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NOTE[     A $21 million, downtown mixed-use office and retail project containing

35,000 square feet of retail space on the ground level and 121,800 square feet

of institutional office space on the upper three floors. The project was

developed by the University of Pennsylvania and was financed in part by a pooled

income fund.

SPFE[     - Real estate-based pooled income fund

          - Heated with surplus computer heat

          - Triangular building envelope

NAME[     Semiahmoo

SITE[     Blaine, Washington

SOUR[     19 (19), 1989

DEVE[     The Semiahmoo Company, Blaine, Washington

NOTE[     A regional resort community oriented around an award-winning 18-hole

golf course, a fully-equipped marina, and a 200-room hotel with a deluxe health

club. The approved master plan for the 800-acre site permits construction of

2,429 residential units and 91,000 square feet of specialty retail.

SPFE[     - Waterfront location

          - Mix of second homes, vacation homes, and primary residences

            (some of which are retirement homes)

          - PUD approach

NAME[     The Village at Shirlington

SITE[     Arlington, Virginia

SOUR[     19 (20), 1989

DEVE[     The Oliver Carr Company, Washington, D.C.

NOTE[     A 1940s' community shopping center renovated to create a "Main Street"

pedestrian district as the core of a regionally oriented, mixed-use project in a

redeveloping suburban area.  The first of several phases of development contains

350,000 square feet of retail space -- including 40 shops and restaurants plus

a movie theater -- in addition to 80,000 square feet of office space. When

complete, the 25-acre project will include a total of approximately 428,000

square feet of retail space, 565,000 square feet of office space, 300 hotel

suites, and 490 residential units.

SPFE[     - Renovation and new construction on an infill site

          - Open-air, "Main Street" shopping environment

          - Pedestrian orientation

          - Shared parking

NAME[     Racine on the Lake

SITE[     Racine, Wisconsin

SOUR[     18 (01), 1988

DEVE[     Marina: Racine County and Racine Marina Associates;

          Festival Park: City of Racine and Downtown Racine Development


NOTE[     A public/private economic development project located on the shore of

Lake Michigan in Racine, Wisconsin. The project, undertaken to revitalize the

local economy, includes a 110-acre, 921-slip luxury harbor/marina; a 16-acre

county park; and a six-acre, city-owned festival park that contains both indoor

and outdoor facilities designed for year-round use.

SPFE[     - Public/private cooperation

          - Innovative breakwater design

          - Multipurpose; designed for year-round use

NAME[     Crocker Center

SITE[     Boca Raton, Florida

SOUR[     18 (02), 1988

DEVE[     Crocker & Company, Boca Raton, Florida

NOTE[     A 436,000-square-foot suburban mixed-use project that includes an

office tower, a 256-room Marriott hotel, and 86,000 square feet of retail space

organized around a 20,000-square-foot central outdoor plaza. A second office

tower will be completed in August 1988. Project components are connected by a

pedestrian plaza and through repetitive and complementary architectural

elements. Each component has its own entry and parking areas.

SPFE[     - Mutually supportive uses

          - Single developer

          - Outdoor plaza

NAME[     Riverplace

SITE[     Portland, Oregon

SOUR[     18 (03), 1988

DEVE[     Cornerstone Columbia Development Company, Seattle, Washington

NOTE[     A downtown mixed-use residential development on the west bank of the

Willamette River. Phase I of the 10-acre project includes a 74-room hotel, a

200-boat marina, retail shops along a waterfront esplanade, 190 condominium

units, 40,000 square feet of offices, a 47,000-square-foot athletic club, and

864 parking spaces. The project was intended to establish the South Waterfront

Renewal District as a year-round destination.

