Paper solution summer -2012 be VIII sem subject: automobile engg

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Advantages of two piece propeller shaft:

In a long chassis vehicle it is difficult to use single piece propeller shaft as it result in swinging and will have whirling motion while rotating. Hence in order to avoid swinging and whirling action of shaft it is made of 2 pieces and is supported on chassis cross member with central bearing.

Q.4.A) What are the requirement of good Braking system ?Explain with neat sketch a hydraulic braking system.


The requirement of good Braking system: The requirement of good btraking system is as und

  1. The brake should stop the vehicle with smallest stopping distance.

  2. The braking system should be very reliable to promote highest degree of safety.

  3. The braking system should not be affected by water ,heat ,dirt & dust etc.

  4. The effort required by the driver should be small as possible.

Hydraulic braking system:

Brakes which are operated by hydraulic pressure are known as hydraulic brakes


Figure shows hydraulic brake essentially consist of two main parts master cylinder and wheel cylinder.The master cylinder is connected by tubing with wheel cylinder situated inside the wheels.The system is filled with the liquid under light pressure when brakes are not applied.


when the brakes are applied fluid under high pressure is generated in master cylinder and is passed through the wheel cylinder. when wheel cylinder piston expands due to high pressure fluid it pushes the brake shoe against the rotating drum and brakes are applied.


  1. Less effort required for braking.

  2. Less stopping distance.

  3. Equal braking effort to all the wheels.

  4. Low wear rate.


  1. Expensive compared to mechanical brake.

  2. The braking system fails if there is any leakage in brake fluid.

Application :

Bajaj pulsar, Honda –cbz,Maruti-suzuki all models, Tata- indica,indigo,safari(all light vehicles) ,Hyundai –santro ,i 10 ,120(all light vehicles),Mahindra & Mahindra all light vehicles

Q.4.B) Explain with neat sketch the construction and working of differential.

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