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  • To promote and protect the mutual interests and general welfare of its members in the conduct of the hotel and lodging business, and to provide for the legal interchange of ideas and information in relation to the conduct of such business.

  • To perform such functions as shall promote and provide for the welfare of its members in the conduct of the hotel and lodging business including, but not limited to, analyzing and informing the membership of conditions affecting or which may affect them; conducting research and educational activities; collecting, compiling and disseminating industry statistics; representing the membership in interactions with other organizations, the government and the public; and, in general, engaging in any lawful activities that will enhance the economic progress of the hotel and lodging business.

  • To do any and all lawful acts and to perform and furnish any and all lawful services which may be deemed to be useful or desirable in order to effectuate any of the above purposes or objectives or to conduct any of the above activities.

  • To provide representation on the board of directors of community organizations, such as Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association and Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau, within the lodging industry.


  • Regular Lodging Members: Limited to those entities that are required to pay lodging taxes to the City of Atlanta. Any lodging establishment that does not meet this qualification may apply as an Honorary Member.

  • Regular Tourism Members: Limited to those establishments within the city limits of Atlanta that are engaged in the business of tourism or tourism attraction. Any tourism establishment that does not meet this qualification may apply as an Honorary Member.

  • Honorary Members: The Board of Directors may, at its discretion, confer Honorary Membership upon individuals who have rendered exemplary service to the hotel or lodging industry or Council, or whose knowledge and accomplishments in the hotel and lodging industry have entitled them to special recognition as determined by the officers of the Council.

    GHLA membership is a prerequisite for membership in the Atlanta Hotel Council.


A meeting for business shall be held each month. The meeting shall typically be scheduled for the first Thursday of the month, unless a holiday or meeting agenda requires an alternate date.


The annual dues for regular lodging members are currently assessed at a rate of $6 per hotel room. The dues for the chapter association are collected by the Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association, and remitted back to the chapter upon collection. Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association will place funds in the Atlanta Hotel Council bank account and shall maintain all administrative duties related to this account. Invoices for dues shall be sent out for the Council by the Georgia Hotel & Lodging Association on a quarterly basis.


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Fax Application to Jan Lemke-Springmier (404) 745-8899


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