Subject line: I’d like to attend susecon this year and here are the benefits it brings us

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SUSECON 2016 email

Subject line: I’d like to attend SUSECON this year and here are the benefits it brings us

Hi, (your boss),

SUSECON 2016 is taking place in Washington, DC, on November 7-11. I really think there are a number of business benefits as to why as a company we should attend.

The following sessions-- xxxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxxx-- have relevance to our current/future projects on xxxxxx, xxxxxx, and xxxxxx.

We have the opportunity to network with suppliers and can discuss projects such as xxxx and yyy. These include xxxx, xxxxx and xxxx.

If we sign up now, we get a discounted rate to the conference. Plus, if I go for the full week, I can get up to date with the latest in SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, SUSE OpenStack Cloud, SUSE Enterprise Storage or management tools in a training workshops on Monday at a discounted cost. And for FREE, I can take certification exams at the conference. We’d have one person on the team who can serve as the open source expert for everyone else!

These are just a few reasons. For more information on the event, find details here (



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