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Questions by Jason Russell, Scott Sanders, Joseph Dion, James Quintong w/ ghostwriter James Washick

1. A French duo comprised of Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, they first collaborated in an indie cover band called Darling, while their current moniker came from a derisive UK Melody Maker review of their version of a Beach Boys song. After their debut single “The New Wave” and the minor hit “Da Funk,” they became the subject of a minor bidding war, eventually signing with Virgin and releasing the albums Homework in 1997 and Discovery in 2001. FTP, name this techno / acid house band whose singles include “Aerodynamic” and “One More Time.”

2. The year she was born the most beautiful woman in the world was a scullery maid who was eventually undone by a fondness for chocolate. By the time she was fifteen a woman named Adela Terrell was most beautiful, though she was in the top twenty. The not particularly bright or imaginative daughter of a terrible farmer and an even more limited housekeeper, she came to the notice of a count who would inform the Prince of Florin of her existence. She, of course, was in love with a farm boy who would eventually rescue her from marrying the prince. FTP, name this woman, the fiancée of Prince Humperdink in William Goldman’s The Princess Bride.


3. Originally called “Kanadian Korner,” spelled with “K’s” instead of “C’s,” its shows dealt with such pressing issues as separatism, the use of calculators in school, parking at donut shops, and back bacon. Episode 37 was a variety special featuring the real Tony Bennett as well as Morgan Fairchild and Joyce Dewitt opposite the hosts in a blind date sketch. Other topics included bowling while loaded, twist off beer caps, beer nog, and using a mouse to get a free 24. FTP name this tv show hosted by Doug and Bob McKenzie.


4. The first American League player to enlist in the Army Air Corp after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he rose to the rank of captain and commanded a B-52 bomber squadron in the China-Burma-India theatre. His most productive years were, of course, before the war, being named the AL MVP in 1935 as a first baseman and again in 1940 as a left fielder. He holds the single season records for most doubles, most home runs, most RBIs, and most total bases for the Detroit Tigers, and was robbed of matching Ruth's 60 home run record by 119 base-on-balls in 1938. FTP, name this player who earned the respect of many in 1934 for refusing to play on Yom Kippur.

Answer: Hank GREENBERG

5. This film is unusual for a number of reasons. Because the director was worried that the eclectic songs – including “I’m Afraid” by Blue Room, “Radio People” By Zapp, “Beat City” by the Flowerpot Men, and “March of the Swivelheads” by the English Beat – would not sell as an album, no official soundtrack was released for it. The actors who played the main character’s parents, Cyndi Pickett and Lyman Ward, would later go on to marry. Peggy Noonan’s name appears in the end credits before she even appears in the film, offering a gummi bear to her principal. FTP, name this film starring Edie McClurg, Jeffrey Jones, Mia Sara, Alan Ruck, and Matthew Broderick.


6. The subject of a 15-issue series in the 1970s, he was the son of the Japanese super-villain the Black Dragon who was raised by his father’s murderer. After meeting his wife, Princess Projectra of Orando, the two moved to her home planet where he died trying to save their world from the Legion of Super Villains. Later, a judge name Lythyl adopted his name and enrolled in the Legion Academy. FTP, name this DC comics martial artist never portrayed by Ralph Macchio.


7. There is but one law, “No Jumping,” although you are allowed to jump as long as the large eye is closed. Your job initially is to run over all of the floor tiles and collect the red squares, proceeding to the next level by jumping onto the eye to destroy it. Considered innovative at its time, it used 3-D techniques to allow multiple perspectives such as down low, up high and right behind your character. FTP, name this Atari console game that shares its name with an Isaac Asimov novel.

Answer: I, ROBOT

8. His acting debut came in a 1997 episode of "Diagnosis Murder" which would later lead to an appearance on "Love Boat: The Next Wave" as Larry Larsen. This would be followed by films roles including Dean Ludlow in Wish You Were Dead, the title character in Radical Jack, and Gene in Mulholland Drive, but he was soon back on the small screen as a country doctor from Montana who moves to New York. FTP, name this musician-turned actor, star of "Doc" and the man responsible for the Achy Breaky dance.

Answer: Billy Ray CYRUS

9. Invented in the late 1920s by Samuel Sorenson Adams, a “Super” variety of the product, made of cast zinc, is now offered for $3.98 by Adams’ company. The proto-type measured one inch by four inches, too long to be effective, so in 1928 Adams took his design to a die maker in Germany, who was able to reduce it to one-quarter of an inch thick. This made the item much more concealable and thus more effective. FTP, name this novelty item which shocks the victim during a handshake.

Answer: JOY BUZZER (accept equivalents)

10. Under pressure from Congress their manager changed the name of this ‘80s heavy metal band. It was just as well, as one member of the band saw the movie “Heavy Metal” thinking it would contain a lot of tuba. Their song “Let’s Run Over Lionel Ritchie With a Tank” was never released and the band Mucky Pup is actually responsible for the song “You Stink But I Love You.” Formerly called “Deathtöngue,” FTP name this band consisting of Hodge Podge, Opus, and Bill the Cat.

