Deo Preparatory School of Georgia geography curriculum

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Deo Preparatory School of Georgia


Course Title:

Enrichment Geography

Version: 2.0



7/6/2000 02:46:00 AM

1.Course Goals

  • The course will be successful if the students have a basic understanding of the city in which they live.

  • Complete the Maps/Charts/Graphs Workbook over 32 weeks at one per week.

2.Course Objectives


Instructional Materials


Approx. time (Periods)



1. The Place Around Me

M, C & G – Level A

2. Atlanta Land Features and Services

a. Recall the basic tasks done by Atlanta city service personnel (e.g. firemen, police, hospital, mayor, etc.).

b. On a basic city map, possibly class-made, identify their homes.

c. Identify the major land features and uses of land in this area

d. Recognize basic traffic signs

e. Recall the state's name in which they live.

f. Recall their own address and telephone number

3.Student & Teacher Materials

  1. Maps, Chart & Graphs, LEVEL A (The Places Around Me), Modern Curriculum Press

  2. Atlanta city maps

  3. Pictures, artifacts

  4. Student-made maps, 3-D "city"

4.Teaching Methodology

  1. Large group instruction using pictures, Bible stories, guest speakers, and other visual aides.

  2. Field trips to: City Hall, Police Station, Post Office, Hospital

  3. Construction of city's map, own houses, unique features studied and other facts.

  4. Integrate with Bible, art, and science (geographical features)

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Version 2.0 7/6/2000 02:46:00 AM

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