1 Introduction

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Figure 2 HotBird 6 Satellite Coverage
4.2 EUMETCast Coverage in C-band
For coverage in C-band, the spacecraft selected by the telecommunications provider, Telespazio S.P.A., is the Atlantic Bird 3 operated by EUTELSAT. The core coverage zone of the satellite is mainland Africa, see Figure 3 below.

dditional information on EUTELSAT's HotBird and Atlantic Bird satellites can be found on their web site at: http://www.eutelsat.com

Figure 3 Atlantic Bird 3 Satellite Coverage

5 EUMETCast Reception Station Requirements
Reception station requirements are based upon trials performed by the telecommunications providers. EUMETSAT has successfully tested a configuration and the requirements given here reflect this configuration.
5.1 Hardware Requirements
The following is a minimum configuration necessary for the EUMETCast reception station:
5.1.1 PC Requirements
2.0 GHz Pentium IV

1 Gbyte RAM

36 Gbyte internal disk

5 volt PCI bus (compatible with the recommended DVB PCI card)

100/10 Base Ethernet card

DVB PCI card (5 volts) - TechniSat SkyStar2 for Ku-band, or BroadLogic V@box 2030 for C-band

USB port for the eToken
5.1.2 Antenna Requirements
An off-set antenna fitted with a digital universal V/H LNB is required. EUMETCast operates as a multicast system without return channel. To achieve the required level of system performance users should use a slightly larger antenna than would normally be needed for multimedia DVB applications with a return channel. The dish antenna diameter required to receive this broadcast depends upon the location within the footprint of the broadcast satellite (Figures 2 and 3). Currently recommended antenna sizes are presented below in Table 1.

The reader should bear in mind that since there may be improvements in the power available through satellite transponders, it may be possible to operate receiving stations with smaller antenna sizes. For the latest information, please consult the EUMETSAT web site or contact the EUMETSAT User Service (ops@eumetsat.de).



Antenna size


within the "core" geographical footprint of the spacecraft, the area bounded by the inner contour depicted in the Hotbird 6 satellite coverage (Figure 2).

85cm or greater


within the “extended” geographical coverage (e.g. remote European islands, Turkey East of Ankara and Eastern European countries).

1.8m or greater


within the "core" geographical footprint , the area bounded by the inner contour depicted in Figure 3.

2.4m or greater


within the “extended” geographical coverage (e.g. Madagascar, La Reunion, Mauritius and parts of North America).

3.7m or greater

Table 1 Recommended Antenna Sizes
A tool to determine azimuth and elevation for the HotBird and Atlantic Bird satellites from a location on the earth’s surface can be found on the EUMETSAT web page at: http://www.EUMETSAT.de/cgi-bin/tools/ antennaPointing.

5.1.3 Operating System Requirements
The following operating systems have been tested and perform adequately:

  • Windows NT 4.0 workstation with service patch 6a.

  • Windows 2000 with service patch 3.

NOTE: The TechniSat software only works under Windows 98SE/ME/NT 4.0 SP6/2000 Professional and not under Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

5.1.4 Software Requirements
Multicast Software
The following software should be installed:

  • Windows 2000 SP3 - Microsoft Operating System

  • The tq®-TELLICAST client, multicast software, the latest version can be found on the EUMETSAT Web page

(The tq®-TELLICAST client software carries out the following processes:

- decryption of data based on a key code

- error correction and management of received files.

As the current EUMETCast Service operates with a tq®-TELLICAST server, the tq®-TELLICAST client software is mandatory and a license is required for each user (for information on availability please contact the EUMETSAT User Service Helpdesk (see Section 10).

  • TechniSat SkyStar2 - the DVB PCI card driver comes with the SkyStar2 DVB PCI card (part of the tested configuration for Ku-band reception)

  • BroadLogic V@box 2030 PCI card for C-band reception

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (web browser) version 5.5, or later version, (required for display of the tq®-TELLICAST monitoring information)

5.1.5 Optional Software
The following optional software is available:

  • EFTS PreProcessor Software - available from EUMESAT, see http://www.eumetsat.de/en/dps/helpdesk/tools.html

  • Java RTE (required by the EFTS PreProcessor software)

  • NTP time synchronisation software, for accurate time stamping by the reception station

  • WaveLet decompression software, required to decompress Meteosat-8 (MSG-1) data - available from EUMETSAT, see http://www.eumetsat.de/en/dps/helpdesk/tools.html

5.1.6 General Note on Reception Equipment
EUMETSAT recommends setting up the EUMETCast PC as a receiving station and ftp server only and not to install and run other application software on it, as peaks in disk and bus usage could interrupt DVB data reception. This has been observed during the automatic unpacking of compressed files on the DVB PC. It is therefore recommended that unpacking of compressed files and further applications are run on a different computer.
Whilest the multicast system includes many features to ensure reliable delivery of data the Ku-Band transmission is subject to attenuation by rain. This means that heavy rain in the vicinity of the receiving station may cause attenuation of the satellite signal which, in turn, could result in some loss of data.

6 Purchasing Hardware and Software
The basic hardware equipment for receiving EUMETCast is readily available from many commercial suppliers.
The tq®-TELLICAST is only available from EUMETSAT at a price of 60 Euro. Requests for this software should be addressed to the EUMETSAT User Service Helpdesk (see section 10).

7 eToken Encryption Scheme
In order to use the eToken (USB decryption hardware) the runtime environment must be installed. The software is supplied with the eToken.
Please note: the decryption unit provided by EUMETSAT is only necessary for the reception of those data whose access is controlled in accordance with EUMETSAT Data Policy.

8 EUMETCAST Registration
Registration/Licensing Procedure:

  • Users are requested to register with the EUMETSAT User Service for the service(s) they wish to receive:

  • EUMETSAT ATOVS Retransmission Service

  • Rapid Scanning Service

  • Meteosat-8 (MSG-1) Image Dissemination Service

The relevant service registration forms are available as pdf documents on the EUMETSAT web site at:

Alternatively, copies are available from the EUMETSAT User Service

EUMETCast Reception Station Set-up:

  • Upon completion of the registration process and EUMETSAT licensing procedure, if applicable, users will receive from EUMETSAT the username and user key (required when installing the tq®-TELLICAST software).

  • Users should purchase the necessary EUMETCast hardware and software, including the tq®-TELLICAST software (available from EUMETSAT at a price of 60 Euro) and install the tq®-TELLICAST software using the given username and user key

9 Further Information
The EUMETSAT Web pages provide operational information and news concerning all available data, products and services. Information on the individual services provided by EUMETSAT can be found by navigating from the following web page:

10 User Service Helpdesk
Requests for further information and all inquiries regarding EUMETCast should be addressed to the EUMETSAT User Service:
EUMETSAT User Service

Am Kavalleriesand 31

D - 64295 Darmstadt

Telephone: +49 (0) 6151 807366

Fax: +49 (0) 6151 807304

E-mail: ops@eumetsat.de
Web Site: http://www.eumetsat.de

11 Glossary
DVB Digital Video Broadcast

DWDSat Deutscher Wetterdienst forecast information

EARS EUMETSAT ATOVS Retransmission Service

EUMETCast EUMETSAT Data Distribution System

FTP File Transfer Protocol

IP Internet Protocol

MDD Meteorological Data Dissemination

MSG Meteosat Second Generation

MTP Meteosat Transitional Programme

NTP Network Time Protocol

PCI Personal Computer Interface

PID Packet Identifer

RAM Random Access Memory

RSS Rapid Scanning Service

tm Trade Mark

USB Universal Serial Bus
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