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//year 9(ProgrammingHomework)

Read the article about Lady Ada Lovelace on my blog and then answer the following questions in your own words using full sentences.

  1. Who is Ada Lovelace?

  1. What was unusual about Ada in regards to her schooling?

  1. Who is Charles Babbage? Name three important inventions he created (NOT the Analytical or Difference engines):




  1. Could Charles Babbage have designed the Analytical or Difference Engine without the help of Ada Lovelace? Why not?

  1. Ada helped to translate the writings of Louis Meabrea, an Italian mathematician. What was unusual about her translations?

  1. Name three things that Ada predicted that a computer might be able to do in the future:




  1. How correct was Ada in her predictions?

  1. Why are these predictions so exceptional - think about the era she lived in which had no phones, internet or iPads?

  1. What part of her writings are regarded as the first ‘computer program’?

  1. Who named a programming language after Ada? Why did they do this?

  1. What aspect of computing do you think Ada would be involved in if she had been born today? What kind of person might she be?

Download 6.03 Kb.

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