SPFE[     - "Urban resort"

          - Public/private cooperation

          - Downtown housing

NAME[     Downtown Women's Center

SITE[     Los Angeles, California

SOUR[     18 (04), 1988

DEVE[     Downtown Women's Center, Los Angeles, California;

          The Ratkovitch Company, Los Angeles, California

NOTE[     A 48-room, single-room-occupancy (SRO) hotel that provides permanent

housing for homeless, chronically mentally disabled women in the Skid Row

area of downtown Los Angeles. The 24,000-square-foot building was renovated at

a cost of $1.2 million by a private, nonprofit charitable organization.

SPFE[     - Homelike architecturla details

          - Institutional materials used in innovative ways

          - Privately initiated and funded

          - Combines social and mental health services, and housing

NAME[     Fair Lakes

SITE[     Fairfax, Virginia

SOUR[     18 (05), 1988

DEVE[     Hazel/Peterson Companies, Fairfax, Virginia

NOTE[     A 657-acre, multiuse planned development that at buildout will contain

over 5 million square feet of office and research space with supporting

residential, retail, hotel, and recreation uses. Building is occurring through

land sales, build-to-suit, and speculative development programs. With an

estimated completion date of 1995, Fair Lakes exemplifies the type of negotiated

public/private agreements now common to long-term projects.

SPFE[     - Extensive negotiations required to secure developmnt entitlements

          - Negotiated contributions to transportation and infrastructure


          - "Tree-saving" program

          - Recreational features for residents and office users

NAME[     The Queen Anne

SITE[     Seattle, Washington

SOUR[     18 (06), 1988

DEVE[     Lorig Associates, Seattle, Washington

NOTE[     The rehabilitation and adaptive use of a 1909 high school,

including various additions, as a 139-unit rental housing project. The

project consists of four components -- the original 1909 building and

three additions -- on a 2.85-acre hilltop site. The project was undertaken

through an RFP process sponsored by the school district and Historic Seattle

Preservation and Development Authority, and was made feasible only through

the use of historic tax credits.

SPFE[     - Adaptive use of a historic building

          - Prominent hilltop site

          - Ground lease

NAME[     Greenway Plaza

SITE[     Yonkers, New York

SOUR[     18 (07), 1988

DEVE[     Big V Properties, Florida, New York

NOTE[     An 80,000-square-foot neighborhood shopping center located on a

4.2-acre redevelopment site in downtown Yonkers, New York. The design features

structured parking and second-level retail stores located above the major

tenant supermarket. The project received public financing assistance, has

brought needed retail services to the neighborhood, and has spurred interest in

nearby redevelopment projects.

SPFE[     - Downtown redevelopment site

          - Two-story, neighborhood retail center

          - Public/private financing

          - Structured parking

NAME[     The Woodlands

SITE[     Darien, Illinois

SOUR[     18 (08), 1988

DEVE[     Robert C. Ranquist & Company, Inc., Orland Park, Illinois

NOTE[     Two hundred units of newly constructed luxury housing located

southwest of Chicago. This cluster design includes stacked flat condominiums,

townhomes, and single-family detached homes ranging in price from $151,900 to

$294,900. The Woodlands is based on a twofold theme -- combining rustic

California architecture with the preservation of the site, an abandoned

Christmas tree farm.

SPFE[     - Preservation of a conifer forest

          - Mixed-product types in a cluster design

          - Empty-nester target market

NAME[     Wilshire Courtyard

SITE[     Los Angeles, California

SOUR[     18 (09), 1988

DEVE[     J.H. Snyder Company, Los Angeles, California;

          California Federal Savings and Loan, Los Angeles, California

NOTE[     Two low-rise office buildings containing about one million square feet

of office space with accessory retail, health club, and restaurant uses. The

project features a one-acre community park, underground parking, and a

pedestrian-oriented central plaza with fountains, landscaping, and seating


SPFE[     - Large central courtyard

          - All underground parking

          - Interior atriums

          - Low-rise design

NAME[     Emerson Mill Apartments

SITE[     Suncook, New Hampshire

SOUR[     18 (10), 1988

DEVE[     GAR Properties, Scarborough, Maine

NOTE[     Adaptive use of a turn-of-the-century textile mill, on the banks of

the Suncook River, that was converted into 71 residential apartments. The

project was a joint venture between the public and private sectors and included

financing through community development block grant funds, a HUD Section 312

rehabilitation loan, and private funds.

