Notes: The aps opened 3 grammar schools and two high schools in 1872. The Freedman’s Bureau established 2 schools for Negro children in 1866

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List of APS Schools – According to the ATLANTA CITY DIRECTORY of 1923

Notes: The APS opened 3 grammar schools and two high schools in 1872. The Freedman’s Bureau established 2 schools for Negro children in 1866


School Name




B.L. McCullough, business mgr.

4th Floor, City Hall building


Adair, George W.

Catherine corner of Mayland

Ms. Lucille Nolan

Atlanta Normal Training

197 Lee Street

Ms. Emma Wesley

Battle Hill

38 Joe Johnson Avenue

Ms. Lillian R. Flynn

Battle Hill Sanatorium


Ms. L.O. Mays

Boys High

63 Courtland Street

H.O. Smith

Opened Feb 1, 1872. Remained at 5 Whitehall St. until 1874. Then moved to Ivy Street; shared Girls High facilities from 1876-1892; then moved NE corner of Edgewood Ave. and Porter Alley, now Equitable Place. Finally, in 1896, the school found a permanent home at the SE corner of Courtland and Gilmer Streets.

Boys School

217 Luckie Street

Carroll Summer

Calhoun School

395 Piedmont Avenue

Ms. Lille Warm

Opened in 1881

Central Night Commercial High School

128 S. Pryor Street

Ms. Carroll Summer

Commercial High

138 S. Pryor Street (changed to 218 Pryor Street)

Mrs. Annie T. Wise

Cooper Street School

Crew Street

97 Crew Street (in 1923); between Washington Street and Capital Avenue

Ms. Ada Parrine

Opened in Feb. 14, 1872; address listed as 119 Crew St. in 1878; 407 Crew Street in 1957. Demolished in 1957 to make way for highway system.

Davis Street

Davis street; corner of Thurmond

Ms. Sara Tuck

Decatur Street School

February 27, 1872;

East Atlanta

23 Metropolitan Avenue

Mrs. Rusha Wesley


Iverson Street

Ms. Mary Lin

English Avenue

95 English Avenue

Ms. Lulu Kingsberry

Fair Street

362 E. Fair

Ms. M.C. Barker


1182 E. Fair Street

Ms. Maggie Solomon

Formwalt Street

168 Formwalt

Mrs. L.E. Sams

Forrest Avenue

Forrest Ave, corner Randolph

Mrs. Kate King

Fraser Street

Corner of Fraser and Love Street

Ms. Lulu Johnson

In 1896 a new addition was added to Fraser Street school, surpassing Walker Street as the largest school. Would later become a colored school for colored children as students expressed dismiss with being surrounded by negro housing.

Fulton County High

142 Whitehall Street

G.C. Moore

Originally located at Whitehall & Garnett Street; moved to Whitehall in 1916, then to Washington St. in 1926. Finally moved to Jonesboro Rd in 1950.

Georgia Avenue

42 W. Georgia Avenue

Ms. K.B. Faver

Girl’s High School

49 Washington

Ms. Jessie Muse

Feb. 5, 1872; new building erected in 1888; then moved to Grant Park area in the 1920’s; original location in 1872 was 66 Whitehall Street.

Goldsmith, John Meador

1312 Marietta

Ms. Lorene Graham

Grant Park

250 S. Boulevard

Ms. Diant Davis

Greenwood Avenue

Greenwood Avenue corner of Frederica

Mrs. T.W. Albright

Harris Joel Chandler

189 Harris Street

Mrs. E.L. Thornton


720 E. North Avenue

Ms. G Corrigan

Hill Street

Hill St. near Milledge Ave

Ms. Jennie Bloodworth

Home Park

Home Park Avenue corner of State

Ms. Perry Henderson

Hunter’s School for Boys

70 ½ N. Broad Street

B.T. Hunter, A.M.

Advertised in the 1896 City Directory

Inman Park School

579 Edgewood Avenue

Ms. Dorothy Orr

Ira Street

97 Ira Street

Ms. Laura G. Wood

Ivy Street

195 Ivy Street

Mrs. B.H. Pew

Opened in Jan. 31,1872


Kirkwood and Hardee Street

Gussie Bronner

Lakewood Heights

Sawtelle Ave.

Ms. A.B. Campbell

Lee Street

197 Lee Street

Ms. Emma Wesley

Luckie Street

186 Luckie Street

Mrs. M.C. Thomas

February 29, 1872

Marietta Street

1652 Marietta Street

Ms. Annie Lewis

Means High School

Corner of Church and Forsyth street (1879)

September 15, 1878 by T.A. Means; originally located on Broad Street in 1878

Milton Ave

Milton Avenue corner of Jonanna

Ms. Helen Roddy

Moreland Ave

128 N. Moreland Ave.

Mrs. L.P. Maddox

North Ave

229 E. North Ave

Mc. Ella W. Smillie

Oakland City

46 W. Avon Avenue

Ms. Fannie Spahr


18 Auburn Ave

Ms. Anne Stephens


Bessie Avenue

Mrs. J.W. Daster

Peeples Street

161 Peeples Street

Mrs. Ruby Jones

Pryor Street

635 S. Pryor

Ms. Martha Haygood

Slaton, W.F.

Grant and Pavillion

Ms. Fannie Thrasher

Spring Street

Corner of Spring St and 17th

Ms. Jo Herman

State Street

36 Wallace

Ms. M.L. Fitts

Stewart Ave

192 Stewart Ave

Ms. Kate Osmer

Technological High

146 E. 10TH

Mrs. W.O. Cheyney

Tenth Street

140 E. 10th

Mrs. W.K. Newport

Founded in 1904

Walker Street

11 Walker Street

Ms. Hattie Mangum

Opened Feb. 21, 1872, located at the intersection of Walker, Haynes and Nelson streets. New brick building constructed in 1911, old structure demolished. School housed Boy’s High and administrative offices in 1924. School closed as elementary school in 1973 operating as an alternative school until 1980. Burned to the ground in 1983.

