Registration: $65 (full price), $50 (concession), $35

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3D: Exploring 3D technologies in museums/galleries/learning/ teaching

8 July 2014

Registration: $65 (full price), $50 (concession), $35 (full-time students)
Where: Bld. Y3A, Macquarie University, North Ryde


Registration (30 mins)



Introduction (40 mins) - Helen and Andrew (8 mins)

Professor John Simons, Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University (5 mins)

Michael Rolfe, CEO, M&G NSW (5 mins)

Lexodiuos Dadd (10 mins)

Helen (7 mins)


Welcome from MQU

Welcome from M&G NSW

Welcome to Country

Housekeeping & Introduction to Larry


Session 1 - Keynote address (50 mins)

NMC research on the impact of 3-D on Higher Education
and Museum engagement.

Larry Johnson, New Media Consortium


Morning tea (25 mins)



Session 2: Case studies

3 x speakers (3 x 30 min) incl. discussion / Q&A


 Macquarie University 3D Showcase

Chair: Michael Rampe, Macquarie University



 [Ctrl][P] Objects on Demand 3D printing

Ross Colebatch

Object: Australian Design Centre


 Using 3D printing in teaching in art practice (TBA)

Rod Bamford

College of Fine Arts, UNSW


Lunch (50 mins)

3D Display


Session 3: Impact

2 x speakers (2 x 30 min) incl. discussion / Q&A


 3D and Intellectual Property

Robyn Ayres, Executive Director

Arts Law Centre of Australia


3D printing and the Fablab Adelaide

Jake Henderson


Afternoon Tea (20 mins)



Interactive Presentation (60 mins)

Demonstration (60 mins)


Leveraging the third dimension:
Augmented Reality and Education

Dr Matt Bower (Confirmed)

Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University

Acquisition and delivery methods for virtual artefacts

Michael Rampe (confirmed)

Educational Designer, Macquarie University



Wrap Up







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