The Aril Society International Official Checklist 2014 Covering Cultivars Registered From 1800 Through 2013 Joseph G. Stringham, Editor forward

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BLUE DOLPHIN OB- (M. D. Wallace, R. 1956). Sdlg. 5506. AB, OX, 25” (64 cm), EE. Medium toned blue violet self; blue beard. Snow Flurry X Capitola. Wallace 1956. [ATTT]
BLUE ELEGANCE OB- (Stafford Jory, R. 1947). AB, TMB, tall, E. Light blue bitone. Purissima X Capitola. Jory 1948. [ATTT]
BLUE FAIRY RB- (Tell Muhlestein, R. 1953). AB, EC, 38” (97 cm), E-M. Medium blue self. Cool Lemonade X Hoogie Boy. Tell’s Iris Gardens 1953. [ATTT]
BLUE GATE OB- (Gordon Plough, R. 1959). AB, OX, 32” (81 cm), E-M. S. grayed blue violet to buff gray; F. buff gray washed and splashed blue violet; mustard brown beard. Sport of Eastmont: (Snow Flurry X Capitola). Eden Road Iris Gardens 1960. [ATTT] [SP & PP]
BLUE JOY R Lloyd Austin, R. 1954). AR, MB, 18” (46 cm), E. Medium light blue self; faint lavender flush on falls. Selected variant of I. hoogiana. Rainbow Hybridizing Gardens 1956. [AAAA] [SP & PP]
BLUE MOTIFE OB- (Jack Linse, R. 1957). Sdlg. Nacap 21-P. AB, OX, 38” (97 cm), M. S. verbena violet and wisteria blue; F. same, blue based; blue tipped beard. New Snow X Capitola. Easy Breeze Gardens 1958. [ATTT]
BLUE OX OB- (Tom Craig, R. 1949). AB, TMB, tall, M. Light blue self. Acropolis X C. G. White oncobred. Craig 1949. [ATTT]
BLUE SAND IMP OGB- (Anita Moran, R. 2010). Sdlg. 04LSEnr01. AB, 22´56cm), EM. S. light gray-lavender, yellow base, pale lavender veins, erect: style arms pale yellow, rose blush at lip; F. pale lavender, yellow edge, center and shoulders, light maroon around small dark maroon signal, slightly recurved; beards yellow. Lakeside Elf X Nut Ruffles.
BLUE TOPAZ OGB (Jacob Sass, R. 1933). AB, DMB. Medium red and yellow bitone. Beatrix X (I. pumila x Y sdlg.). Sass 1933. [APT]
BLUING OB- (Tom Craig, R. 1951). AB, TMB, 20” (51 cm). Light blue self. Purissima X Capitola. Craig 1951. [ATTT]
BLUMOHR OB- (Walter Marx, R. 1949). AB, TMB, tall, M-L. Plumbago blue. William Mohr X Orloff. Marx, 1949. [ATT] [PP]
BLUSETTE OGB (Gustav Seligmann by Sharon McAllister, R. 1992). Sdlg. 84-7C-1. AB, (71 cm), E-M. Hoogiana blue self; orange-yellow beards. Bionic Burst X Prince Thou Art. McAllister’s Iris Gardens 1992. [AATT]
BOAZ OGB (Eugene Hunt, R. 1980). Sdlg. ORB 77-1. AB, 26” (66 cm), E-M. Creamy white, heavily dotted and veined light mulberry, darker veining in center, creamy pink area around beard, deepening to rose violet as veining and dots increase; violet maroon beard, tinted brown. ((Wilkes KBKG5: (Kalifa Baltis x Kalifa Gulnare) x Esther, the Queen) X Tuesday Song. Aril Society 1980. [AATT] [SP & PP]
BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL OGB (Sharon McAllister, R. 1990). Sdlg. AS-TOJ-1. AB (OGB+), 29” (74 cm), E-M. S. creamy lilac, splashed darker violet; bright yellow style arms; F. golden yellow splashed shades of orange and brown; terra cotta signal; brown beard. C. G. White arilbred X Tribe of Judah. Aril Society, 1990. Note: ASI Code changed per hybridizer. [AATT]
BOLD EXCESS OGB (Caroline Chacon, R. 2010). Sdlg. AZ.11I. AB, 22” (56-61 cm), E. S. and style arms rose violet: F. same, overlaid dark maroon-violet on most of petal, dark maroon violet signal; beards rose violet. FIPN: (Final Inning x Pro News) X Norris N88D1: (tet. aril x Earl of Essex). Aril Society 2011. [AATT]
BOLD SENTRY OGB- (Les Peterson, R. 1983). Sdlg. LP 82-17A. AB, 34” (86 cm), M. S. blue, widely ruffled; F. medium tan, heavily dusted rich crimson red across upper portion, becoming lighter near edge; small black signal; black beard. Arab Dusk X Genetic Burst. Aril Society 1983. [ATTT] [SP & PP]
BOLT OF THUNDER OB-(W. P. Aylett, R. 1947). AB, TMB, tall, E-M. Medium yellow bitone. Grace Mohr X Try Again. Aylett 1940.