SPFE[     - Adaptive use

          - Historic, industrial architectural elements

          - Downtown housing

          - Public/private financing

NAME[     Princeton Forrestal Village

SITE[     Plainsboro, New Jersey

SOUR[     18 (11), 1988

DEVE[     Toombs Development Company, New Canaan, Connecticut

NOTE[     A mixed-use complex designed in a neoclassical style that includes

over 100 shops, several restaurants, 225,000 square feet of office space located

above street-level stores, and a full-service, 300-room hotel. The 67-acre

(Phase I) project was designed and marketed as an alternative to typical

suburban shopping malls.

SPFE[     - Open-air, village-scale shopping environment in a suburban setting

          - Vertical mixed use

          - Shared parking

          - Pedestrian orientation

NAME[     Indian Ridge Plaza

SITE[     South Bend, Indiana

SOUR[     18 (12), 1988

DEVE[     Zaremba Midwest, Inc., Des Plaines, Illinois

NOTE[     A 289,346-square-foot "power center" featuring five anchor tenants and

space for over 50 smaller local and national retailers. The center is designed

in a strip format for middle-income shoppers seeking convenience, value, and


SPFE[     - Multiple anchors offering both hard and soft goods

          - Strip center design with regional drawing power

          - Diverse tenant mix

NAME[     Crown Ridge Apartments

SITE[     Dallas, Georgia

SOUR[     18 (13), 1988

DEVE[     William J. Fahy, Principal, DeRand Housing Associates,

          Arlington, Virginia

NOTE[     The project is a low- to moderate-income multifamily rental housing

project consisting of 65 town house-style apartments, located on the western

edge of the Atlanta metropolitan area. The project illustrates conditions

under which low- to moderate-income multifamily rental housing projects can

be profitably developed and managed while taking advantage of the Federal

Housing Tax Credit Program.

SPFE[     - Low- and moderate-income housing tax credits

          - Small-scall rental housing project

          - Turnkey builder

          - Equity syndication

          - On-site resident manager

NAME[     Rowes Wharf

SITE[     Boston, MAssachusetts

SOUR[     18 (14), 1988

DEVE[     Rowes Wharf Associates, Boston, Massachusetts (A Joint Venture of

          The Beacon Companies and Equitable Real Estate)

NOTE[     A 1,111,500-square-foot mixed-use project that includes 330,000 square

feet of rentable office space, a 230-room hotel, 100 residential condominiums,

12,500 square feet of retail space, 38 marina slips, and docking space for eight

commercial vessels. Located on a 5.4 acre downtown waterfront site, the $193

million project was developed through a public/private partnership with the

city of Boston. The project includes a large main building and two wharf

buildings and features a dramatic arch at its center and extensive open areas

and waterfront walkways.

SPFE[     - Public/private partnership

          - Waterfront location

          - On-site ferry service

          - Contextual design

          - Central open arch and courtyard

NAME[     The Playhouse Square Center

SITE[     Cleveland, Ohio

SOUR[     18 (15), 1988

DEVE[     Playhouse Square Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio

NOTE[     Restoration and renovation of three historic theaters, as well as

construction of a modern stagehouse and parking garage. Located in downtown

Cleveland, the Playhouse Square Center exemplifies the possibilities of an arts

center catalyzing additional development.

