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Youssef Galal
Ms. Shirley Wang
Theory of knowledge
The article started by talking about how scientists and astronomers have found planets and the method they used to find these planets which was by using gravitational lensing which was made by astrophysicist Xinyu Dai. The purpose of the article was talking about how a star “gave birth” to a black hole as well as what information it could tell us about black holes.
Scientists say that usually stars create black holes after entering the supernova phase so what if just they missed the supernova phase of this particular star and concluded that it just went to being a black hole? This could benefit us by allowing us to gain more knowledge about our stars and about black holes and different ways that they could be created which might aid us in future space missions or studies. The article doesn’t only give information about black holes but it also explores the knowledge behind supernovas and what causes them as well as what effects they give on space. This can change knowledge gained from our perspective about black holes and supernovas since there are always different sources saying different types of information, but since this information is brought forward by a reliable source with valid evidence It helps build our knowledge and adding more information to that newly added piece of knowledge gained.
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