BONITA BLUE OB- (Luzon Crosby, R. 1952). AB, EC, 24” (61 cm), E. Self of greenish blue; darker veining. Purissima X Capitola. [ATTT]
BORDER QUEEN OB- (Wilma Vallette, R. 1959). AB, EC, 20” (51 cm), E-M. S. light blue; F. same, flushed greenish; violet signal fades to dull green. Green Spot X Capitola. Tell’s Iris Gardens, 1962. [APTT] [SP]
BORN TO WIN OGB- (William Hawkinson, R. 1977). Sdlg. AB74-37. AB (1/2), 36” (91 cm), M. S. pale lavender with purple veining; F. parchment; black purple signal with purple wash below; haft area dotted and finely veined purple; light tan style arms, lightly brushed purple; purple beard tipped gold. AB62-3: (C. G. White W59-8 amphidiploid sdlg. x Kalifa Gulnare) X Enchanted Hour. [A?TT]
BOSTON BEAUTY OGB (Colin Fidock, R. 1997). Sdlg. F96-2. AB, 24” (61 cm), E. S. icy lavender, style arms pale lavender, tinged gold; F. pale honey, large light burgundy signal; beards pale burgundy, tipped gold. Turkish Pendant X Close Contact. Sib to Boston Town. [AATT]
BOSTON BRONZE OGB (Colin Fidock, R. 2000). Sdlg. 7. AB, 15” (38cm), E. S. pale milk chocolate, style arms gold, striped milk chocolate; F. golden bronze, dark raspberry signal; beards burgundy, tipped gold; slight fragrance. Turkish Herald X Jehosaphat’s Reliance. [AATT]
BOSTON EYE OGB (Colin Fidock, R. 2000). Sdlg. 9. AB, 18” (46cm), E. S. lavender; style arms gold, tipped lavender; F. dusky lavender, veined purple, light burgundy signal; beards gold; pronounced fragrance. McGrath McAB93-21: (Turkish Herald x Heart Stealer) X Vossen 9-22-2: (Onlooker x Pastel Lady). [AATT]
BOSTON TOWN OGB (Colin Fidock, R. 1999). Sdlg. F98-3. AB, 20” (51cm), E. S. pale icy lavender; style arms gold; F. pale gold, milk chocolate signal, shot dark raspberry; beards dark gold. Turkish Pendant X Close Contact. Sib to Boston Beauty. [AATT]
BOWL OF VIOLETS RC (Kenneth Bastow, R. 1980). AR, 13” (33 cm), E. S. pale violet; indistinct darker veining; F. pale violet, flushed slightly deeper in center; white beard tipped blue. Vera X Persian Violet. Aril Society 1981.