SPFE[     - Combination of architectural restoration with state-of-the-art

            theather technology

          - Use of a theater complex as a regional draw and catalyst to

            downtown development

          - Public/private planning and financing

NAME[     Kauai Lagoons

SITE[     Lihue, Hawaii

SOUR[     18 (16), 1988

DEVE[     Hemmeter-VMS Kauai Company, Honolulu, Hawaii

NOTE[     A 787-acre destination resort located on the island of Kauai designed

to provide a self-contained fantasy vacation. Exemplifying the recent trend

toward "mega-resorts," the project features an 847-room hotel, convention and

meeting facilities, shopping villages, and extensive recreational facilities.

SPFE[     - Two golf courses

          - 31 acres of lagoons

          - Private road to airport

          - Complex site consolidation

          - Renovation, expansion, and new construction on former resort site

NAME[     Riverwoods

SITE[     Chappaqua, New York

SOUR[     18 (17), 1988

DEVE[     Harvey Shapiro, New York, New York

NOTE[     A luxury condominium community consisting of 148 attached houses

grouped in 67 clusters on a 122-acre infill site. Physical site

constraints -- including wetlands and rock outcroppings -- and local opposition

to site development led to a three-year negotiated approvals process.

SPFE[     - Wetlands development issues

          - Extensive approval process

          - Retention of site's natural features

          - Condominium ownership

          - Luxury, attached units

NAME[     Sierra Trinity Park

SITE[     Dublin, California

SOUR[     18 (18), 1988

DEVE[     Bedford Properties, Inc., Lafayette, California

NOTE[     A 14-acre industrial/office park located on an infill industrial site.

The park provides flexible-use space for a variety of tenants in 11 buildings

unified by a common design. The project competes favorably with nearby,

higher-priced business parks by offering quality design and construction at

generally lower rents. Special zoning approved for the site permitted

development flexibility.

SPFE[     - Infill development site

          - Flexible-use space

          - Single-phase development

          - Special project zoning

          - Architectural and design emphasis

NAME[     Fountainview Retirement Community

SITE[     West Palm Beach, FLorida

SOUR[     18 (19), 1988

DEVE[     Albert A. Esther, Partner, The Wall Companies, Palm Beach, Florida

NOTE[     A self-contained, 345-unit rental community for the elderly. The

project consists of five six-story apartment buildings and a 27,650-square-foot

one-story clubhouse complex on a 12.38-acre site. Monthly rents include two

meals daily, 24-hour emergency medical assistance, an activities and

entertainment program, scheduled courtesy transportation, a utility allowance,

and weekly housekeeping services.

SPFE[     - Highly visible location

          - Distinctive building style

          - Central retention pond with an over-the-water walkway

            system and gazebo

          - Food service provided by an independent contractor

NAME[     Rivercenter

SITE[     San Antonio, Texas

SOUR[     18 (20), 1988

DEVE[     The Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation, Youngstown, Ohio;

          Williams Realty Corporation, Tulsa, Oklahoma

NOTE[     A phased, $400 million, downtown, mixed-use development surrounding a

new extension of the San Antonio River and River Walk system. Phase I includes

the renovated and expanded Menger Hotel, an enclosed, three-level mall, an IMAX

Theatre, two parking garages, and a convention-class Marriott Hotel with its own

parking garage.  Future phases will include a multiscreen cineplex and

additional retail and office uses incorporated into the former Joske's

department store building. An all-suite hotel and additional parking spaces

are also planned.

SPFE[     - Public/private partnership

          - Single-loaded mall configuration

          - Central, outdoor, water element

          - Contextual design

NAME[     Trappers Alley

SITE[     Detroit, Michigan

SOUR[     17 (01), 1987

DEVE[     Cordish Embry & Associates, Baltimore, Maryland

NOTE[     A 145,000-square-foot festival marketplace in Detroit's Greektown

retail district. Adapted from a block-long series of 10 interconnected historic

industrial buildings, the project features 70 shops and restaurants on five


SPFE[     - Adaptive use

          - Public/private partnership

          - Vertical mall with atrium

NAME[     Ocean Edge Conference Center

SITE[     Brewster, Massachusetts

SOUR[     17 (02), 1987

DEVE[     Corcoran, Mullins, Jennison,Inc., Quincy, Massachusetts

NOTE[     A turn-of-the-century mansion and carriage house on Cape Cod converted

into a year-round executive conference center through both renovatiuon and new

construction. To supplement 90 new guest rooms, many of the luxury condominiums

on the property are used to house conference attendees.  Amenities include a

health club, a private beach, and a championship golf course.

