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HORSEBACK ARCHERY COMPETITION November 4-6, 2016 at the GA International Horse Park

You are invited to participate in the 1st Annual Georgia International Horseback Archery Competition! Riders of all ages and skill levels are welcome to compete. There are 12 slots available for competitors bringing their own horse, and another 12 slots for those that are needing to share or rent a horse. Entries will be taken on a first come, first paid basis. The competition will begin on Friday, November 4th and will run until Sunday, November 6th.  We recommend that you arrive at least a day or two early to get settled in and to join us for a few group trips around Atlanta!
AFFILIATION: This is an NHAA sanctioned event, therefore all participants must be members of the National Horse Archery Association. Membership to the NHAA is currently FREE and it’s easy to sign up on the new website! Visit to join today.
COURSES: We will be offering a Cross-Country Hunt Course, the Korean 2 and 3-Shot (optional ranking available for an additional fee) and a Gambler’s Choice Course!
ENTRY FEE: The registration fee for the competition is $150/rider for 1 day only or $250/rider for the whole weekend. Entries for the entire weekend competition received by Sept. 1st will be given a discounted rate of $200! There is no charge for assistants, volunteers, or spectators, so feel free to bring your own entourage! Your weekend entry fee includes: Competition entry for all courses, (2) night stabling for one horse (Fri/Sat), and official competition t-shirt, transportation to/from airport if needed, and dinner on Friday evening. One-day competitors are entitled to the use of a stall for the day, an official competition t-shirt, and entry into courses on their chosen day. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to secure your spot in the competition, and will be put toward your entry fee.
COMPETITION DIVISIONS: Competitors may select the appropriate division for their skill level, regardless of age. Please see course descriptions for detailed expectations at each level.

  • Training Level Walk/Trot - Ideal for riders that are not yet ready to compete at the canter level. There will be no time limit, but horse may not break gait or stop.

  • Novice – Riders who are in their first year of horseback archery competition or have not yet competed at all. Courses must be completed at a canter, and time rules do apply.

  • Intermediate - Riders that are comfortable competing at a canter. Time rules apply.

  • Advanced – Our most competitive division – for skilled horse archers! Time rules apply.

RANKING AT THE COMPETITION: We will be offering a ranking opportunity on Sunday for an additional fee. Riders may request that their scores on the Korean 2-3-Shot courses be sent in for ranking with the International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA). This is a great way to test your horse archery skills and find out what to work on to achieve your own personal horse archery goals!

ABOUT THE VENUE: The Georgia International Horse Park served as the premier equestrian venue for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. The park was the setting for all equestrian events, the first Olympic mountain biking event, as well as the final two events of the modern pentathlon. Today, the GIHP continues to host a variety of special events. The Horse Park and the City of Conyers have also been a favorite location for movie production in the Atlanta area with scenes filmed from Fast & Furious 5, Sweet Home Alabama, and Anchorman 2 just to name a few. The popular TV series Sleepy Hollow, The Originals, and Vampire Diaries are also among the on-going filming projects here in town!

HORSES: There is no better advantage than riding your own horse in a competition! However, when horse archers travel abroad, it is the culture of the sport to share a mount with a fellow competitor. To continue promoting this culture, we are offering a $50 discount for each rider who brings a horse that is suitable to share with another rider. Please note that the horse owner is ultimately responsible for care and feeding of their own horse. Competition entries are limited to 12 riders that need to borrow a horse, and 12 riders that are bringing their own horse. There is a 2 rider limit per horse.

