Note: 09/30/07 Sunday 11: 45 P. M now that summer and September are almost over with all of the rich people are departing the area to go back south to warmer areas, I guess we are now going back to being Greenwich, China

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Note: <888> 10/27/07 Saturday 8:55 P.M.:  For older people whom need a cane, this is the cane Duro-Med Adjustable Folding Fancy Cane, Floral: Health & Personal Care that I ordered for a relative while in Maine this past summer.  The relative was most pleased. 

Note: <888> 10/27/07 Saturday 8:40 P.M.:  I ate a piece of pineapple cheese cake with some iced tea.  I will now do some regular computer work.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/27/07 Saturday 7:45 P.M.:  I took 55 pictures of my apartment with the Nikon Coolpix 4600 4.1 mp digital camera.  It takes quite good inside flash pictures, and with the wide angle lens, one gets good pictures at close up.

Here are two links to the pictures. Slideshow Mike Scott's Apartment 55 Pictures October 27, 2007


Note: <888> 10/27/07 Saturday 5:45 P.M.:  I chatted with a friend and a relative.  I woke up at 3 P.M..  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and a sliced banana, a toasted bagel with olive oil, orange and grape and cranraspberry juice and pineapple juice with vitamins and supplements and coffee with milk and splenda sweetener.

I ordered from DVD R Media,DVD-R Media,DVD-RW,DVD+R Media,DVD+RW,Buy Blank DVD Media,Dual Layer,DL DVD R Media,DVD-RAM,CD-R,CDR,CD-RW,DVDR,CD DVD R Media Storage Online Shop,CD DVD Labels,CD DVD Burner,DVD Drive,Ink Toner,Ink Cartridges,Pen Drives, a 21 LEDs Lamp for Bicycle,FREE STANDARD SHIPPING for $9.99, a Kingston 1GB Secure Digital Memory Card (SD 1GB Card), Model SD/1GB for $14.65 less $5 off coupon with code "MMTOP5OFF" with free shipping for $19.64 total.  I will thus have a light for my bicycle at night besides the dynamo light if I need to use the bike at night, and I will now have a SD card for my older Polaroid 3.1 mp digital camera.  I will now wash the breakfast dishes, and I will make my bed.  CIO 

Note: <888> 10/27/07 Saturday 5:45 A.M.:  I ate two 1.25 inch by .25 inch by 2.5 inch slices of New York extra sharp cheddar cheese.  I watched some high definition television.  I have so many television channels to chose from, I should really look at one of the internet television guides instead of channel surfing.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | New room added to space station

BBC NEWS | Technology | Reporter's Log: A day with Vista

I guess I have not got around to exploring all of the features of Vista in pursuing my every day routines.  I still have not tried its speech recognition.

Well, I am a bit tired, so I think I should now shut down the primary Vista computer , and I will go to bed shortly there after.  Have a good day.  Don't take any wooden nickels.  I have been looking at laptops on the internet, and they are so god awful expensive, I do not think I will ever be getting a new one, and to be frank I really do not need one, since I am more comfortable being a desktop hero at home as opposed to being a laptop warrior on the run.   Well it seems to me that after 11 months of Vista since its final release, I have it under control for now.  However, more than likely when Vista SP1 is released, I might try installing it as an update, and possibly as an update over a restored backup of my original configuration, but I will probably try it over the current installation first.  However, it is not due for release until January 2008, so more than likely I might have some time to get back to some normal routines, whatever those might be.  CIO  