SPFE[     - Adaptive use of historic structures

          - Market-responsive development strategy

          - Extensive amenities and open space

          - Waterfront site

NAME[     Braker Center

SITE[     Austin, Texas

SOUR[     17 (03), 1987

DEVE[     Trammell Crow Company, Austin, Texas

NOTE[     A 193-acre, master-planned office, manufacturing, and research and

development park designed for high-technology tenants, with some multifamily

development, extensive amenities, and a small retail center. At buildout, the

three-phase, campus-style project will include over 2 million square feet of

industrial space.

SPFE[     - Flexible-use facilities

          - Creative site planning

          - Extensive landscaping

          - Variety of buildings and uses

NAME[     The Chocolate Works

SITE[     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

SOUR[     17 (04), 1987

DEVE[     Historic Landmarks for Living, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NOTE[     A former chocolate factory comprised of five separate buildings

transformed into 135 modern residential units designed to appeal to young

professionals. Heavy timber beams, exposed brick, and other elements of the

original industrial buildings were retained.

SPFE[     - Adaptive use

          - Modern conveniences in historic setting

          - Dramatic forecourt and interior courtyard

          - Historic, industrial architectural elements

NAME[     Watergrove

SITE[     Memphis, Tennessee

SOUR[     17 (05), 1987

DEVE[     Fogelman Properties, Memphis, Tennessee

NOTE[     A 143-acre, water-oriented, one- and two-story townhouse community

developed on an environmentally sensitive site near prestigious neighborhoods of

southeast Memphis, Tennessee.  Targeted to young professionals, the 1,002-unit

rental project includes a $1.3 million clubhouse, tennis courts, swimming pools,

and 25 acres of lakes. Although the project required separate, complex approvals

from various agencies, the approvals process took only six months.

SPFE[     - Resourceful use of wetlands

          - Recreational facilities

          - Rapid approvals through careful preparation and management

NAME[     Tabor Center

SITE[     Denver, Colorado

SOUR[     17 (07), 1987

DEVE[     Williams Realty Corporation, Tulsa, Oklahoma

NOTE[     A downtown mixed-use development that includes a 31-story office

tower, a three-story retail center, a 428-room Westin hotel, and a five-level,

1,900-space underground parking garage. The project is master-planned to include

a 39-story, second office tower. Located on a two-block site, joined by an

enclosed skybridge with shops over the dividing street, the project was

carefully planned to fit the existing urban context.

SPFE[     - Atria

          - Multilevel, single-loaded retail

          - Skybridge

NAME[     Renaissance Park

SITE[     Phoenix, Arizona

SOUR[     17 (08), 1987

DEVE[     Coventry Homes, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona

NOTE[     A 170-unit stacked-townhouse community on 9.4 acres in downtown

Phoenix.  The for-sale units are available in five floor plans that range in

size from 751 to 1,631 square feet, and are arranged six, eight, and 10 to a

building.  Extensive landscaping and amenities--including a clubhouse, swimming

pool, and two jacuzzis--are featured within the common areas. The project was

supported by the city and intended to be the cornerstone of downtown

redevelopment efforts.

SPFE[     - Downtown housing

          - Public/private cooperation

          - Security system

          - Pedestrian walkways and extensive landscaping

NAME[     Rancho Cucamonga Distribution Center

SITE[     Rancho Cucamonga, California

SOUR[     17 (09), 1987

DEVE[     O'Donnell, Brigham & Partners/SOuthers, Costa Mesa, California

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