Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly 4th Session Day 6 17th Assembly hansard wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Northwest Territories
Legislative Assembly

4th Session Day 6 17th Assembly

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Pages 1817 – 1858
The Honourable Jackie Jacobson, Speaker

Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories

Members of the Legislative Assembly

Hon. Jackie Jacobson


Hon. Glen Abernethy

(Great Slave)

Minister of Justice

Minister of Human Resources

Minister of Public Works and Services

Minister responsible for the

Public Utilities Board
Hon. Tom Beaulieu

(Tu Nedhe)

Minister of Health and Social Services

Minister responsible for

Persons with Disabilities

Minister responsible for Seniors
Ms. Wendy Bisaro

(Frame Lake)
Mr. Frederick Blake

(Mackenzie Delta)
Mr. Robert Bouchard

(Hay River North)
Mr. Bob Bromley

Mr. Daryl Dolynny

(Range Lake)
Mrs. Jane Groenewegen

(Hay River South)
Mr. Robert Hawkins

(Yellowknife Centre)
Hon. Jackson Lafferty


Deputy Premier

Minister of Education, Culture and


Minister responsible for the Workers’

Safety and Compensation

Hon. Bob McLeod

(Yellowknife South)


Minister of Executive

Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and

Intergovernmental Relations

Minister responsible for the

Status of Women
Hon. Robert C. McLeod

(Inuvik Twin Lakes)

Minister of Municipal and

Community Affairs

Minister responsible for the

NWT Housing Corporation

Minister responsible for Youth
Mr. Kevin Menicoche

Hon. J. Michael Miltenberger


Government House Leader

Minister of Finance

Minister of Environment and Natural


Minister responsible for the

NWT Power Corporation
Mr. Alfred Moses

(Inuvik Boot Lake)
Mr. Michael Nadli

(Deh Cho)
Hon. David Ramsay

(Kam Lake)

Minister of Industry, Tourism

and Investment

Minister of Transportation
Mr. Norman Yakeleya




Clerk of the Legislative Assembly

Mr. Tim Mercer
Deputy Clerk Principal Clerk Principal Clerk, Law Clerks

of Committees Operations

Mr. Doug Schauerte Ms. Jennifer Knowlan Ms. Gail Bennett Ms. Sheila MacPherson

Ms. Malinda Kellett


Box 1320

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Tel: (867) 669-2200 Fax: (867) 920-4735 Toll-Free: 1-800-661-0784
Published under the authority of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories

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