Note: <888> 10/27/07 Saturday 3:40 A.M.: Local writer Greenwich Gossip who writes better than I do because he went to and he uses a Apple, so he does not have to fix it all the time.  He seems to know a lot of the older movers and shakers, but at my age having hung out downtown at night with the kids here for the last 24 years, some of the newer generation have a different perspective than the old guard at the local events.  I was thinking that since the liberal democratic party has gone so far to the left, maybe the Republican party could dig up some old time conservative democrats to run on the upcoming ticket, since it seems the Republicans are all hiding behind their lawyers, and none of them want to be public anymore.  Obviously without enough funding, it is not worth being public anymore, since it takes a considerable amount of time and money to mingle with the general public, if one does not have an objective.  Somebody must make money off the political process, or they would not be so ruthless in their competitive adventures.  I guess since a lot of Average White Male Americans think the same, the various feminist political groups make hay by dividing and breaking up the consensus of the general public and diverting one's attentions away from the real events.  From what I can tell, if one had the time, and one studied this Budget of the United States Government: Main Page , one might make more sense out of the current political process as opposed to their various public relations efforts.  At a quick glance I even noticed that the DOD has a $76 billion research budget, so more than likely some other people are working on high tech in a more clandestine fashion than what one sees on the internet.  You have to remember that the Internet is what the DOD turned over to the Civilians around 1980, so more than likely they are using some sort of Star Wars type of communications network that most of us are totally unaware of.  I know in the old days, the "Audubon Network" was a Defense communications system, but I can not find any mention of it on the internet.  I guess everything is pie in the sky satellite technology, and more than likely other countries are using various other technologies.  From what I have read briefly about by charter, they are not allowed to conduct clandestine surveillance in the United States, but only outside the country, and it is the and various other intelligence agencies that have that responsibility.  However, since Greenwich, Connecticut is an international community, more than likely we have other foreign intelligence agencies operating in this area not to mention the New York Area in general.  The Old Guard in Greenwich tend to be a quiet group that play the card game Bridge a lot, so more than likely anyone throwing too many social events might be trying to gather intelligence.  However, we all know about the biggest spy network in the world is the Roman Catholic Church.  I ate a toasted bagel with olive oil with some iced tea.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/27/07 Saturday 1:20 A.M.:  This Wednesday, October 31, 2007, the Queen Mary II is back in Manhattan again QM2 - Itinerary - 2007 .  I would not mind taking off on it to spend the winter in Barbados, but sooner of later I will get use to the colder weather.  It will visit again three more times in November 2007 and twice in December 2007, so I guess the POSH aristocracy of England is not spending too much time back home across the Pond anymore.  There are probably a lot of wet behind the ear youth keep the home fires burning.  I will now go get the white quilted throw and put it back on the Ethan Allen recliner.  CIO 

Note: <888> 10/27/07 Saturday 12:50 A.M.:  Tony Blair Boards With Random House -

Download details: DirectX End-User Runtime

- Microsoft Stripping Down Windows to Run on OLPC - News and Analysis by PC Magazine

NMSU: Geological Sciences

» Windows Vista: More than 88 million copies sold | All about Microsoft |

10 Head-Turning Products From Interop NY

Microsoft Goes Godzilla In Fiscal First Quarter - Software - IT Channel News by CRN and VARBusiness

U.S. Navy Proposes New Strategy -

Surplus Computers 11 LED Head & Bicycle Lamp

Slippery Slope -

I just remembered yesterday that I started walking a lot in my life at age 7 when I started playing golf.  Thus I have been walking a lot in my life for the last 50 years.

I have 25 minutes to go on the dry cycle on the white quilted throw for the Ethan Allen recliner.  If one does not watch too much television, there is always something that one can do with their spare time.  I ate a 1/6th piece of pineapple cheese cake.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/26/07 Friday 11:30 P.M.:  This morning before going to bed, I ate two scoops of low fat sugar free Maple Walnut ice cream.  This afternoon, I also ate a 1/6th piece of pineapple cheese cake.  The weather is cooler damp and rainy today.  I moved the large Bermuda flag from the left hallway bookcase to the left living room closet.  I now have the U.S. Air Force flag flying over the left hallway bookcase.  The weather in Bermuda Civil Air Terminal, Bermuda Forecast : Weather Underground is warmer than here.  I threw out the garbage and the old periodical literature.  I moved the Buick wagon to its usual place underneath the street light.  I picked up my mail.  Earlier this afternoon, I chatted with a friend going back up to Toronto, Canada.  I shut down the Northgate Syntax computer.  I will now wash and dry the white quilted throw that is spread over the Ethan Allen recliner in the living room.  CIO  

