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Hotkeys in ZIMS


Keyboard Shortcuts in ZIMS

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Shift+Keys in Medical

Below are some of the hotkeys in ZIMS for Medical. These are shortcuts so you can access the different sections but using your keyboard.


  • Shift + C = Clinical Note

  • Shift + D = Diagnosis and Procedure

  • Shift + Q = Quick Prescription/Treatment

  • Shift + P = Full Prescription/Treatment

  • Shift + S = Samples

  • Shift + T = Test & Results

  • Shift + A = Anesthesia

  • Shift + M = Physiological Measurement

  • Shift + N = Necropy/Death

  • Shift + B = Biopsy


F2 and F10 in Medical

In most record types in Medical, you are provided with the shortcut 'save' options of F2 (save and edit current record) and F10 (save and close current record). F2 will keep the record open and allow you to edit the additional tabs of the selected record type while F10 will save the details entered and return you to the Medical Dashboard.

Alt+A in Medical

When you are in the Anesthesia 'drugs given' screen, Alt+A allows you to quickly add a new drug.

Shift+Ctrl+V in Medical notes boxes

When pasting from a rich (HTML formatted) web-form and pasting into ZIMS notes this special pasting short-cut will retain formatting – standard pasting of Ctrl-V will not retain formatting.

F4 in Medical


If you are in a specific animals record and you need the basic information to be displayed, you can press F4. For example while entering a clinical note, and you need to know the age of the animal or the last weight, just press F4 and the animal detail box will be displayed. Additionally you will see a second tab 'Active Identifiers' listing any of the animals other active ids:


Ctrl+DOWN ARROW in Medical

When entering results into a test panel, the “Ctrl-down arrow” key combination jumps directly to the next result box instead of tabbing through units, secondary results
Ctrl+c/v/x everywhere

When you want to copy and paste or delete anything in a free text area in ZIMS, you can use:

Copy-          Ctrl+c

Paste-          Ctrl+v

Cut/Delete- Ctrl+x


If you are using an Apple computer and you want to copy and paste or delete anything in a free text area in ZIMS, you can use:

Copy-          Apple+c

Paste-          Apple+v

Cut/Delete- Apple+x


Refreshing ZIMS 

This will casue you to lose current edits, but quickly resolves networking related issues with ZIMS server. In windows, when you want to refresh anywhere in ZIMS, you can use:

Ctrl+R or F5


If you are using an Apple computer and you want to refresh anywhere in ZIMS, you can use:



Clearing your Cache in ZIMS

To resolve other unexplained issues relating to your browser settings try clearing your cache.

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