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Cold War Talk with Shooting War Tactics

Napoleon taught us something with his life. Any man will lose his sanity with enough victories. Wisdom cannot be learned through success. Pain is an excellent teacher, and quite possibly the single most important reason why spirits seek mortality in the first place.

Last Friday, Lyndon LaRouche identified the firing of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel as a rallying point for all sane Democrats and Republicans to stand up and demand President Obama's immediate removal from office by impeachment, or resignation, or invoking of the 25th Amendment. It is clear to the most casual observer now. Whether you are a blue dog Democrat or a person who believes a black man can do no wrong, it is time to open your eyes and take the red button away from the man in the white house.

"It is time for authentic voices to demand Obama's removal," LaRouche elaborated.

"We may be weeks away from thermonuclear war, and there is no other way to guarantee that we avoid extermination."

LaRouche added that

"Europeans like German Chancellor Angela Merkel are further contributing to the grave and escalating war danger by their cowardice."

LaRouche noted that there are leading public servants who went through the hell of having served under the Obama presidency, who must now set aside all other considerations, to take a public stand against the White House.

"Leon Panetta, Gen. James Jones, Robert Gates, and Hillary Clinton all know what I am talking about. The time to act for the sake of the nation and all of mankind has arrived."

Chuck Hagel's crime was that he joined with Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey and other military leaders in demanding that the White House stop the amateur micro-managing of the wars in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, and spell out a clear diplomatic plan for ending the Syrian civil war.

After Hagel sent a late October two-page angry memo to National Security Advisor Susan Rice, elaborating these concerns, Obama decided—despite his political impeachment by the American electorate on Nov. 4—to fire Hagel and circle the wagons around his White House team of sycophants.

Senior Pentagon sources have confirmed, additionally, that the anger and fear at the Pentagon is that Obama's "pissing contest" with Russian President Vladimir Putin has created the preconditions for the eruption of thermonuclear war. The JCS and related military circles are deeply worried that Obama's behavior has badly damaged the long standing military-to-military war- avoidance channels between Washington and Moscow, and that we could be on the verge of a strategic showdown leading to a war of extinction at any time.

The firing of Hagel should be a clarion call for action. Unless there is a serious backlash now—demanding Obama's ouster—the consequences can be deadly and irreversible.

In a further move that shows that he is fully committed to the total destruction of the United States, President Obama today approved new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations on ground-level ozone emissions that, according to the National Association of Manufacturers, will cost American industry $270 billion in compliance costs!

Some signs of a tentative break with the Obama madness are emerging—largely centered around Obama's slavish defense of Wall Street, the City of London, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Sen. Chuck Schumer has come out against Obama, for his having squandered his early mandate and control, in 2010, over both Houses of Congress. Instead of addressing the real desperate economic needs of the American people at a time when he had a clear congressional majority, he focused everything on the hated Obamacare. This belated attack by Schumer is long-overdue, but signals an emerging break.

Last Friday, Sen. Sherrod Brown, joined by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, assailed the New York Fed for its protection of the Wall Street too-big-to-fail banks. It was a face-to-face confrontation with William Dudley, the successor to Tim Geithner as President of the New York Fed. Dudley was at JP Morgan in 1984 and led the working group that devised the plan to eliminate Glass-Steagall. He went on to Goldman Sachs.

The day before, Sen. Carl Levin had released a 400-page report at a Senate hearing, exposing the Wall Street banks' manipulation of the commodities futures market by hoarding and driving up prices.

These baby steps have got to translate into a wholesale revolt. With the firing of Chuck Hagel, President Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Denis McDonough, and the rest of the White House team have put their cards on the table. They are going for top-down dictatorship and war. They must be stopped while there is still time.