BOZRAH OGB- (Fred Gadd, R. 1988). Sdlg. 24-83. AB (1/4), 15” (38 cm), E. S. wisteria blue; F. brick dust, widely edged lobelia blue; blue beard. Blueberry Muffins X Zimbek. Wild Mountain Thyme 1990. [APPT]
BRASH AND BOLD OGB- (Paul Black, R. 2009). Sdlg. M123AA. AB, 26” (66 cm), EM. S. smoky medium orchid, fine bronze veins from base; style arms golden ochre; F. gold base washed rust auburn, gold around beard, mottled and dotted rust auburn; slight brown spot at end of old gold beard; slightly ruffled. Sheik X Amusing. Mid America 2009. [APTT]
BRAWNEY BILL OB (John J. Taylor, R. 1976). Sdlg. H6:1. AB (1/2), 27–35”
(69–89 cm), M. S. ruffled mulberry purple, veined and dotted darker; F. mulberry purple, veined and dotted darker; speckled violet signal; bronze yellow beard. William Mohr X E49-1: (William Mohr x Capitola). Taylor 1976. [AATT]
BRIDESMAID’S APPAREL OGB (Luella Danielson, R. 1992). Sdlg. LD 4-09. AB (OGB) 30” (76 cm), M. S. orchid lavender; style crests same with light blue line markings; light yellow style arms with dark lavender at center; F. yellow green, sparsely veined blue from raspberry maroon eyelash signal; pink glow around beards and on hafts; maroon black beards; fragrant. (A86-2 x Dee Mouse) X For Pleasure. Pleasure Iris Gardens 1993. [PP]
BRIGHT BONNET OH (John Holden, R. 1975). Sdlg. Hf43d. AR, 9” (23 cm), M. S. light lavender rose with fine veining of darker rose; F. rose mahogany with some stippling; dark red brown signal; dark brown beard. I. polakii X I. samariae. Aril Iris Farm 1975. [AA] [SP & PP]
BRIGHT MAHOGANY OH (John Holden, R. 1975). Sdlg. Hf35c. AR, 10” (25 cm), L. S. polished reddish mahogany; F. same; black signal; black beard. I. auranitica, Tel Jaffna X I. polakii. Aril Iris Farm 1975. [AA] [SP]
BRIGHT PASTEL OB- (Lloyd Austin, R. 1960). AR, 34” (86 cm), E-EM. S. light violet pink; F. pinkish buff. Cloudcap X Capitola. Rainbow Hybridizing Gardens 1962. [ATTT]
BRIGHT PROSPECTS OGB- (Sharon McAllister, R. 1993). Sdlg. 88-16-5. AB, 16” (41 cm), E. S. yellowish ivory; F. soft yellow; large rust brown spot surrounding yellow orange beards. Hidden Talents X unknown median. Sib to Butterscotch Baby and Invasion Force. McAllister’s Iris Gardens 1993. [APTT]
BRILLIG OB (Clarence G. White, R. 1938). Sdlg. # N/A. Height, bloom season and description N/A. (I. sofarana x I. susiana) X Yellow sdlg. Milliken 1938. [22chr.] [AT]
BRINDLE PUP OB (Lena Lothrop, R. 1947). AB, DMB, low height, M. Dark yellow self. 1947.
BRONZE AGE OGB (Lois Rich by James Whitely, R. 1992). Sdlg. R84-66E. AB, 30” (76 cm), M. S. tan bronze blend; bronze yellow style arms; F. bronze; dark brown signal lined darker; bronze beards. R79-45A: ((((I. lortetii x I. auranitica) x W83-O) x Welcome Reward) x ((R73-176L: (((Bagdad Beauty x Pink Formal) x Welcome Reward) x (Welcome Reward x ((Bagdad Beauty x Orchid and Flame) x Kalifa Hirfa))) x Holden Hf17a: ((I. auranitica Tel Jaffna x Spiced Coffee) x Rich R73-176D) X Rich R79-149E: (Sand Etching x ((Austin W83-O: (I. atropurpurea x I. jordana) x Pink Formal) x Rich R73-176H). Aril Patch 1992. [PP]
BRONZE BEAUTY VAN TUBERGEN RH (Van Tubergen by Aril Society International, R. 2001) AR, 20-24” (51-61cm), E. S. pale lavender, golden bronze veining around edge, lavender basal midrib flush; F. deep wine red, golden bronze around edge, beards white, hairs tipped yellow. I. hoogiana X I. stolonifera. Introduced in Holland prior to 1950; in commerce in America as ‘Hoogiana Bronze Beauty’ also known as ‘Bronze Beauty’. [44 chr.] [AAAA] [SP]
BRONZE FALCON OGB+ (Luella Danielson, R. 1987). Sdlg. GL J-2. AB, 30” (76 cm), E-M. S. deep rust, tinged bronze with touch of blue at midrib; light brown crests, purple blue style arms; F. deeper rust, neon purple splash by blue beard. (Genetic Leader x I. stolonifera) X (I. jordana x sdlg. 143). Pleasure Iris Gardens 1988.
