Guide to Filling Empty Cupboards in Your Region

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Eliminate Hunger:

A Guide to Filling Empty Cupboards in Your Region

This resource guide is intended for use by food pantries that serve clients in Los Angeles County. We have included information about useful programs and services within each of the eight geographic areas of the county referred to as “Service Planning Areas”, or SPA’s. We hope this information is useful to you in four ways:

  1. To clarify facts about the Food Stamp Program

  2. To help you to locate DPSS District Offices (county welfare offices) near your pantry so that you can easily refer clients to food stamps and other public benefits

  3. To know and contact your elected officials to advocate for budget and legislative changes that will affect your clients

  4. To connect with other local food pantries in order to better coordinate services, share ideas and work together to better serve your clients

The information provided in this handbook is divided into two sections. First, this guide contains several general pieces of information about the Food Stamp Program, action steps for local hunger relief, advocacy opportunities, and a list of resources that may be useful in referring clients to other services. Second, this guide provides specific information for each of the eight Service Planning Area’s, or “SPA’s” as shown below. Service Planning Areas are used to divide Los Angeles County into eight regions, by grouping each of the region’s health districts. Organizing Los Angeles County by SPA allows health providers to divide and manage Los Angeles County efficiently.

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