Obama Floors the Accelerator in Nuclear "Chicken Game" with Russia

Every veteran participant in high-level strategic decision-making (even Henry Kissinger in his fashion), knows that Lyndon LaRouche is right in insisting that Obama is playing nuclear "chicken" with Russia. ("Chicken" is a game in which two drivers race headlong towards each other on the between-the-lanes stripe of a highway,— and the first one to veer away from the collision, loses the game.) This is exactly what President John Kennedy pointedly refused to do, acting against the advice of most of his advisers, during the Cuban Missile Crisis of October, 1962.

Former MI6 officer Alastair Crooke, for instance, wrote in the Nov. 14 "Weekly Comment" of his "Conflicts Forum" website,

"Veteran American foreign policy commentator, William Polk, who, in earlier times, was a member of the three-man Crisis Management Team, during President Kennedy's Cuban Missile standoff with Khrushchov, warns us starkly that we are heading towards another such perilous (even apocalyptic) moment of ratcheting tensions — up to real war."

After outlining Polk's argument, Crooke concludes,

"What was so striking about Polk's account of 'lessons not learned' is that a very senior former Russian official had just told us the very same thing (how we seem to be repeating the same dangerous pattern that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis)."

On November 22, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the veteran of 42 years of diplomacy for the Soviet Union and then for Russia, told the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy in Moscow, that

"they went all out in Ukraine and supported extremists, thereby giving up their own principles of democratic regime change. What came out of it was an attempt to play chicken with Russia, to see who blinks first. As bullies say, they wanted to Russia to 'chicken out' (I can't find a better word for it), to force us to swallow the humiliation of Russians and native speakers of Russian in Ukraine."

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's opposition, along with the Joint Chiefs, against Obama's drive towards apocalypse, was one issue, perhaps the most important one, in Obama's firing of Hagel Nov 24. Hagel had "said the U.S. needed to find a way to de-escalate tensions with Russia," theWall Street Journal reported the next day. And China's Defense Ministry commended Hagel after his firing, for facilitating military-to-military exchanges which averted armed clashes between the two nations.

Ukraine, the supposed pretext over which Obama is rushing towards war with Russia, is totally bankrupt, and will have to reach an agreement with Russia just to survive. Ukraine can't do otherwise, but the British empire, working through their tool Barack Obama, won't allow it. And as the whole country slides into collapse, the Nazis of Kiev have cut off the pensioners in the Southeast, along with services needed for life, even as the same services flicker off throughout Ukraine as a whole.

Russian President Vladimir Putin held two meetings on the development of the Russian military in Sochi this week, both reported on the Kremlin website. The first, on Monday (Nov. 24), was attended by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Chief of Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov and the senior leadership of the military services.

"We will discuss from every angle all the various aspects, from strategic planning to the current situation with troops' combat readiness," Putin said at the outset. "Following our previous meetings, including the meeting here in Sochi in spring, a number of conceptual documents were drafted in the defense sector, setting out the goals, priorities and future shape of the armed forces over the coming 10-15 years."

Among the decisions taken were the establishment a new unified strategic command for the Arctic, which stands up on Dec. 1, and a group of forces for Crimea. Following Putin's opening remarks, Shoigu delivered a report on the Vostok 2014 exercise, which was planned as a command and staff exercise, but turned into a snap exercise, on Putin's orders, involving the participation of 155,000 troops, including ground, air, and naval forces, of the Western and Central military districts.

The second meeting, held Wednesday, was a continuation of Monday's meeting.

"Over these last years, we have completed the development of an integrated military planning system, clarified our military organization management policy and in January 2013, approved the Russian Federation Defense Plan," Putin said. "As I have said before and say again now, we are not threatening anyone and have no intention of getting dragged into any geopolitical games, intrigues or conflicts, no matter who might want to drag us into such things and how. But at the same time, we do need to ensure reliable protection of Russia's sovereignty and territorial integrity and our allies' security."

Independently verified evidence of Russian military preparations include the reinforcement of troops in Crimea — to which NATO commander Gen. Philip Breedlove reacted very poorly in Kiev on Wednesday. I find this amazingly ignorant. Troops have been in Crimea for 60 years from that region. The people speak Russian. They are Russian. There was no invasion. Not a single person was shot, nor a single window broken.