BRONZE FANTASY OH (Herb McKusick R. 1974). Sdlg. 73-5. AR, 7” (18 cm), M. Golden bronze self; self beard. I. urmiensis X I. auranitica, Tel Jaffna. Aril Society 1974. [AA]
BROTHER OF DEMONS OGB- (Marky Smith, R. 2012) Sdlg. 09-13D. AB, 22” (56 cm), EM. S. wood violet (RHS 179C); style arms blended cream base to red brown to violet crests; F. tapestry red-brown, greyer than 182C, distinct dappled gold pattern around beard combines with several vertical short black spears to define aril spot; beards old gold, heavily tipped brown; slight musky fragrance. Hannah’s Prayer X Brash. [APTT]
BROWN ETCHING OG (Doris Foster, R. 1976). Sdlg. 70-25. AR, 17” (43 cm), M. S. gray ground, etched medium brown; golden brown styles protruding with crests etched brown on gray; F. gray ground, strongly etched medium brown; small dark brown signal; dark brown beard. Persian Embroidery X Kerr’s Light Blue. Foster 1976. [AA]
BROWN GOLD OH (John Holden, R. 1975). Sdlg. Hf17c. AR, 16” (41 cm), M. S. yellow brown with brown veining, overall sheen; F. yellow brown stippling; very dark red brown signal; yellow beard. I. auranitica, Tel Jaffna X Spiced Coffee. Aril Iris Farm 1975. [AA]
BROWN PRINCE OH (John Holden, R. 1973). Sdlg. Hf6b. AR, 18” (46 cm), E-M. S. light brown with fine mulberry red veining; mulberry colored mid-rib and surrounding area.; F. light brown with same fine stippling, fine mulberry red veining; dark brown signal; sparse red brown beard. I. mariae X I. atropurpurea. Aril Iris Farm 1973. [AA] [SP & PP]
BROWN WARRIOR OH (John Holden, R. 1975). Sdlg. Hf9b. AR, 15” (38 cm), L. S. brown with red brown veining; F. brown with brown veining and stippling; dark brick red signal; dark brown beard. Hb19b: (Ha8: (I. gatesii x I. sari) x (I. gatesii x I. auranitica) X I. auranitica, Tel Jaffna. Aril Iris Farm 1975. [AA]
BUCHEE OGB- (Fred Gadd, R. 1983). Sdlg. 27-A-80. AB, 18” (46 cm), E. Powder blue with yellow edge on falls; yellow beard. Stockholm X Genetic Artist. Aril Society 1984. [APTT]
BUDDY MITCHELL RB (Robert Nourse, R. 1958). Sdlg. 51-53. AB, MB, 30” (76 cm), E M. Methyl violet self; orange beard. (I. hoogiana x Lullaby) X (I. hoogiana x Lullaby). Tell’s Iris Gardens, 1957. [AATT]
BUFFOON OB- (Mrs. J. M. Baker, R. 1938). Sdlg. # N/A. AB. AIS Color Class: S3L, (light blue squalens bitone). DB X Zwanenburg. No information on introduction found.
BURNISHED STAR OGB- (Vernon & Dana Brown, R. 2004). Sdlg. 98-28-10. AB, 38” (97 cm), EML. S. sunshine yellow, domed, style arms sunshine yellow; F. yellow with white streaks and stripes, cinnamon veining and dotting around beards, rayed star-like burnished red signal; beards yellow, tipped gold. English Eyes X yellow glaciata TB sdlg.: (Desert Echo x Orange Plume). Malevil Iris Gardens 2004. [ATTT]
BURRA SAHIB OGB (Ben Hager, R. 1989). Sdlg. AR3657YAmBgSg. AB (1/2), 32” (81 cm), M. S. pale yellow aging to white; yellow styles; F. yellow; huge dark brown signal; yellowish beard. AR3370: ((Bethlehem Song x Welcome Reward) x Moon Star) X AR3496: (Syrian Moon x Rich R73-176: (((Bagdad Beauty x Pink Formal) x Welcome Reward) x (Welcome Reward x ((Bagdad Beauty x Orchid and Flame) x Kalifa Hirfa))))). Melrose Gardens 1990. [AATT] [SP & PP]
BUTTERED BERRIES OGB- (Vernon & Dana Brown, R. 2006). Sdlg. 98-31-04. AB, 30” (76 cm), ML. S. honey gold, slightly darker veins; style arms honey gold, light red-purple stripes up each side of midrib; F. berry red, fine darker veins, pales to honey red; darker burnt red signal; beards gold; S. domed; pronounced sweet fragrance. Buenos Aires Revisited X Energizer. Malevil Iris Gardens 2006. [ATTT]
BUTTERSCOTCH BABY OGB- (Sharon McAllister, R. 1992). Sdlg. 88-16-1. AB, 16” (41 cm), E-M. S. grayed yellow-orange; F. darker; grayed red signal; dark yellow beards; tangerine in heart. Hidden Talents X (Lilli-Bright x unknown). Sib to Bright Prospects and Invasion Force. Aril Society 1992. [APTT]
BUZZ OB (Clarence G. White, R. 1939). AB, IMB, E. White, feathered dark red. Onco X TB.