Note: <888> 10/26/07 Friday 10:25 P.M.:  I was awake at 1 P.M..  I ordered this almost free promo Great Cleaners: Kaboom NeverScrub toilet cleaning system + Cameo stainless steel cleaner + Brillo pads $1.5 shipped , and for the item that I paid for, I ordered the 10 pack of Brillo lemon soap pads for $2.25, and the other three items and the shipping were free, so the total was $2.25. I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and a sliced banana, two toasted English muffins with olive oil, orange and grape and cranraspberry juice and pineapple juice with vitamins and supplements and coffee with milk and splenda sweetener.  I made my bed, and I washed the breakfast dishes.  I watered my plants, and I put out more white vinegar in the scent bowl.  I reinstalled and configured Vista SP1 beta on the Northgate Syntax computer on the second hard drive.  Now the audio works with it.  I did not put Microsoft One Care beta on it, so it does not have an antivirus program.  I am now using Vista Complete PC backup of both hard drives with Vista SP1 beta and XP Home to the Bytecc External hard drive.  I chatted with a relative.  I am defrosting and reheating the steak and vegetable stew that I made over six months ago.  I will eat half of it shortly with a glass of iced tea.  I watched television while working on the Northgate Syntax computer.  CIO  

Note: <888> 10/26/07 Friday 6:45 A.M.: BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple ready to set Leopard free

Shuttle docks with space station -

I will now shut down the primary Vista computer, and I will go to bed soon.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/26/07 Friday 5:45 A.M.:  Microsoft Earnings Boosted By Windows Vista, Office, Halo -- Windows Vista -- InformationWeek

Saudi King Tries to Grow Modern Ideas in Desert - New York Times

The Deals are Getting BIGGER and BETTER at 750 GB SATA hard drive $140

PC rebooting? The cause may be MS OneCare

Global Volcanism Program | Volcanic Activity Reports | SI / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report

Microsoft Dynamics Forum Series

Dell Small Business 360 - Managing and Promoting Your Business Web Site

Photovolcanica Full Index: Photos of Volcanoes, Penguins, Moais...

Pavlof- Volcano by Richard Roscoe,From Etna to Strombolil,  CIO

Note: <888> 10/26/07 Friday 4:45 A.M.:  I ate a 1/6th of a piece of pineapple cheese cake.  I will repeat my theory that pineapple or pineapple juice from pineapples that are grown on sulfur rich volcanic soil might possibly be good for arthritis, since MSM MSM & Joints | Information, Benefits, Research | that I take for arthritis has white sulfur in it.  I also take chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate.  I also take two Tylenol arthritis pain formulas a day, one when I wake up, and one when I go to bed.  I will now go through my email.  CIO 

Note: <888> 10/26/07 Friday 3:40 A.M.:  I went out after the last note.  I went downtown, and I walked the entire length of Greenwich Avenue and the train station area.  I noticed at the vintage car dealership across the street from the Greenwich, Connecticut train station, they have an antique 1958 to 1963 Mercedes 220S or 220SE four seater convertible in grey with black top.  I once owned a 1961 Mercedes 220s convertible that I bought in 1971 for $750, and it had a bit of rust, but I had to sell it for $1,750 after a couple of months to get my money back after I paid $850 have a valve job done at Loeber Mercedes in Chicago, Illinois, when all it needed was a $15 fuel filter.  I sold it to a fellow from California that was going to restore it.  Still I had a few enjoyable spring days on the North Shore cruising around in it. With the money that I had left when I sold it, I bought the St. Bernard puppy at the Senior Class Auction for $300.  During my walk, I saw the trains coming and going on both sides about 10:30 P.M..  I chatted with somebody walking the third labradoodle that I have seen in two years.  It is a mixture of a Labrador and Poodle.  It is suppose to have a good sense of smell.  During my walk, I found an orange with fleur de leis pattern women's silk scarf made in Italy about 24 inches by 24 inches.  It seems to be in good shape, so I brought it back with me, and I left it on the back of the down sofa, in case anyone needs it.  After my walk, I drove down by the waterfront on Steamboat Road, and not much is happening now that the cooler weather has set in.  I then returned home.  I started defragmenting the C: drive when I went out, and I just stopped it, and I am not sure whether it was working or not, although the hard drive light was flashing, I had a warning that the defragmenting module had failed. 

I tried reactivating Vista SP1 beta on the second partition on the Epox computer, but product activation came up, and I could not get to administrative privileges.  I then pressed F8 on boot up, and I selected "Last Known Good Configuration", and I got the normal boot up without product activation.

I found the script to run to reactivate it for another 30 days. 

I ran the DOS prompt as an Administrator.

