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Georgia Environmental Protection Division

QAPP for Water Quality Modeling and Ground Water and Surface Monitoring

WPMP-QAPP 2 rev 3

January 2017

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Water Quality Modeling and Groundwater and Surface Monitoring

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Environmental Protection Division


Georgia Environmental Protection Division

Watershed Protection Branch

2 MLK, Jr., S.W., Suite 1152

Atlanta, Georgia 30334

WPMP-QAPP 2 rev 3

January 2017
USEPA Sections 106, 104, 604 and 319 Monitoring

GA DNR Grant #s BG-98409606-6, BG-98409606-8, C6-00499906-4, C6-00499906-6,

I-95411508-0, and I-9511408-0.


A1. Title and Approval Sheet


Water Quality Modeling and

GroundWATER and Surface Monitoring

Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Environmental Protection Division


GAEPD Watershed Monitoring Manager: ______(Original Signed & Dated)___________

(Elizabeth Booth) (Date)
GAEPD Database/GIS Officer: _____ _(Original Signed & Dated)___________

(Vacant) (Date)
GAEPD Quality Assurance Officer: ______ (Original Signed & Dated)____________ (Susan Salter) (Date)

This document is the Quality Assurance Program Plan (QAPP) for the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GAEPD) Surface Water Modeling and Monitoring Projects. This QAPP applies to the collection and assessment of groundwater and surface water quality data by GAEPD for a five-year period (2013-2017). Annual addendums to this QAPP shall be provided to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), Region IV and other users for any programmatic changes affecting the monitoring or modeling programs.
This five-year program QAPP shall be annually supplemented by project-specific water quality modeling and sampling plans that provide detailed information regarding individual project sampling design.
QAPP Format:
This QAPP has been prepared following the USEPA’s requirements for Quality Assurance Project Plans (EPA QA/R-5, March 2001 and USEPA’s Guidance for Quality Assurance Project Plans (EPA QA/G-5, December 2002).
Document Availability:
The 2013-17 QAPP is available in electronic format (pdf, CD and GAEPD website: www.gaepd.org/watershed.
Electronic and paper copies of this QAPP are available upon request. Requests should be submitted to Susan Ruff at 404-643-1507, Susan.Ruff@dnr.ga.gov, or by mail at 2 MLK, Jr., Drive, S.W., Suite 1152, Atlanta, GA 30334.

A2. Table of Contents

Tables iv

Figures iv

Appendix iv

Acronyms and Abbreviations v

A1. Title and Approval Sheet 2

A2. Table of Contents 4

A3. Distribution List 10

A4. Program Description and Organization 12

A5. Problem Definition/Background 16

A6. Project/ Task Description and Schedule 17

A7. Modeling Quality Objectives and Criteria 27

A7.1 State the Problem 28

A7.2 Identify the Study Question 29

A7.3 Identify Information Needs 29

A7.4 Specify the Characteristics that Define the Population of Interest 29

A7.5 Develop the Strategy for Information Synthesis 30

A7.6 Specify Performance and Acceptance Criteria 31

A7.7 Optimize the Design for Obtaining and Generating Adequate Data or Information 32

A8. Monitoring Quality Objectives and Criteria 34

A8.1. Accuracy 37

A8.2. Precision 37

A8.3. Representativeness 38

A8.4. Completeness 38

A8.5. Comparability 38

A8.6. Detection Limits 38

A8.7. Holding Times 38

A8.8. Sensitivity 38

A8.9. Standard Protocols 39

A8.10. Performance Auditing 39

A9. Special Training Requirements/Certification Listed 39

A10.1. Field Records 43

A10.2. Laboratory Records 43

A10.3. Office Records 43

A10.4. Sampling Station Registration 44

A10.5. Documentation Protocols 44

A10.6. Data Handling Records 44

A10.7. Data Archiving and Retrieval 44

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