BUZZ FUZZ OB- (Fred Gadd, R. 1977). Sdlg. 26-71. AB-MED (1/4), 15” (38 cm), E. Red violet self; bronze beard. Blueberry Muffins X Capitola. Wethersfield Iris Garden, 1978. [APTT]
BY JOVE RB (Clarence G. White, R. 1941). AB, IMB, medium height, M. Yellow standards; dark red falls. Bearded Iris X regelia.
BYLER AGA OGB (Clarence G. White, R. 1952). AB, EC, 37” (94 cm), M-L. Blend of gray, lavender purple, veined and stippled blackish purple.
BYZANCE OGB (Pierre C. Anfosso, R. 1990). Sdlg. PC81 13. AB, 31.5” (80 cm), M. Gold yellow self; raspberry spot under dark beards. Moon Star X Bethlehem Star. Iris en Provence 1990. [AATT]
BYZANTINE ART OGB (Lowell Baumunk, R. 2000). Sdlg. OL4. AB, 33” (84cm), M. S. medium lavender, midrib tan; style arms tan, blending to lavender at crests; F. tan, very dark red signal with red overlay extending ¾” from signal; beards yellowish brown. Onlooker X unknown. Iris Colorado 2001. [PP]
BYZANTINE BEAUTY OGB- (Hooker Nichols, R. 1975). Sdlg. 2200A. AB-MED, 18” (46 cm), M-L. S. bronze with touch of maroon at midrib base; F. brown, washed a blend of maroon red violet; blue beard tipped bronze. Shine Boy X 68-102: (Beisan Aga x Kalifa Gulnare). Nichols 1977. [APTT]
BYZANTINE RUBY OGB (Lowell Baumunk, R. 2009). Sdlg. 327E. AB, 26” (66 cm), M. S. and style arms lavender, s;ightly veiner darker, slightly more red than S; 1 ½” bright-maroon red signal, darker diffuse yellow beards. Stolen Heart X Energizer, [AATT] Iris Colorado, Aril Society 2010.

CAIRO LOVE SONG OGB- (Hooker Nichols, R. 1978). Sdlg. 7526. AB-MED (1/4), 16” (41 cm), E-L. S. violet; F. dove gray with brown on each side of bronze beard. Puppet X Esther, the Queen. La Cresta Gardens 1980. [APTT]
CAIRO SANDS OGB- (H. V. Slamova, by W. Hawkinson, R. 1973). Sdlg. S 67-40. AB, 30” (76 cm), E. S. parchment with soft pale green overlay, veined gold, tips lightly splashed violet, lightly ruffled; F. gold with warm brown veining and dotting, some violet splashing; style arms pale gold brushed green and violet; beard brown tipped gold. Jallah Ad-Din X Blue Gate. Sierra Vista Iris Gardens 1974. [SP & PP]
CALIFA DOTSERO OGB- (Herbert Graves, R. 1970). Sdlg. 123-64-2. AB-MED, 16–18” (41–46 cm), EM. Full red violet self; yellow orange beard. Green Spot X (Jabal Kerak x Imaret). Tell’s Iris Garden 1970. [APTT]
CALIFA DOTU OB- (Herbert Graves, R. 1970). Sdlg. 104-64-1. AB-MED, 14–16”
(36–41 cm), EM. S. lilac, veined deeper lilac to violet; F. light red brown edged light tan; orange beard. Knotty Pine X Zwanenburg. Tell’s Iris Garden 1970. [AP?T]
CALIFA DOTWON OGB- (Herbert Graves, R. 1970). Sdlg. 78-64-13. AB-MED, 16–18” (41–46 cm), E-M. S. lilac; F. red brown blending to caramel tan edge; orange and brown beard. Green Spot X Kalifa Hirfa. Tell’s Iris Garden 1970. [APTT]
CALIFA KABANG OGB (Herbert Graves, R. 1968). Sdlg. 69 64 2. AB-MED, 12–14” (30–36 cm), M. Deep bright yellow self; yellow beard. Brassie X (Imam Salah x MD-GR 121-12). Tell’s Iris Garden 1970. [APTT]
CALYPSO RC (Ernest Krelage R. 1913). AR. Light red bitone. Parentage unknown. Krelage & Son 1913.
