6th – 11th April 2014 Germany and France Programme

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Directory of National Education Erzurum Palandöken Nevzat Karabağ Anatolian Teacher Training High School, Europen Unioun Education and Youth Programmes ComeniusMulti-SidedSchool Partnerships Project ( a European Creative Exploration into Responsibilities and Rights)

6th – 11th April 2014 Germany and France Programme

In the framework of the chairmanship European Union Education and Youth Programmes Comenius multi – sided school partnerships project, our school team completed 6th – 11th April 2014 Germany and France programme.

The project whose partners are Turkey, Germany, Ireland and Bulgaria, whoes topic is Children Rights, whose cordinator is Ines Ladehof was held at Europen School of Karlsruhe, Germany .130 teachers and students from four countries joined the activity.
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On the first day of the visit, the activity groups were seperated and studies were begun. There were activity groups such as music, theatre, art etc. In the afternoon, the teachers and students were taken to the bowling alley and had great time there.

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On the second day of the visit, European Union Human Rights Court was visited in Strasbourg, France. The high judge of the court, Angelica Nussberger answered our questions and informed us about the court. Our project cordinator Davut Dağabakan presented to the high judge Ancelica Nussberger a plaque and then Turkish delight.


After the visit the court, historical and natural beauties in Strasburg were visited. Our students and teachers were impressed by expecially the Notre Dame Cathedrall.



On the third day, our students joined the classes at ESK group by group and evaluated their thoughts on Children Rights with the other students from other countries.




ESK school director Tom Hoyem welcomed the teachers and students in his office, offered them someting to eat and drink and presented some presents. Our director, Ümit Gergit, presented to Tom Hoyem the Picture of the Karlsruhe Palace, wich he drew. And that meaningful present made him very pleased.


In the afternoon, a trip was organised to Heilderberg.The castle was visited there. The historical and natural beauties made the trip team happy.img_2185



On the third day, the palace of Karlsruhe was visited. The staff of the castle imformed the team about the palace.almanya10



The stadium of Karlsruhe was visited and we were imformed about the team and stadium. That there is a Turkish footballer in the Karsruhe team made us very happy.



Karlsruhe municipality Assembly was visited. The teachers and students were welcommed by the major, Klaus stapf. He imformed us about the city. At he end of the programme, a coctail was organised and the students were presented some gitfts.




Our visit to Karlsruhe Municipalty Assembly took place in German press.

In the afternoon the technology museum was visited. In the evening, in accordance with the cordinators Ines Ladehof from Germany, Davut Dağabakan from Turkey, Marry Boissel from Ireland and Evgenia Ruseva from Bulgaria, the students exhibited their activities. At the end of programme in accordance with the Irish cordinator Marry Boissel, who took the great interest of everyone, Irish team perfomed the Irish dance that impressed everyone.






Karlsruhe Great City Major Dr. Frank Mentrup, who visited Erzurum as a deputy in 2010, joined the programme and made a meaningful speech. By mentioning about Erzurum with great praise in his speech, he honoured us. At the end of the programme our cordinator Davut Dağabakan present him our plaque.


The major, Dr. Frank Mentrup, and the director Tom Hoyem, the cordinators, teachers and students buried the time capsule in the garden of ESK.




In the name of Turkey, Ayşe Kiraz made a speech and gave imformation about studies and evaluated the result of survey about Children Rights which was held with great participation.

While the song which was written by Semra Aktaş and Feyza Burul and was composed by Onur Çelebioğlu was being sung, there was a gerat joy.


The studies which our students performed got great interest in the hall.







ESK school director Tom Hoyem and the Project coordinator Ines Ladehof gave a dinner for honour of all participants and presented their certificates.

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Our Project team found the chance to visit other cities such as Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Manheim and Heilderberg except Karlsruhe in the framework of the project.






In the name of our school Nevzat Karabağ Anatolian Teacher Training High School, we present our thanks to the Project coordinator Ines Ladehof, the director of ESK Tom Hoyem, The Irish coordinator Marry Boissel, the Bulgarian coordinator Evgeniya Ruseva, to all school staff of ESK, to all students of ESK, all families which welcomed our students at their homes because of their great hospitality. We again present our thanks to; expecially our great coordinator Davut Dağabakan whose great efforfs have been very important for t he project, our director Ümit Gergit, our teachers Filiz Özbeyli, Ayşe Kiraz, Semra Aktaş, Yakup Genç, Yusuf Yürüker, Alparslan Aydın, Celil Kanat, Yavuz Uca, Serdar Saygılı; our students Onur Çelebioğlu, Sena Dilsat Kırık, Feyza Burul, Jale Merve Sevim, Serap Gül, Alper Gök, Yasemin Ecem Bayram, Merve Çapar; our English teacher Ayşe Kiraz and her students Sefa Ercan, Ali Taşçı, Ahmet Yılmaz, Gürkan Demir, Murat Daşdemir, Tigin Aksu, Furkan Çelik, Alp Tuğrul Karadeli and M.Emin Solmaz who prepared the short film which told the condition of the child who was excluded by his friends and family; again or English teacher Ayşe Kiraz and her students Esma Şahin, Kerem Değer Aksoy, Tubanur Çemç, Rukiye Çinoğlu and Mihrap Şeker who prepared the drama named Children Rights; to our students Ayşegül Solmaz, Sena Dilsat Kırık, Taha Hanoğlu, Batuhan Özemir, Şeymanur Gültekin, Edanur Çevik, Berfin Gökçen Göktürk, Yusuf Kamil Ak, Fatih Akpınar, Ceren Tilkidöğen, Tuba Kahraman, Tubanur Toksoy, Handenur Suyabatmaz, Elif Ece Işık, Nihat Makas who prepared the visual “Every Child is Special, which were added sound in different languages with different costumes which represents different nations; our teachers Semra Aktaş, Yakup Genç our students Elif Tuğçe Tosun, Gülsün Eren, Elif Polat and Kübra Çelik who prepared the visual with sign language’ tell me a story dady’; our students Feyza Burul and Merve Aktaş, who got degree in the composition and slogan competitions.


Turkish Language and Literature Teacher

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