Fourteen Sukhoi fighter jets arrived at the Belbek air base outside of Sevastopol Thursday. They're the first of an eventual 24, plus six training aircraft, that will be based there. At the same time, the Russian Navy announced that the marines assigned to the Black Sea Fleet will be receiving modern equipment, including weapons, armored vehicles, and trucks "to ensure stability in the southern region," the commander of the Russian Navy's coastal troops said, according to Itar-Tass.

Russia is also continuing to move forward on the modernization of its strategic nuclear forces, with the published report in Itar-Tass Wednesday, that the Alexander Nevskii, the second Borei-class strategic ballistic missile submarine, was successfully tested this week with the submarine-launched missile precisely harmlessly hitting its target on an island off the coast of Alaska. This time.

This war plan is the most brilliant and diabolical in history, but it is not just a war for the spoils of war. The first strike must be brutal, precise, and their enemy cannot be allowed to raise a hand against them. So far, the preparations are going perfectly as planned. Our battle and Cold War seasoned officers have been removed from office. The Balkan States have been placed between the Trans-Atlantic banker cabal and Russia. Mr. Obama is like a blind man at the wheel of an 18-wheeler on the freeway in heavy traffic taking directions by radio from Valerie Jarrett.

No human wants to see so much innocent life crushed between the egos of a few men. With this modern and instant brand of indoctrination, Mutually Assured Destruction is no longer a deterrent, you understand. Today’s weapons are enormously more powerful than anything seen in battle before and are extremely precise, and they can be delivered within 4-5 minutes to the heart of US and European command and control centers. There would be no counterstrike. Forget about it. Game over. Our Navy would last for about 10 minutes, and they are nowhere close to protecting our shores. The Air Force would be grounded within 60 seconds without satellite support data. America has shown that without massive law enforcement in place, our communities will burn themselves to the ground in one night. We watched it live for ourselves a few days ago begin in Ferguson and spread from coast to coast as a dry run. I know this. You know this. The folks at Wars R Us know this better than anyone. Chuck Hagel knew this and would not have this happen on his watch, so he left.

When are we going to face the question, “Why would a popularly elected president with countless potential for such historic positive awards, implement the destruction of America without mercy?” I did not say he masterminded it. No human being could have. This plan to destroy the embodiment of God’s freedom and liberty was designed long ago and has been meticulously executed, murdering presidents, bankers, Congressmen, former CIA heads, lawyers, and even news reporters who threatened to reveal real factual evidence of their identity.

It is happening so fast now that a weekly program barely suffices. You must listen, and you must tell a friend about this material. Run. Don’t spend your money on anything but the essentials and preparing to take care of yourselves and your families when these narcissistic men commit the crime they believe is the right thing to do. The president may appear on national media with the same glib smile, “I cut the deficit in half, and I also cut the population in half…because it was the right thing to do.”

And, in wide-eyed arm opening, his Secretary will dismiss Congressional inquiries like spilled milk, “What difference does it make at this point, anyway?”


Putin: Russia Not Threatening Anyone But Will Protect Its Sovereignty

The Obama Riots: The most effective propaganda machine in history

Looks like it’s time for a parade. You better bring your gas mask.

I agree with many in the media who are offended at calling the latest manufactured conflict with authorities in Missouri, and now nationally, “The Ferguson Riots.” They are not.

They are the "Obama riots."

President Barack Obama only now is casting the die for his legacy in American history. This can never be taken away from him. His skill at public deception and racial division has finally come to the stage of humanity in real terms. It has unavoidably manifested in the form of fire, broken glass, as blacks across the nation go to war with America for him.

Barack Obama with his consigliore William Holder own every single bit of these riots over the tragic killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. He owns the discontent. He owns the ignorance. He owns the mayhem. He owns the looting. The legacy is his, recorded forever in digital perfection.