CALYPSO CLOWN OGB- (Lois Rich, R. 1977). Sdlg. R71-4. AB (1/2), 20” (51 cm), E. S. light orchid; F. buff with bright red spot over half the area; orange beard. Schrempp S62-1B: (Tehama x (I. susiana x Andromache)) X Red Heart. Melrose Gardens 1978. [APT]
CAMILLA RC (C. G. Van Tubergen, R. 1923). AR. Blue and red bitone blend. I. korolkowii X I. paradoxa. Van Tubergen 1923. [22 chr.] [AA]
CANAAN OB- (Stafford Jory by Phillip Edinger, 1979). AB (1/4), 32” (81 cm), EM. S. light blue gray; F. darker blue gray; dark bronze beard. (Grace Mohr x (King Midas x Alta California)) X Capitola. Jory 1949. [ATTT]
CANASTA OGB- (Lois Rich, R. 1975). Sdlg. R68-61B. AB-MED, 11” (28 cm), M. S. pale violet; beige styles; F. warm beige, veining much lighter on edges and lower third of falls; mulberry red signal; brownish bronze beard. Oberon X Little Imp. Melrose Gardens 1975. [APT]

CANDLELIGHT AND WINE OGB- (Elm Jensen, R. 1986). Sdlg. GMGOR-2-85-J. AB, 14” (36 cm), E. S. deep rose, veined darker; amber styles flushed rose; brown crests; F. dark red, flushed black below golden bronze beard. Gingerbread Man X sdlg. inv. Beisan Aga, Capitola and Esther, the Queen. [APTT]
CAPITOLA OB (Frank Reinelt, R. 1940). AB, IMB, medium height, E. Dark red violet. William Mohr X Ib-Mac. 1940. [43 chr.] [AATT] [PP]
CARAVAN TRAIL OGB (Lin Flanagan, R. 1976). Sdlg. 72015-1. AB (1/2), 28” (71 cm), E. S. pale violet; F. smooth tan beige; red violet area around dark red violet beard. Saracen Prince X 67027-1: (Esther, the Queen x (62044-2 x Dove Song)). Aril Society 1977. [AATT]
CARD OF THANKS OGB (Les Peterson, R. 1971). Sdlg. LP 66 13A. AB, 25” (64 cm), E. S. lavender blue, veined deeper; F. medium tan with webbing or netting effect across haft, miniature dots of purple in same area; purple beard. Imaret X Soni Ce. Peterson 1972. [AATT] [SP & PP]
CARE MOHR OB- (Edward Christensen, R. 1960). Sdlg. 6-B1-3. AB, 30” (76 cm), Y03M. S. tan, overlay orchid pink; F. olive brown, onco veining; green buds. Carabella X Capitola. Broadway Gardens 1961. [ATTT]
CARIBOO OB- (David Saunders, R. 1953). Sdlg. 53-14A. AB, EC, 32” (81 cm), M. Two shades of blue violet. Berkeley Blue X onco seedling.
CARIOCA OGB (William Hawkinson, R. 1972). Sdlg. ABH 67-12. AB (1/2), 34” (86 cm), E. S. bamboo, darker veining, maroon flushed edges; F. bamboo, overlaid at center brown maroon. Imam Salah X Jallah Effendi. Sierra Vista Iris Gardens 1972. [AATT] [PP]
CARMELO RB (William Mohr, R. 1923). AB, MB. M. Light blue self. I. korolkowii X I. germanica Major. Mohr 1921.
