Chca board Meeting March 29, 2015

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CHCA Board Meeting

March 29, 2015

Attendees – Julia Byrne, Michael Dowling, Mike Fink, Nancy Moore, Pete Rumsey , Ian SiFuentes, Jim Smith

Michael called the meeting to order at 4:10. The board reviewed the minutes from the previous meeting held at Meltons in February and approved them without change.

Agenda Items

Nominating Committee

Pete Rumsey is designated a member of the nominating committee in accordance with the CHCA bylaws. Other members can join as they wish, ideally we should have at least three members on the nominating committee.


Per conversations with Elena Parent’s staff, the board crafted a statement in support of the Decatur and Atlanta annexations being considered jointly or not at all.

The Clairmont Heights Civic Association (CHCA) Board urges the legislature to allow Atlanta annexation bill, HB6 29, especially if any action is taken on Decatur’s plan during this session,” a statement from CHCA says. “If Decatur’s annexation is allowed to move forward by itself, we fear it will destroy the ability of our neighborhood and others to remain together with our existing school community. Decatur’s attempt to annex the four corners at Clairmont and North Decatur (Area A) is particularly troublesome because it removes the contiguity that would be needed to pursue future annexation plans. By cutting us off at major intersections, the Decatur annexation map prevents Clairmont Heights, Medlock, McLendon, and others from pursuing a mechanism to remain together.”

Ian and Jim will attend the Dekalb delegation meeting on 3/31/15. Julia will send the statement to Decaturish and then it will be posted on the website. Julia will also send the statement to the delegation. She will send the statement to MANA and McLendon tonight.

Jim discussed the meeting with Selig and Fuqua tonight at 7:00 with CAN. There is a new zoning ordinance that changes the standing to appeal, reducing the proximity required to file a complaint to 250 yards. Fuqua is moving ahead, still working through some issues.

By-laws review –

Michael will chair a review committee, and will ask Mike Hall to participate as well, which will clarify CHCA boundaries and the wording of the by-laws.

501(c)4 status continues to be pursued.


Ian will explore a neighborhood event in early May. Ian will deliver information door-to-door two weeks prior to the event.

Michael would like to create a Paypal account for people to donate online or to join and pay dues online.

Spring/summer events

Jim will approach Valerie Boss regarding the clean-up and beautification on April 22nd. Brian Feagans might be able to participate with this too, Michael will ask him. Pete will ask the real estate agent if we can clean up the lot that is for sale on the corner of Park Lane and Superior Place.

Jim has asked Dekalb Roads and Drainage to repaint the crosswalks in the neighborhood.

Nancy will follow up with David Slagle regarding the water line break and see if he would like CHCA to follow up on his behalf.

Nancy will send the CHCA artwork to Mike and Ian in .jpeg format.

The meeting adjourned at 6:00.

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