Answer: BILLY AND THE BOINGERS (accept DEATHTŐNGUE on an early buzz)
11. The drink of this name is made with 2 ounces Southern Comfort, 1 ounce Amaretto, sweet and Sour mix, Sprite, a tablespoon of grenadine, ice, and a maraschino cherry. The candy has been involved in numerous urban legends, typically having to do with PCP or cocaine, but in 1974 Ronald O’Bryan actually poisoned his own son on Halloween by giving him this candy laced with cyanide. More recently, on General Hospital, Zander showed his love for Emily by buying her the candy. FTP, name this treat of flavored sugar packaged in a straw.


12. Written by Keith Forsey and Steve Schiff, it has been covered by the heavy metal bands Steel Prophet and Life of Agony. Originally offered to Bryan Ferry and Billy Idol, the band that released it considered the lyrics formulaic and didn’t put it on any of their albums until years later. Nevertheless, it became the band’s first number one hit, even with the 55 “la”s at the end. FTP, name this Simple Minds song, the main track off the “Breakfast Club” soundtrack.

Answer: DON’T YOU (Forget About Me)
13. Interface Electronic has now created a product of this name to reduce noise in libraries, available in both 20” and 32” versions. The original, supposedly the brainchild of Buck Henry, is featured on card #6 of a series of Topps cards released in the 1960s. Its use was required by Rule #13 in cases of security, at which time it would lower from the Chief’s ceiling and over the heads of the two agents. FTP, name this device used for secrecy on the television series Get Smart.


14. Since turning pro in 1983, he has won 7 PGA tournaments although none since 1996, the year he won at the PGA Championship. A 3-time All-American at the University of Texas, he had two 9th place finishes in 1999, the Nissan Open and the Reno-Tahoe Open. His best showing prior to June this year was a tie for 7th at the Worldcom Classic. FTP, name this Texas golfer who took Retief Goosen to a playoff round in the 2001 US Open only to lose by three strokes.

Answer: Mark BROOKS
15. He had uncredited roles as the title ape in King Kong, as Hem Dazon in Star Wars, and as a zombie in the video for Thriller. Having worked as a lab assistant for Dick Smith, he designed the puppets for The Thing With Two Heads and It’s Alive before becoming the co-producer for Gremlins 2. He won the very first Oscar in his field and has collected seven for his work on such films as Harry and the Hendersons, Ed Wood, Men In Black, and Nutty Professor. FTP, name this make-up artist responsible for American Werewolf in London and Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes.

Answer: Rick BAKER

16. Named after a Disney cartoon squirrel, she is the daughter of a radio and tv personality who died in a 1983 sky-diving accident. After working as a make-up artist, she turned to acting full-time, earning small roles on “21 Jump Street,” “ Matlock,” “Designing Women,” and “Cheers.” More recent work has included voice work as Lana Lionheart on “The Lionhearts,” Volcana on “The New Adventures of Superman,” and Jane Proudfoot in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Her most well-known role, however, was named for the late producer of the tv show “Wings.” FTP, name this actress who plays Roz Doyle on “Fraiser.”

Answer: Peri GILPIN

17. She was born in 1924 in Lelant, Cornwell, to a Christian Scientist mother and a civil servant serving in Burma. After stints in Miss Kerr-Sanders’ Secretarial College and the Women’s Royal Naval Service, she married her husband Graham in 1946. While her children were still young, she wrote Mills and Boon romances under the pen name Jane Fraser, publishing A Secret To Tell, her first novel under her real name, in 1955. Author of the American Booksellers’ Book of the Year for 1991, she planned to retire after 1995’s Coming Home, but fans convinced her to write another novel which came out in 2000. FTP, name this author of The Shell Seekers and Winter Solstice.

Answer: Rosamunde PILCHER

18. At age fifteen he was paid 50 cents to play goalie for a factory team in Quebec. After an exceptional early career he was claimed by St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Edmonton during various drafts and was traded to Toronto and Boston at various points. Although he won the starting position in training camp with the California Golden Seals in 1968, the New York Rangers still had rights to him after a 1963 trade with Montreal. During his time in Montreal he had won seven Vezina Trophies, and a backhanded shot by Andy Bathgate had made him a pioneer. FTP, name this Canadiens goaltender, the first to regularly wear a face-mask.

Answer: Jacques PLANTE

19. The daughter of a Scottish folksinger and the ex-wife of Steve Lillywhite, she started out singing in the group Addix. In 1979 she wrote and recorded the eventual Tracey Ullman hit “They Don’t Know,” but wouldn’t have her own UK Top 20 hit until “There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop (Swears He’s Elvis).” She provided vocals for the Pogues on “Fairytale in New York,” for Billy Bragg on “Greetings To the New Brunette,” and for the Smiths on “Ask.” Shortly after her re-emergence with the 2000 album Tropical Brainstorm, she was killed by a speedboat while swimming off the coast of Mexico. FTP, name this singer whose covers include Billy Bragg’s “A New England” and the Smiths’ “You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby.”

