du tourisme d’aventure en Himalaya » | 29 janvier : Bertrand Réau, Université de Lyon 1, CRIS/CSE : « Le travail de recrutement dans une multinationale du loisir » | 5 février : Pascal Ory, Université de Paris 1 : « Retour sur l'invention du bronzage » | 5 mars : Jennifer Bidet, Université de Lyon 2: « Vacances au bled ? Lieux de résidence et lieux de vacances de familles immigrées d'origine algérienne » | - Muriel Girard, Université François-Rabelais : « Mise en scène du patrimoine immatériel : l'exemple de l'"artisanat traditionnel" à Fès, Istanbul et Alep » | 19 mars : Marion Fontaine, docteur en histoire : « De la Mine à la mer : tourisme, travail et relations sociales au sein des Houillères Nationales » | - Aurélien Gentil, Université de Lyon 2 : « Trajectoires et processus de socialisation des salariés saisonniers mobiles du tourisme » | 9 avril : Johan Vincent, Observatoire du patrimoine maritime (Université de Bretagne-Occidentale) et CERHIO (Université de Bretagne-Sud): « Réussir une saison balnéaire. Stratégies et politiques d’aménagement des stations balnéaires bretonnes et vendéennes (fin 19e -début 20e) » | - Sylvain Pattieu, Université Paris 8 : « Etat de la recherche sur le tourisme populaire » | 7 mai : Simone Abram, Université de Leeds, CTCC (Royaume-Uni) : « Movement, Nature and Nationalism: understanding the significance of holiday homes ». | - Tim Neal, Université de Sheffield (Royaume-Uni) : « The perfect place : situating British migrants in rural France » | 4 juin : Pal Nyiri, Université d'Amsterdam (Pays-Bas) : « Tourism and Modernity in China » | 18 juin : Maria Gravari-Barbas, Université de Paris 1, EIREST : « Temps et espaces de l’événement urbain ».


8th Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East (ASTENE)
Collingwood College, Durham University, UK, 10–13 July 2009
The conference aims to explore the impact of travellers in, to, and from the Near East and Egypt from earliest times until the middle of the twentieth century.
Contributions are welcomed from a wide range of disciplines, and it is envisaged that the conference will cover many fascinating themes, including but not limited to the following: Travellers’ Experiences: caravanserai, hotels and encampments; travel by rail in the Near East; travel guides routes and seaways; dahabiyyah and other boats | Travellers in Specific Periods: Classical; Mediaeval; 18h century; early twentieth century | Travellers in Specific Locations: in the Ottoman Balkans and Greece; in Egypt and around the Red Sea; on the rivers of Mesopotamia; through ‘Kurdistan’; to the Arabian Peninsula; in deserts; in specific towns in the region; on Grand Tour to Constantinople; Smyrna; Arab travellers en route to and from Europe; guidebooks before 1880 | Travellers' Observations of: topography – archaeology – popular culture–– scientific topics (natural history, science, medicine etc.) – languages, literature and dialects | Travel and Religion: Pilgrimage and Pilgrims – Travellers’ understanding of Islam – Experience of the Hajj; Missionary travellers – Travels of Biblical Scholars/Historians – monasteries, monks and hermits.
Contributions can be presented either as papers, which will not exceed 25-minutes duration. The language of the conference will be English. Expressions of interest and inquiries can be directed to Mrs Janet C.M. Starkey (address below). Abstracts for consideration should be submitted to Janet Starkey by 28 February 2009. Programme details and booking forms will be available on the ASTENE website early in 2009.
Please send titles, abstracts, ideas for panels to Mrs Janet C.M. Starkey, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Durham University, Elvet Riverside, New Elvet, Durham DH1 3JT, UK. Tel: +44 (0)191 334 1414; Fax: +44 (0)191 334 3421; Email:


9th International Conference: „Migration, Politics, and Work“
Trier/Germany and Dudelange/Luxembourg | 25 - 27 June 2009
Organizers: Institute for Regional and Migration Research (IRM) (Trier, Germany), Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations Humaines (Dudelange, Luxembourg), Institute of Integration and Participation at the School for Social Work (FHNW) (Olten, Switzerland)
Invitation to submit a proposal dealing with “Migration, Politics, and Work” in reference to one of the following topics. Please indicate the topic to which your proposal refers: Migration and global market for labor | Historical development of labor migration | Labor migration in exhibitions and museums | Migrational and labor market politics in Europe | Undocumented labor migrants in Europe – social, legal, and economic aspects | Feminization of migration and labor migration | Self-organization of labor migrants | Migration and labor unions | Migration and the social state.
If you are interested in giving a speech, we kindly ask you to submit a short abstract (max. of 500 words) with the title of your speech, a short biography, and contact details (e-mail, mobile/telephone, and postal address). Deadline for proposals: 21st December 2008
Conference languages: German and English. Information and contact:;


Job Advert | Syracuse University | Department of Geography | Assistant Professor
NEW YORK, SYRACUSE, 13244. The Department of Geography at Syracuse University seeks to hire a human geographer at the Assistant Professor rank. This is a tenure track appointment. PhD required at time of appointment.
We seek a scholar who takes a political economy approach to geography. Candidates should have an empirical focus on areas such as the following: economic restructuring, gender, geopolitics, globalization, labor, law, or race. Besides contributing to the Department's research and teaching cluster in Political Economy, we seek a scholar who might also contribute to departmental research efforts in Culture, Justice, and Urban Space; Gender, Identity, and Citizenship; or Globalization and Regional Development. Regional specialization is open, but we would especially welcome applications from scholars of the Middle East, Africa, or Asia. Opportunities for interdisciplinary research within the Maxwell School include the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs, the Program on the Analysis of Conflict, the Campbell Public Affairs Institute, the Middle East, East Asia, and South Asia Programs, and others. The Department maintains strong collaborative links with scholars in African American Studies, Anthropology, LGBT Studies, International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, and Women's and Gender Studies. With its Community Geography Project and other initiatives the Department is also a leader in the University's emphasis on publicly-engaged scholarship; applications from scholars emphasizing socially-relevant and engaged research are therefore welcome.
The Department strongly values excellence in teaching, and the successful candidate will be expected to teach both undergraduate and graduate courses. Faculty members normally teach two courses per semester.
The Maxwell School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages applications from women and minorities. For consideration, a candidate must complete an online faculty application at

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