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Description: Bivalve is located just south of Port Norris on the Maurice River in New Jersey.

It consists of approximately 4,500 acres of expansive salt marsh on a mitigation site owned by Public Service Electric and Gas. It is three years abreast of a twelve-year restoration project, which has so far resulted in making mud flats very extensive there. This site supports up to 30,000 shorebirds in both spring and fall.

There are two observation platforms as well as several dikes located within Bivalve marsh. Shorebird hotspots are dependent on the tide, which flows in variably. According to Dave Mizrahi, the birds move in rotations to different compartments of the marsh and using a scope at the platforms is the best way to see where birds are concentrating within it. The entire site should be considered Type 1 habitat.
Four main access roads lead into the marsh southwards off of Route 553 in Port Norris: Berrytown Rd., Robinstown Rd., Strawberry Lane, and Memorial Ave. Memorial joins Miller Ave and leads to the Bivalve processing plant. It is possible to drive from one access road to the next without restrictions. Surveys have been conducted in the past by birder Clay Sutton; species observed include: BBPL, DUNL, LESA, SBDO, SEPL, SESA, WRSA, YESP.
Survey Method: Ground surveys at viewing points in the marsh with a scope/binoculars on a falling to early rising tide. The best spot to survey is dynamic depending on the tide. Surveyor can scan the area from a viewing platform to determine best survey route.
Selection Bias: Not applicable.
Measurement error: *
Measurement bias: *
Pilot Studies: None needed.
Local Contacts: Nellie Tsipoura, Director of Citizen Science, NJ Audubon

Dave Mizrahi, VP for Research, NJAS Cape May Bird Observatory

Clay Sutton

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