Enter Laughing Tina's Mother Ruthless! The Musical

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Mother’s Day Celebration—All songs tonight celebrate mom.
[This is from May 11, 2014.]

Motherhood Hello, Dolly!
My Mother Would Love You Panama Hattie
If You Want to Break Your Mother's Heart Enter Laughing
Tina's Mother Ruthless! The Musical
Mother's Gonna Make Things Fine A New Brain
Mama, I'm a Big Girl Now Hairspray
You Don't Know Next to Normal
What I Dreamed Last Night Happy Days - the Musical
To Build a Home The Bridges of Madison County
Some People Angela Lansbury Gypsy
Everything's Coming Up Roses Bernadette Peters Gypsy
Rose's Turn Ethel Merman Gypsy
Smile, Girls Patti Lupone Gypsy (cut)
Five Growing Boys Minnie's Boys
My Mother The Secret Garden
Mother Darling Grey Gardens
Momma Look Sharp 1776
If Her Mother Only Knew La Strada

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