CAROLE'S BLUE HEAVEN OGB (Peter McGrath, R. 2012) Sdlg. McAB99-11. AB, 28–32” (71–81 cm), M. S. icy white, pale green midrib; style arms icy white; F. icy white, blue signal; beards orange in throat, yellow in middle, light yellow at ends; pronounced sweet fragrance. McAB97-17: (Sheba’s Jewel x Energizer) X McAB93-15: (unknown x Turkish Heart). [AATT]
CASA VICENTE OGB (Gustav Seligmann by Sharon McAllister, R. 1985), Sdlg. 82 18 14. AB, 29” (74 cm), E-M. S. light gray brown with a touch of pink; F. darker than S. with slight yellow undertone; V-shaped area veined burgundy below burgundy beard. Heart Stealer X Song of Esther. Aril Society 1985. [AATT] [SP]
CASINO OB- (Gordon Plough, R. 1953). Sdlg. 48-3. AB, EC, 40” (102 cm), E-L. Rosy mulberry self, deeper veining. William Mohr X Fire Cracker. Iris Test Garden 1954. [ATTT]
CASTOR RC (C. G. Van Tubergen, BRS). AR. Red-toned blend, feathered. Grullemans, Lisse, Holland, 1907. [AA]
CELESTE AZUL OGB+ (Howard Shockey, R. 1975). Sdlg. 159 49B. AB, 26” (66 cm), M. Blue self; darker V signal; yellow beard. Blue Joy X Imam Salah. Arilian Acres 1975. [AAAT]
CENTAUR’S SONG OGB (E. Jensen, R. 2007). Sdlg. KSMWR1. AR, 36” (91 cm), M. S. light lavender veined green on midribs; style arms beige flushed lavender; F. beige, brown haft veining; small round light brown signal becoming a darker line reaching to the tip of the petal; beards bronze; slight fragrance. King Solomon’s Mines X Welcome Reward. [AATT] [SP & PP]
CERULEAN OB- (Tom Craig, R. 1950). AB, MB, 40” (102 cm), E. Cerulean blue self. Purissima X Capitola. Craig 1950. [ATTT]
CHAIN REACTION OGB- (R. Tasco, R. 2007). Sdlg. 01 AM 06 02-RE. AB-RE, 13” (33 cm), EML & RE. S. rosy plum-purple (RHS 79A), slightly veined; style arms reddish brown center, amber lower sides; red burgundy crest, flushed amber at base; F. rosy burgundy (183C), light veining; diffused brownish black signal’ beards amber in throat, brown in middle, violet at end. 96-SDB-14-17: ((93-12-125: (Bisbee x Tender Tears) x Wizard’s Return)) X Concerto Grosso. Superstition Iris Gardens 2007. Reblooms in the fall in zone 8. [APTT]
CHARCOAL GREY OH (John Holden, R. 1980). Sdlg. Hj88b. AR, 16” (41 cm), EM. S. silver gray ground, heavily veined and dotted very dark red purple; F. same but with heavier markings; dark red purple signal and beard. I. susiana X ACW 729: collected hybrid of I. Iycotis. Aril Iris Farm 1980. [AA]
CHARMCAP OB- (David Flesh, R. 1962). Sdlg DF-60-1. AB, 37” (94 cm), E. S. manganese violet; F. deeper, over washed olive tan; bronzy brown beard. Char-Maize X Capitola. [ATTT]
CHARMING CHICK OH (Luella Danielson, R. 1990). Sdlg. LD-1-67. AR, 13” (33 cm), E-M. S. light orchid pink, thin light blue midline with light blue veining radiating outward; gold style arms; light lavender crests; F. slightly darker, light orchid pink; green blue veining radiating from tip of red purple signal to edge, red purple dotting around signal; light violet beard tipped darker purple. JP-82-3: (I. samariae x I. paradoxa) X Visiting Queen. Pleasure Iris Gardens 1991. [AA]
CHARMING IMAGE OGB- (Lin Flanagan, R. 1989). Sdlg. 82024 3. AB (1/4), 12” (30 cm), L. S. pale beige blended light violet; F. pale beige flushed rosy red over center; light orange beard; slight fragrance. Mistress (probably) X 78001-6: (Thunderstorm x Mayfest). Aril Society 1990. [ATTT] [SP]

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