STABLING: Horses will be stabled in Barn #6, directly across from the Glen. All barns have large aisles and spacious stalls (11x12ft) equipped with rubber mats. Electrical outlets and water spigots are placed throughout each aisle. Competitors may bring their own shavings (2-bag min) or conveniently purchase them on site. Stabling is included in the weekend entry fee for Friday and Saturday night. One-day competitors may use a stall for the day. If you need to make arrangements for additional days, the GIHP’s cost is $20/day per stall.
EQUIPMENT & SAFETY: Please bring at least two dozen (24) arrows. We recommend using combo field points or 3D target points. Broad head points are strictly prohibited. Horse archery quivers are required and must attach to the belt, hip, or back. Ankle or wrist quivers are not permitted. Competitors are expected to ride responsibly and at the skill level they are comfortable with. Appropriate footwear must be worn when mounted, such as boots with a heel. Riding helmets MUST be worn by all minor (under the age of 18) competitors. It is highly encouraged that ALL competitors wear a helmet while riding.
WARM-UP & PRACTICE: An opportunity to spend 1 hour shooting on the competition courses will be available for anyone who would like to try out a horse or practice on their own horse. This is a chance to “test-drive” the horse you have been assigned to or are sharing. Please call ahead to schedule your practice time! Competitors will receive one warm-up run on each course prior to their competition runs.
AWARDS: Every competitor will receive a Certificate of Participation for the event. Awards will be given to 1st-3rd place winners for each individual course and for overall top scores in each division. Prizes donated by GIHAC Sponsors and vendors will be given out for special awards and raffled off to competitors! We will also host an exclusive raffle just for event volunteers to show our appreciation.

GROUP ACTIVITIES: We have a few fun outings planned if time permits, like a trip to Atlanta’s World of Coca-Cola, the Classic City Clydesdale Farm in Athens, and dinners at some of our favorite local restaurants! If you’d like to join us for any of these trips, please let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly. Payment can be made with your competition entry, or on the day of the trip.
ACCOMODATIONS & LODGING: For those that would like to stay on site, there are a limited number of RV hookups next to Barn #6 that are available for $30/night. The main RV parking lot includes restroom facilities and is located just a short distance across the park. Primitive tent camping is available for $10/night. If you’d prefer a hotel, we have reserved a block of rooms at Hawthorne Suites, which is on the park property. Reservations must be made by August 31st to ensure the discounted rate of $99/night.
FOOD: Our team of Atlanta area horse archers will be sponsoring the group dinner on Friday evening. There is a wide variety of restaurants available in the area for breakfast and/or lunch. Food concessions will be open for lunch, snacks, and drinks at the GIHP during the competition.
ALCOHOL POLICY: Alcohol is strictly prohibited on Georgia International Horse Park property. No competitor shall consume any alcohol until they have concluded their riding and shooting for the day. Any competitor found consuming alcohol or using drugs during the event will be disqualified from the competition without a refund.
WAIVER OF LIABILITY: The Georgia International Horse Park, the National Horse Archery Association (NHAA), Georgia Horse Archers, Inc., Chattahoochee Horse Archers, Inc., event sponsors, volunteers, coordinators, horse owners, and property owners will not be held liable and assume no responsibility for theft, vandalism, accidents, injuries, or death. A full release waiver must be signed before competing in this event.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (Please note that schedule is subject to minor changes, a final schedule and official rules & regulations will be sent out 30 days prior to event and posted during the event)

WED, NOV. 2nd

1pm – Tour of Classic City Clydesdales ($10)

THUR, NOV. 3RD – Arrival

4:00pm – Early Practice Time

7:00pm –Sweetwater Brewery Tour ($10)
FRI, NOV. 4THPractice Day

9:00am –Check-In and Horses Assigned

10am-3pm – Scheduled Practice & Warm Up

6:00pm – Competitor’s Dinner (TBD)

SAT, NOV. 5TH – Competition Day 1

8:00am – Mandatory Briefing & Course Walks

9:00am –X-Country Hunt Course begins

SUN, NOV. 6TH – Competition Day 2

8:00am – Mandatory Briefing & Course Walk

9:00am – Korean 2-Shot course begins

11:30am – Korean 3-Shot course begins

1:30pm – LUNCH BREAK

3:00pm – Gambler’s Choice begins


The hunt course is 500-600m cross-country archery event that is sure to become a favorite of riders! The course will be run on a wide multi-use trail through the woods with sandy dirt footing (some rocky areas may require a mandatory walk zone). Shoes or hoof boots are recommended. Competitors may start with an arrow knocked and may draw from either the hand or quiver.