I then typed in without the quotes "cscript slmgr.vbs /rearm"

It then prompted me to reboot, and I have another 30 days of usage.

I am suppose to be able to do it three times for a total usage of 120 days.

On this page Microsoft allows bypass of Vista activation , it says you can go beyond 120 days for 12 times if you reset the registry key to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ SL

Step 3. Right-click the Registry key named SkipRearm and click Edit. The default is a Dword (a double word or 4 bytes) with a hex value of 00000000. Change this value to any positive integer, such as 00000001, save the change, and close the Registry Editor


but when I reset it just now it was set to 0, maybe after three times you need to set it to 1.

I am doing a quick Complete PC backup on the Vista SP1 beta partition hard drive from the first hard drive to the second hard drive.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/25/07 Thursday 9:45 P.M.:  I chatted with a relative.  It is suppose to rain tomorrow, so I will now go out for walk downtown.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/25/07 Thursday 8:45 P.M.:  I woke up at noon today.  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and a sliced banana, a toasted English muffin with olive oil, orange and grape and cranraspberry juice and pineapple juice with vitamins and supplements and coffee with milk and splenda sweetener.  I made my bed, and I washed the breakfast dishes.  I showered, and I cleaned up.  I put a new Stop and Shop blue toilet tablet in the toilet tank.  I went out, and I mailed a letter at the Chase Bank on Mason street at their outside mail box.  I then use the ATM machine and teller counters at the Chase Bank on Mason Street.  I then went to my regular 3 P.M. appointment.  I then went by the Greenwich Hospital Thrift Shop, and I bought a 35 inch diameter with round engraved dark gold frame mirror for $15.  I then went by the Greenwich Hardware store, and I bought two 75 pound OOK three nail hanger assemblies for $2.99 each, and two 5 inch by .25 inch toggle bolt assemblies that I assembled myself with each with two 1.5 inch diameter fender washers with three nuts in between for $1.15 each assembly plus .50 tax for $8.78 total.  The toggle bolt assemblies are a good way to hang a heavy object off of a sheet rock wall.  But if sheet rock ever gets wet from a leaky roof or some other damp situation, it becomes like wet card board, and everything would fall down no matter what one hung it with unless it was hung of the stud.  I then went by the Greenwich Automotive Service Center Exxon station next to the Greenwich Library, and I bought $28 of self service premium unleaded gasoline at $3.439 a gallon for 8.142 gallons for 83.1 miles driving the last 12 days for a total odometer reading of 115,474.3 miles for an average of 10.206 miles per gallon, which is about right since I have been driving recently in heavier daytime traffic with the air conditioner going.  I then went by the Stop and Shop, and I bought three 64 ounce containers of Ocean Spray cranraspberry juice for $5 all, German Wondarbar baloney at $2.79 a pound for $3.21 and $1.42, and Stop and Shop white American cheese for $5.49 a pound $5.82 for $15.45 total.  I then went by the George Weston Bakeries Arnold Bread outlet in Byram off Old Track Road near the I-95 exit two exit, and I bought two six packs of Thomas' New York Everything bagels for $1.79 each six pack and a Entenmann's 24 ounce pineapple cheese cake for $2.25 for $5.83 total.  I then returned home, and I chatted with a neighbor.  One of the three discarded air conditioners by our dumpster is a Frederick 6,000 BTU model about ten years old, and it looks like it might work, but I have not tested it.  I brought up my purchases.  I took off the items from the top side of the inside of the apartment door, and I used a 75 pound OOK hook to hang the new mirror there above the picture of the Chateau of Versailles.  It looks quite nice.  I cleaned the mirror with glass cleaner.  I hung the two small bird brings from the door below the Ox Yoke above the living room closets.  I hung the picture of Prince Wilhelm of the Netherlands and Princess Maxima above the light switch.  I hung the mirror I took off the door beneath the mirror on the right side of the kitchen entrance.  I moved the framed map of Scandinavia from that location to above the Abraham Lincoln picture in the living room.  I moved the water colors of the Town Hall in Paris and the Cathedral of Notre Dame from that location to above the right side of the bedroom closet. I move the framed New York Central Stock certificate from that location to the above the Green Heron picture to the left of the bed.  I moved the Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard of North Water Street print from the lower right kitchen entrance to the wall just above the dining table below the mirror.  I moved the framed spider web from that location to the wall above the chair in the kitchen below the shelf.  I moved the picture of the Queen Mother of England from the apartment entrance door to above the kitchen entrance on the left side.  I moved the picture of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands from that location to the wall above the kitchen sink.  I moved the round barometer from the apartment entrance door to the left side of the bedroom entrance, and I moved the Putnam Lodge Masonic broken and repaired dinner plate from that location to above the handicap assist handle to the left side of the toilet as one sits down.  I put my spare Turkish change purse that I bought a few years ago from the Port Chester flea market for a couple of dollars in between the Buick wagon seats where the music tapes are to hold any spare change.  I will now eat a baloney and cheese sandwich with mayonnaise and potato chips and a slice of dill pickle with a glass of iced tea.  I also put the spare toggle bolt assemblies and spare OOK hooks in a small brown paper bag in the right top drawer of the mahogany bureau in the bedroom.  CIO

