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Increase awareness of accounting and business career opportunities among high school students from under-represented ethnic groups


Increase the number of high school students from under-represented ethnic groups entering college accounting programs

Provide an educational and enriching experience that directs high performing high school students from these groups toward the accounting profession

Maintain an alumni network that supports our graduates as they proceed through college and into accounting careers

Support the Accounting profession by increasing the pipeline from high school to professional candidates.

Support the diversity goals of the accounting profession

Increase the impact of the ACAP-NNJ program by maintaining a focus on growth and quality.



The Program targets motivated high school students from under-represented ethnic groups that have a record of academic success, show professional potential and:

  • Are rising into Junior or Senior year

  • Show an interest in Accounting or Business, indicated by their high school experience and their teachers’ recommendations

  • Demonstrate their intent to attend college, indicated by their completion of PSAT /SAT exams

  • Show leadership and an inclination to add value to the program demonstrated through their participation and leadership in school or community activities.


ACAP is a residency program on college campuses in New Jersey. The Program is offered during the first week of the high school summer break. There is no charge to parents or students who are accepted into the program.

The Program includes:

  • Classroom sessions that educate students on:

    • Core competency skills, necessary to compete at the college level, such as oral and written communication; business etiquette; budgeting; time management and networking

    • The variety of accounting and finance careers

    • The college entry process, college requirements and preparation and requirements

    • Personal development

  • Two tours to local companies and CPA firms

  • Evening activities to discuss the day’s learnings and network with professionals

  • Advice for parents and students on funding opportunities for college expenses

  • Parental participation in a recognition event upon completion of the program

  • Room and Board for the duration of the program

The program also strives to maintain contact with alumnae to support the students and to monitor their academic progress and personal development so as to evaluate the success of the program.


GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale), applicants with lower GPAs might be accepted if their personal essays and teacher recommendations indicate a very strong commitment to both improving their GPA and to a business career.

Applicants must have taken the PSAT, SAT or a similar college prep exam and achieved scores in the 80th percentile

Applicants must provide at least 1 recommendation from high school teachers/counsellors with additional recommendations preferred from additional high school academic faculty, employers or community service leaders (for volunteer activities).

Applicants must provide a well-structured, detailed essay on why the student believes he/she should be selected for the program. Essays will be reviewed for quality by the acceptance committee.

Parents must indicate to the program that they support their child’s participation


  • Number of applicants remains above 50 and increases annually

  • Number of high schools represented remains above 5 and increases annually

  • Number of participants remains above 30 and increases annually

  • Number of alumnae attending college remains above 25 and increases commensurate with participation

  • Number of alumnae attending the host college

  • Number of alumnae majoring in accounting and visible to the NJCPA, the Scholars Institute and other pipeline initiatives

  • Number of alumnae graduating college

  • Number of alumnae graduating college with accounting degrees

  • Number of alumnae hired by sponsoring firms/companies


ACAP Executive Board

The ACAP-NNJ Executive Board administers the program in Northern New Jersey, with responsibility for all operational, legal and compliance duties. The ACAP-NNJ program and the Executive Board are a separate legal entity from NABA, NABA-NNJ and other ACAP programs, but are committed to the mission of the national ACAP program.

ACAP Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is comprised of representatives from ACAP, NABA, and various firms and companies that support the program. The Advisory Board recommends strategic goals for the program, supports in fundraising and publicity, and advises the Executive Board on the operations of the program.

Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for the operational success of the program each year.


The following committees support the Executive Director in the operation of the program:


Secure essential facilities elements such as dorms, meeting rooms and catering


Communications with High School Counsellors / Teachers

Applications: distribution, collection and review

Interview coordination and staffing


Target and Reach out to firms, companies and individuals


Develop curriculum based on goals of the program and what we want to accomplish

Responsible for quality of the program


Maintain contact with participants after the program

Facilitate evaluation of key metrics by providing accurate records of participant advancement

Administer social networking sites to enable continuing contact

Volunteers also support in the following areas

Awards selections

Banquet Logistics


Counsellor Logistics

Scholarship selections

Interviews and Participant selection

Social Events

Souvenir Program

Transportation Logistics

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