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]Layout of complete transmission system of an automobile.


The chassis of automobile supports its body,engine and transmission system.The automobile chassis include—The chassis frame,suspension system,steering system,brakes wheels and tyres etc.


An engine in an automobile is a source of power which convert chemical energy into heat energy and helps the automobile to run of roads.

A engine consist of following system:

Fuel system, Ignition system, lubrication system & cooling system.

Transmission system:

The transmission system of automobile helps to transmit engine power to the road wheels.

It consist of—clutch,gear box,propeller shaft,final drive ,diffrentail and axles.

Q.1.B.Why is the lubrication required for an automobile maintenance?what are the different lubricating system used in automobile engine?explain any one of them.

ANS:Automobile maintenance required maintenance for the following reason:

1)To reduce friction between moving parts.

2) to reduce wear of moving parts.

3)To act as cooling medium for removing heat.

4) To provide cushioning effect ETC.

The various lubrication system used in automobiles are:

A)Petroil system B) Splash system C) pressure system d)semi-pressure system e)Dry sump system.

Explaination about petroil system:

The system is generally adopted in 2-stroke petrol engine like scooters ,mopdes & motor-cycles.It is the simplest form of lubrication system and does not consist of oil pump for lubrication as required in other cases.In this system oil is mixed in fuel itself while filling fuel in fuel tank .When the fuel flows from the system to engine it lubricate the various parts, it first passed through the case in engine and thus lubricate crank and connection and when it flows above the piston from Transfer case it use to lubricate engine cylinder and piston assy.

Q.2.A) With the help of neat sketch explain working of simple carburettor.

A simple carburettor consist of cylinder with constricted section,a fuel nozzle,a throttle valve and a float chamber.A cylinder is known as air horn and constricted section is known as venturi.The venture and float chamber are connected by fuel nozzle and is located in air horn just below the smallest section of venturi so that the suction is greatest at that point.

The amount of fuel flows through the nozzle will depends on the amount of air flow through the venturi which in turn depends upon the opening of throttle valve, larger the valve will open large will be the flow of air flow through the venturi and larger will be the fuel flow .Thus AIR –FUEL ratio of simple carburrtor totally depends upon the amount of air flow through the venturi and thus has various limitation.

Q.2.b) What are the function of clutch in automobile? list out the different types of clutches used in an automobile?Explain With the help of neat sketch single plate clutch.

ANS: Clutch is a mechanism used to transmit rotary motion from one shaft to another when one shaft axis co-inside with another or also called as device used for engagement and disengagement the engine with transmission.

The different types of cluthes are:

  1. Cone clutch

  2. Single plate clutch.

  3. Multiplate clutch.

  4. Centrifugal clutch

  5. Semi-Centrifugal clutch

Explanation single plate clutch:
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