Note: <888> 10/24/07 Wednesday 9:50 P.M.:  I surfed the internet a bit.  I made and ate my burger with sautéed onions and cheese dinner, which I ate it with steamed flavored rice and steamed broccoli crowns and baby carrots with a glass of iced tea.  I watched some television.  I chatted with a relative.  I am a bit tired, so I will now shut down the primary Vista computer, and I will go to bed soon.  CIO 

Note: <888> 10/24/07 Wednesday 5:20 P.M.: I woke up at noon.  I ate breakfast of oatmeal with honey and a sliced banana, a toasted English muffin with olive oil, orange and grape and cranraspberry juice and pineapple juice with vitamins and supplements and coffee with milk and splenda sweetener.  I made my bed, and I washed the breakfast dishes. I went outside briefly, and I picked up my mail.  I emptied my paper shredder, and I lubricated it.  I threw out the shredded paper.  I watched a Discovery Channel presentation on Super Volcanoes and Yellow Stone Park's history.  It has been about 75,000 years since there was the last Super Volcano there, so maybe one is long over due.  I chatted with some neighbors.  I showered, and I cleaned up.  Basically if you are high tech in Southern California, and you are displaced by the Santa Anna winds' fires, you could always sit in a 24 hours Denny's and work with your laptop.  I recall there use to be a 24 hour Denny's in Laguna Beach, California.  More than likely they would have plenty of coffee.  Denny's has very good breakfast specials as I recall in the old days.  Laguna Beach actually had the only ice cream shop that I saw in California, and it was right on the beach.  There used to be a fellow there that looked like John Wayne that would walk around downtown shaking hands with people, and Mickey Rooney use to show up at anyone's cocktail parties for $50.  Everyone I met in Laguna Beach seemed to own a $100,000 house on the hillside with a view that they could afford through Escrow, and they were always sparsely furnished with rental furniture, and they were always trying to sell them for a quick short term profit.  I saw a great deal of Laguna Beach and the hills area, since I delivered telephone books there for about two months in the fall of 1978, so it was a good way to get to know the community and the various neighborhoods.  I recall it was quite difficult driving a Subaru station wagon full of telephone books up the steep hills.  Just north of Laguna Beach use to be a trailer park on the beach where James Garner's father lived in some long forgotten television show.  Between Laguna Beach and Newport Beach which is more upscale was the Irvine Ranch which had been owned by Mobil oil.  It was just being developed into expensive California homes.  There were a lot of Jar heads around Laguna beach since Camp Pendleton was just to the south of it and El Toro Marine air station was to the northeast.  It tended to be a republican party area, since Richard Nixon had a home on the beach in San Clemente, California where I use to go surf casting along with another place that I surf cast at in Dana Point that is now a Ritz Carlton.  Donald Breem is a developer in Laguna Beach, and he is a Bush family friend, and since quite a few Texans would vacation by the cooler ocean in Laguna Beach when it was hot in Texas, there was quite a colorful group of people there in the summer.  However, there is only one coast road to the north of Laguna Beach and a narrow two lane road going to the east through a narrow ravine in the hills to the more highly populated area and the coast road to the south, so there can be a bit of traffic getting into and out of Laguna Beach.  It is serviced by the nearby Newport Beach, California airport called John Wayne airport.  One weekdays Laguna Beach has quite a few retired people, but on weekends a lot of people from Las Angeles to the north visit it.  CIO  
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