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Banksville Area Community Council

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Request for Proposals

Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group

Annual Community Development Summit Website

RFP Released November 6, 2017

Proposal Due December 1, 2017
Organizational Background

Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG) is a coalition of community leaders working for economic justice and equitable resources to revitalize the Pittsburgh region. Organized in 1988 to provide a coordinated response to disparities in mortgage lending in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, PCRG has since grown to become a nationally recognized leader on issues of equitable access to credit. PCRG works to increase access to resources in the areas of land, capital, and mobility. Some of PCRG’s activities include:

  • Establishing tools, programs, and policies that encourage development in urban neighborhoods;

  • Encouraging better land use policy and facilitating property recycling programs;

  • Ensuring the accessibility of capital and personal wealth in all markets;

  • Prioritizing investment in transit infrastructure and bringing the community voice to transportation planning; and

  • Working with our member organizations to build capacity through education, networking opportunities, and direct relationship building.

Annual Community Development Summit

Each year since 2011, PCRG has hosted a conference that showcases best practices in our sector, highlights the work being done by PCRG and our members, and funds PCRG’s operations. PCRG strives to make this conference one of the best regional conferences by attracting attendees from across the Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes regions; by seeking out experts to present; and by providing opportunities for participants to connect with each other. Each year PCRG works with likeminded organizations, fiscal sponsors, a Summit Steering Committee, and presenters to successfully put the conference on.

Scope of Work

PCRG is seeking a web-design firm to build a new website to promote PCRG’s annual Community Development Summit. The site will host information about the Summit and be integrated with social media and the main PCRG website. The website will be designed in a way to be easily refreshed with new fonts, images, and colors each year, including elements that can be updated with new conference theme images. The website will be based on best practices of conference website design.

The current Summit website, located at, uses a customized template that limits internal staff ability to change fundamental aspects of the website design, including fonts and font sizes, colors, image and copy placement and manipulation, and so on.

Items requested include:

  • A website using a top of the line, open source content management system to enable staff members to make changes as needed.

        • The website is capable of hosting multiple forms that can be redesigned as needed, for gathering contact list, soliciting award nominations, soliciting session proposals, and more purposes as needed. Forms should have a variety of fields as well as the ability to create custom fields.

        • Website should be able to integrate social media and Eventbrite.

        • Search engine optimization that can be easily updated.

        • The website will be user friendly on desktop and mobile platforms.

        • The website should be able to be updated with new versions of the underlying content management system without difficulty or loss of functionality or backwards compatibility.

  • A brief document reviewing how to perform some of the most common tasks including updating header images, changing theme colors, changing fonts and font sizes, and so on.

  • Summit graphic branding, provided by a separate vendor, shall be incorporated into the template. Materials shall be provided by PCRG and its print graphic design vendor.

Project Lead Time and Content Generation

PCRG desires to have the website ready to go live by the end of January. Earlier is much preferred. Content will be provided by PCRG.

Invoicing and Payment Terms

Vendor may invoice PCRG on a monthly basis. Supporting documentation must be provided and must itemize work performed during the timeframe(s) identified within. PCRG will process all payments upon receipt of invoice. Payment terms are net 30 days from receipt of invoice.

Due Dates

A completed proposal should be sent to the Project Contact by December 1, 2017.

Project Contact Info:

Chris Sandvig, Director of Policy

Telephone: 412-397-6732 x208 (O), 412-728-3339 (C)


1901 Centre Ave. ∙ Suite 200 ∙ Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone: (412) 391-6732 ∙ Fax: (412) 391-6737 Web:

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