  • RUNS: Competitors will be given (2) runs each on this course.

  • TIME: A par time will be given for each division. (Precise par time will be established and posted in the competition rules, and also sent out to competitors at least 30 days in advance) Horses are expected to finish as close to that par time as possible. A 10 second grace for going too fast or too slow is given, however after that the rider will be given a penalty of ¼ point per second for over or under the par time. This course accentuates good horsemanship, therefore it is important to keep in mind that a less controlled runaway ride will finish too quickly and result in penalties. At any time if a judge deems a rider and horse too dangerous, either or both, may be prohibited from continuing.

  • TARGETS & SCORING: There will be a minimum of 10 mixed (standard/3D) targets on the course. Targets will be spaced approximately 30m apart with one target placed in the middle of the track at the turnaround point, which will be clearly marked. Competitors are required to keep a forward motion throughout the course AND through the turnaround. Target hits only count if the horse is at a canter (excluding Training level). Only one arrow may be shot per target. Please note that the diagram is an example and does not show exactly where targets will be placed. Bale targets will count as 1pt for each hit and 3D animal targets will count as 7pts, 5pts, 3pts, and 1pt as pictured in the diagram.

  • TRAINING LEVEL WALK/TROT: Competitors will ride a modified course of 250m. Target hits only count if horse in a forward motion. Any arrows shot at a halt will not be scored.


The Korean 2-Shot and 3-Shot Courses are traditional barrier courses. These courses will be run in an open grassy field that offers a natural barrier from the rest of the park, with post and rope barriers set up for the 90m track. Arrows must be individually drawn from the quiver and competitors may not touch their arrows until they have passed the start line. We are offering a ranking opportunity on this course! If you would like to have your scores for this course sent in for a ranking, all runs must be completed at a canter. There is an additional fee required for submitting ranking scores.

  • RUNS: Competitors will be given (3) runs each on the 2-Shot, and (3) runs each on the 3-Shot.

  • TIME: The time allowed for each run is 14 seconds. Points will be awarded or deducted for completing a run under or over this time. Points are only awarded for time if the competitor hits at least one target. If no targets are hit then the run scores zero, regardless of time taken.

  • TARGETS/SCORING: Targets will be 80cm round target faces on hay bales. Only one arrow may be shot per target. The rider’s score for the course will be total of the scores for their 6 runs.

  • TRAINING LEVEL WALK/TROT: There is no time limit for this course, but the horse must NOT stop (halt) or break into a lower gait. At this level, it is acceptable for a trotting horse to break into a canter or a walking horse to break into a trot. Competitors in this division are not yet eligible to receive a ranking on this course.


In this competition, a number of targets consisting of different sizes and shapes will be set up along the barrier track. Each target will carry a value from 1-10 points according to its size and difficulty. Competitors will have an ideal time in which to complete their run. The competitor who obtains the highest number of points will be declared the winner. A target may be marked by flags and titled “Joker”. The Joker is the only target that may be shot more than once. Competitors must decide and announce to the judge BEFORE starting their run if they are going to attempt to hit the Joker. If the competitor successfully hits the Joker target, an additional 5 points will be awarded. If the Joker target is missed, then 5 points will be deducted from the score. Will you “play it safe” or “take a gamble?”

  • RUNS: Competitors will be given at least (2) runs.

  • TIME: The time allowed for each run will be decided and announced on competition day.

  • TARGETS/SCORING: Targets will vary in size, shape, height, and distance from track. Each target will be marked with a value between 1-10pts. Competitors may shoot as many arrows as they like on their run. The competitor’s score for the event will be the total of their 2 runs. The competitor who has obtained the highest number of points will be declared the winner!

  • TRAINING LEVEL WALK/TROT: There is no time limit, but the horse must NOT stop. At this level, it is acceptable for a horse to break into an upward gait without penalty. Good luck!


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