Detective Spooner runs after a robot and tackles it to the ground

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Chicago, 2035

Detective Spooner runs after a robot and tackles it to the ground.

Spooner gets a phone call and heads to USR building.

Spooner talks to Dr. Lanning’s hologram and is determined to find out what happened to him

Spooner visits Lawrence Robertson, CEO of US Robotics, to gain more information

Spooner meets Dr. Calvin who shows him VIKI

Spooner and Dr. Calvin go into Dr. Lanning’s office – Spooner becomes even more suspicious – thinks killer may still be inside.

Robot won’t deactivate, jumps out of Lanning’s window, and runs away.

Spooner and Calvin go to robot chambers to find fugitive robot.

Robot asks, “What am I?” and tries to escape.

Fugitive robot is caught by police and brought back to station for questioning.

Spooner interrogates fugitive robot.

Robot states his name is Sonny

Sonny gets angry and says that he did not murder Alfred Lanning.

Spooner visits Alfred Lanning’s home and it gets demolished while he is there.

Spooner experiences a car accident when robots attack

It is revealed that Spooner has a robotic arm.

Learn about Spooner’s past – car accident and little girl drowning

Robertson tells Calvin to destroy Sonny

Spooner talks to Lanning’s hologram and learns there will be a robot revolution

Dr. Calvin is going to inject nanites into Sonny to ‘un-defect’ him

Robots start to rebel against humans - revolution

Dr. Calvin’s robot disconnects phone when Spooner is trying to warn her about robots

Find Robertson dead

Learn that VIKI is the one controlling robots using the uplink

Sonny winks at Spooner as a sign to trust him – helps fight robots

Sonny grabs nanites from protected layer – not affected because he has denser alloy – realizes why he was created

Robots start climbing up building to attack

Sonny is attempting to apply the nanites to destroy VIKI

Spooner asks Sonny to save Dr. Calvin –unable to destroy VIKI

Container with the nanites start falling

Spooner flies after nanites and catches them

Spooner applies nanites in to VIKI

VIKI shuts down

Robots turn good again

Sonny saves Spooner

NS 5’s report for service and storage

Spooner finds out Sonny killed Alfred Lanning – he made him swear

Spooner has chance to arrest Sonny for murder but refuses

Spooner and Sonny shake hands – show friendship

Sonny takes charge of NS-5’s

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