Course Syllabus Advertising Strategy 454

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Course Syllabus

Advertising Strategy 454

Derek D. Rucker

Winter, 2006

Instructor Information
Office: Weiboldt Hall, M268

Phone: 847-491-7113


Office hours: Tuesdays 4:30-5:30, or by appointment

Course Description
This course will provide you with a balanced overview of advertising strategy and execution. To understand the foundations of successful advertising strategy and execution the course draws upon both classic and more contemporary advertising. The course is fast paced and is structured in the spirit of an advertising campaign. Specifically, the course unfolds into a set of topics that are ordered in a manner similar to the stages of an advertising campaign. The first part of the course focuses heavily on selecting a target for advertising, developing an effective brand position, and stressing the importance of consumer insight. The second part of the course examines how to execute strategy and to evaluate advertising effectiveness. Students are expected to actively participate in class and complete case assignments.

Grades are based on a series of cases analysis as well as class participation. The grading is as follows:
Roaring Fork Beer: 10 points

Olay Daily Facials (Group): 20 points

Live Case (Group): 30 points

Final Exam Case: 30 points

Class Participation: 10 points
Total: 100 points
*Requests for revaluating a case must be accompanied by a paragraph explaining why the case should

be reexamined. This request must be provided no later than a week following the return of the case to

the class, and can result in no change (most common), an increase, or a decrease in points awarded.

Schedule of Course Topics, Readings, and Assignments



Core Readings

Assignment Due

Jan. 3rd.

Week 1: Introduction to Advertising and Targeting

Modules 1, 2, and 3 (46-63)

Cases: 7UP, Hallmark

Jan. 10th

Week 2: Targeting for Growth

Module 3 (63-114)

Cases: Norelco, JIF, W.W. Grainger

Jan. 17th

Week 3: Consumer Insight

Modules 4 (115-125) and 5 (129-136)

Cases: Marlboro Man, Milk Mustache

Roaring Fork Beer Case

Jan. 24th

Week 4: Insight and Brand Positioning

Module 6 (145-156)

Cases: Miller Lite/Bud Light, Berol 226

Jan. 31st

Week 5: Positioning: Frame of Reference & Point of Difference

Module 6 (156-174)

Cases: Subway, Mastercard

Feb. 7th

Week 6: Sustaining & Changing a Brand’s Position

Cases: Grape-Nuts, Diner’s Club, Apple Computer, Škodka

Olay Daily Facials Case

Feb. 14th

Week 7: Media Strategy

Module 7 (214-230)

Cases: Ingersoll Cutting Tool

Feb. 21st

Week 8: Media & Creative Strategy

Module 7 (230-254) and 8 (268-273)

Cases: GRPs, Moutain Dew, Vicks Cough Syrup, No Doz and Liquid Plumr

Feb. 28th

Week 9: Creative Strategy

Cases: Nike/Woods, Perrier

Live Case Due

Mar. 7th.

Week 10: Measuring Ad Effectiveness, Campaigns

Module 8 (286-301)

Final Exam Case Due March 14th

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