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Star Conference Key Takeaways

  1. Capitalizing on Tenant Demand Trends – What changes can you make to position your property as a leader in new workplace strategies? 

  • Investigate with the Delos the requirements of the Well Certification and implement where applicable.

  1. Tour Presentation –What changes will you make to your teams presentations?

  • Involve North American Properties (retail component) on all tours to help sell the retail experience at Atlantic Station. Implementation began 11/12/13.

  • Implement a Wall of Fame located in both 5 Star facilities demonstrating to our prospects the great tenant mix located at Atlantic Station.

  1. Demystifying the Tenant Rep Experience (Whitley Collins) – What were your takeaways and what can you do differently?

  • Utilize the leasing scorecard

  • Aggressively promote CBREGI through local PR firm as the institutional owner to provide comfort to prospects.

  • John Gilb and Brent Steele to assume higher profile in local market.

  • Implement robust broker VIP event program focused around Atlantic Station premier events.

  1. Leasing Breakout Session – What can your team do to overcome impediments to completing deals:

  • Add Executive valet parking for office visitors (details below)

  • Spec LED signage on the façade of the building to legitimize our signage opportunity

  • Utilize a crime heat map showing our asset is the safest in the market in spite of perceptions

  • Increase and expand event experiences of top broker and end-user decision maker.

  1. Property management and 5 star managers breakout sessions: What can you implement from the breakout sessions: 

  • Implement valet program for both office buildings which will enhance “the experience begins at the sidewalk” for existing tenant base, prospects, and brokerage community.

  • Implement an annual “State of the Union” letter to capitalize on annual accomplishments as well as what is coming for the next year.

  • Set up Angus preventative maintenance to track all tenant meetings for entire staff.

  • Coordinate management’s monthly tenant meetings with leasing brokers to enhance broker’s involvement.

  • Coordinate management’s tenant contact lunches to include leasing brokers as a way to enhance broker’s involvement.

  • Continue to enforce “there is no on/off switch to service” with all employees and vendors to elevate the customer satisfaction platform.

  • Include in monthly 5 Star newsletters the tracking of proceeds from 5 Star events and how those proceeds were donated to various organizations.

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