This rioting, it's not about Ferguson. It's not about Michael Brown. It's not about Darren Wilson. These are just the excuses, added to the thousands the excuser-in-chief has reflexed like he has been doing since he ditched high school and half his college classes.

After all, an independent grand jury evaluated all the evidence, heard from all the witnesses and asked every question 12 responsible Americans could possibly think up. And they determined that, despite knowing that the town would burn if they made the wrong decision, Darren Wilson could not be tried in court for any wrongdoing.

The American grand jury system is not perfect and has not always been above and beyond corruption. In 99% of the cases, the grand jury will ask for a trial for the peers of the accused to decide. But not this time, because there was zero evidence that officer Wilson did anything wrong. This system of justice works better than any other system of justice devised by man.

This did not matter. The forces were staged, fueled, coached, and pre-vindicated by Obama’s minister of justice. The show must go on. The franchise of racism was as old and inapplicable in today’s society as 8-track stereos. The fact that Mr. Obama and 80% of his ministers are black is a firm testament of this.

The truth is that these riots are about so much more than Brown. They are about the monstrous discontent over every aspect of life for so many people finally boiling over.

Mr. Obama ran and won two presidential campaigns on promises that he would heal these very people. It was either stupidity or dishonesty to make such reckless promises to such vulnerable people just to win a couple of political elections.

The rioting solves something for Mr. Obama. It is the best excuse of all. The reason why his presidency is such a dismal failure is not because it is the most overtly fascist oligarchy in American history, no not at all. It is because a white Congress would not listen to black man. It is because he had to take matters into his own hands, with his own pen, to sign hundreds of executive orders, prepared by armies of writers groomed and fed by Valerie Jarrett, that would unleash tens of thousands of new regulations with the force of law to rule this nation by law. Not the rule of law. For him is the rule by law.

"We are a nation built on the rule of law," he said as protesters, blinded by Holder’s fake get-of-jail-free cards held smugly in their pockets, smashed the windows of a police cruiser and rocked it back and forth, failing to tip it over, and then lighting it on fire in front of news cameras.”

"We do have work to do here," Mr. Obama said on camera while his army of color surged toward police lines, and smoke began billowing toward them.

And the police? Mr. Obama said, "they need to work with the community, not against the community." Meanwhile, hissing canisters of tear gas skittered down the street.

The protesters? Mr. Obama said almost without emotion, “They must understand, justice won't be done by throwing bottles." Just then, on the split screen beside his comments live from coast to coast, flames roared in the Ferguson pre-Thanksgiving night and somebody in the crowd, as though on cue like a Rocky Horror audience, gets hit in the head with a bottle.

He slowed his speech and in the ultimate arrogance, stared as though at a supporter nodding in the audience, and said, “This is an opportunity for us to seize the moment and turn this into a positive situation." For whom, Mr. President? For whom?

In the end, this exercise in the absurd was a flaming success, proving that the American people, for all their flaws and frustrations, would swallow gallons of carefully crafted, teleprompted propaganda every day and elect a black president. And then, leaving every working American speechless with unbelief, re-elect him with 320-electoral votes despite the worst first four years since Roosevelt.

The iconic poster of America burning beside the immaculately dressed president on the same television screen with the reporter choking inside his gas mask, "If we can please get some water…" will be the memory of this generation. How many flaming Benghazi reports will it take before America realizes what has taken over our government?


People of color are constantly told that the white devils are out to get them, and only Democrats can save them, and their current condition is NOT because of the leadership that has failed them for fifty years but because of Republicans. They believe it, burn their cities down, which become ghost towns, the racial divide widens...

...wash, rinse repeat. And oh yeah - vote Democrat!

The destruction of the black family in America by leftist policies is one of the great tragedies of modern time. When LBJ got his war on the poor passed he stated that the ni**ers would be voting democrat for 200 years.
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