Whitefoord Avenue

321 S. Whitefoord Avenue

Ms. Maggie Solomon

Williams Street

116 Williams

Ms. S.G. Long

Black Schools






228 N. Ashby

H.L. Green


Baylor Ave. near Longsley

L.D. Shivery

Bell Street

80 (or 30?) Bell St.

Nellie D. Lewis

Sept 1900

Carrie Steele

301 E. Fair Street

Carrie Chatman

Crogman, W.H.

383 Ira Street

C.B. Pittman


22 Donnally Avenue

E.T. Landrum

Gray Street

28 Gray Street

Bessie E. Smith

Haynes Street

Corner of Haynes & Mangham Streets

Occupied the building known as old Friendship Baptist Church in 1873; Opened May 1873

Houston Street (Gate City School)

Houston corner of Butler

M.L. Wise

Founded 1866 Freedom Bureau established school.

Johnson, E.P.

292 Martin Street

J.V. Drake

Mitchell Street

249 W. Mitchell Street

E.L. Wyse

Princeton Avenue

329 W. Princeton Avenue

Sophie M. Avery

Roach Street

Roach corner Greensferry Ave

O.A. Taylor

South Atlanta

113 Thayer

L.J. Campbell

Storrs School for Colored Children

110 Houston

R.O. Brown

Opened Dec. 1866; Founded by the American Missionary Association.

Summer Hill


Wesley Ave

Railroad and East

B.E. Usher

Yonge Street

38 Yonge

Cora B. Finley

*According to the 1911 Sanborn Map, there was a black school located at 222 N. Butler street named “Gate City School.” This school was also known as Houston Street School.

From WikiPedia:

Former schools

High schools

  • Northside High School, 1950-1991

  • Boys High School, 1872-1947

  • Charles Lincoln Harper High School, 1963-1995

  • Commercial High School, 1888-1947

  • Daniel O'Keefe High School, 1947-1973

  • David T. Howard High School, 1945-1976

  • East Atlanta High School, 1959-1988

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt High School, 1947-1985

  • Fulton High School, 1915-1994

  • Girls High School, 1872-1947

  • Harper-Archer High School, 1995-2002

  • Henry McNeal Turner High School, 1951-1990[12]

  • Hoke Smith High School, 1947-1985

  • Joseph Emerson Brown High School, 1947-1992

  • Luther Judson Price High School, 1954-1987

  • North Fulton High School, 1920-1991

  • Samuel Howard Archer High School, 1950-1995

  • Southwest High School, 1950-1981

  • Sylvan Hills High School, 1949-1987

  • Tech High Charter School, 2004-2012

  • Technological "Tech" High School, 1909-1947

  • Walter F. George High School, 1959-1995

  • West Fulton High School, 1947-1992

  • William F. Dykes High School, 1959-1973

  • William A. Bass High School, 1948-1987

Middle schools

  • Austin T. Walden Middle School

  • Central Junior High School

  • Daniel O'keefe Middle School, 1973-1983

  • Henry McNeal Turner Middle School, 1989-2010

  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy Middle School

  • Marshall Middle School

  • Sammye E. Coan Middle School

  • Usher Middle School

  • Walter Leonard Parks Middle School

  • West Fulton Middle School, 1992-2004

Elementary schools

  • Adair Park Elementary School

  • Anderson Park Elementary School

  • Anne E. West Elementary School

  • Arkwright Elementary School

  • Ben Hill Elementary School

  • Blair Village Elementary School

  • Blalock Elementary School

  • Burgess Elementary School

  • C.D. Hubert Elementary School, renamed Atlanta Tech High in 2004

  • Capitol View Elementary School

  • Caroline F. Harper Elementary School

  • Center Hill Elementary School

  • Chatthoochee Elementary School

  • Clark Howell Elementary School

  • Collier Heights Elementary School

  • Cook Elementary School

  • D.F. McClatchey Elementary School

  • East Lake Elementary School

  • Edmond Asa Ware Elementary School

  • Edwin P. Johnson Elementary School

  • Emma Clarissa Clement Elementary School

  • English Avenue Elementary School

  • Evan P. Howell Elementary School

  • Fountain Elementary School

  • Fowler St. Elementary School

  • Harwell Elementary School

  • Herndon Elementary School

  • Home Park Elementary School

  • I.N. Ragsdale Elementary School

  • Joel Chandler Harris Elementary School

  • John B. Gordon Elementary school

  • John Carey Elementary School

  • John F. Faith Elementary, renamed C.D. Hubert in 1963

  • John P. Whittaker Elementary School

  • Jonathan M. Goldsmith Elementary School

  • Lakewood Elementary School

  • Laura Haygood Elementary School

  • Luckie Street Elementary School

  • Margeret Mitchell Elementary School

  • Minnie S. Howell Elementary School

  • Moreland Ave. Elementary School

  • Mount Vernon Elementary School

  • North Ave. Elementary School

  • Oglethorpe Elementary School

  • Peeples Street Grammar School

  • Riverside Elementary School

  • Rockdale Elementary School

  • Slayton Elementary School

  • Spring Street Elementary School

  • Sylvan Hills Elementary School

  • Thomas Jefferson Guice Elementary School

  • Walker Street Elementary School

  • Waters Elementary School

  • White Elementary School

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