Atta news July 2017

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ATTA News July 2017

Editor: Colin Fong, Visiting Fellow, UNSW Law, UNSW Sydney

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1 Presidential column

Last month we lost a dear member of our ATTA family – ATTA Patron Gordon Cooper AM. Over the last few weeks many have shed a tear, reflected and celebrated the contribution that Gordon made to tax and the broader community. The ATTA Executive wants to ensure that Gordon’s contribution to tax and ATTA is celebrated and remembered.
In this ATTA newsletter we have a beautiful tribute from ATTA’s Patron – Cynthia Coleman. Below there is also a Call for Tributes from ATTA members to be forward to Kathrin Bain (Vice President), who is coordinating ATTA’s tribute to Gordon. The aim is to collate these personal tributes for the August ATTA newsletter, as well as extracts to be included in this year’s JATTA to be published in December. Also we are working with the 2018 ATTA Conference team to organise something so we can join together at the conference to celebrate Gordon’s contribution.
While we feel pain and sorrow at Gordon’s passing – that is because he was such a great human and scholar – a fine embodiment of what ATTA stands for.
Please let Kathrin or I know of any further ideas you have to celebrate the Man in Pink.
All the best

Brett Freudenberg

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