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Opportunity Through Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please purchase the following items ready for use at the beginning of Term 1 2013.
You can purchase these items from any newsagent or retail outlet of your choice (i.e. Office Works, Big W, Kmart etc).
Stationery Requirements

English 1 X 240 page exercise book

Mathematics 2 X 160 page grid book

1 X Geometry Set

Science 1 X 320 page exercise book
Geography 1 X 128 page A4 Book
History 1 X 128 page A4 Book
IT 1 X 128 page exercise book.

1 X A4 Display Folder (Plastic sleeves inside)

1 X 4G or 8G USB
Industrial Arts 1 X A4 Display Folder (Plastic Sleeves inside)
Visual Arts 1 X A4 Process Diary with thick polypropylene cover and double wire binding
Languages 1 X 192 page exercise book
Music 1X 96 page manuscript music book
PDHPE 1 X 128 page exercise book
Library 1X 128 page exercise book
All students need to purchase their own Pocket Dictionary for use in English and other


All students MUST purchase a Casio fx 82AU calculator for use from day 1 in Mathematics. The calculator is included in your school fees and is available for collection from the school office.

Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Rulers etc are also required.

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