Answer: Kirsty MacCOLL

20. It was the namesake for a 2001 space program that allowed children to operate a robotic vehicle. Theories as to how it acquired its name vary from the skin color of the inhabitants of the Yukon Territories to the swapping of soldiers in military units. As with most games, the stronger players are chosen first in forming teams, but once the game has begun the weaker players are typically selected first. The chosen player then seeks to capture members of the opposite team by running at the line opposite him or her and breaking through the linked arms which form the line. FTP, name this children’s game whose name does not come from the color of one’s dog.

Answer: RED ROVER, Red Rover
21. According to Nicholas Davies, this student is thought to have lost his virginity to one of three women. Among those suspected are party-girl and topless model Victoria Hervey, recovering cocaine addict Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, and Laura, the daughter of his father’s mistress. In September, tension within his family mounted after a crew from Ardent Productions, his uncle’s company, filmed him as he was returning from classes. This, however, is nothing compared to the paparazzi that followed his mother. FTP, name this heir to the throne of England.

Answer: Prince WILLIAM Arthur Philip Louis Windsor

22. The documentary My Best Fiend reveals that this actor was so engulfed in his roles that he once struck an actor in the head with a sword, a blow which would have split the man’s head open had he not been wearing a steel helmet. He began his film career in 1948 with a role in Morituri which would eventually lead to roles in Dr. Zhivago, A Few Dollars More, and The Little Drummer Girl. He was often cast as the villain because his features leant themselves to crazed or obsessed characters, as in Crawlspace, Android, and Schizoid. It is in his collaboration with Werner Herzog, however, that his reputation rests. FTP, name this star of Aguirre: The Wrath of God and the 1979 remake of Nosferatu the Vampire.

Answer: Klaus KINSKI

23. Saxophone Day is celebrated on the sixth of this month, while Red Planet Day is celebrated on the 28th. Vegan Awareness week is near the beginning of the month, Children’s Book Week is in the middle, and National Family Week is toward the end. The month is dedicated to Peanut Butter Lovers and to Sleep Comfort, as well as to the Georgia Pecan. In 2001 Sinkie Day fell on the 24th, while Punsters Day was on the 8th. FTP, name this month which is typically remembered more for its commemoration of the end of the First World War and the feast on the third Thursday of the month.


24. BBC online describes it as a quaint little village with a gas-tank-less gas station, a post office, a small garage, a rambling stream, an abandoned Rutter’s , a Laundromat, and a store that sells insurance and flies for fishing at alternating times of year. It also has a McDonald’s but not a Duncan’s. The film of the same name centers upon a couple working at a local fast food restaurant who kill the owner and steal his idea for a drive-thru but are eventually discovered by a police lieutenant played by Christopher Walken. FTP, name this northeastern town or the 2001 Sundance film starring Maura Tierney and James LeGros in a very loose adaptation of MacBeth.



Questions by Jason Russell, Scott Sanders, Joseph Dion, James Quintong w/ ghostwriter James Washick
1. Oddly enough two successful bands of the eighties got their start as part of the same group, a relatively unknown band. FTPE identify these groups from members.

10) Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith were the principal members of this group who released such tunes as “Shout” and “Head over Heels.”


10) Pete Byrne and the late Rob Fisher were the two main instrumentalists in this 80’s band who released a hit cover of Burt Bacharach’s “Always Something There To Remind Me.”


10) Roland, Curt, Pete, and Rob, along with Manny Elias and Neil Taylor, were at various times in this group who never released a full album.

Answer: NEON
2. Now that Enterprise is a hit and will surely make to careers of its actors, let’s look at the acting roots of some of those who were regulars on the previous show, Voyager. Given a role he or she played on a soap opera, name the actor, FTPE. You will receive five if you need the character they played on Voyager.

a-10) Charlie Brent on All My Children

5) Tom Paris

Answer: Robert Duncan McNEILL

b-10) Adrienne Morrow on Another World

5) B’Elanna Torres

Answer: Roxann Biggs-DAWSON

c-10) Hannah Moore on Another World

5) Kes

Answer: Jennifer LIEN

3. As a man of eloquence and wit, surely Arnold Schwarzenegger deserves his own book of quotations. The best quotes, of course, are those after he has finished off a villain. Given the film and the scenario, provide the Schwarzenegger quote FTPE. (Moderator: allow a bit of leeway)

a) In The Running Man, after having castrated the villain Buzzsaw, this is Arnie’s reply when asked what happened to his opponent.

Answer: “Oh, HE HAD TO SPLIT”

b) In Total Recall, Schwarzenegger shoots his “wife” played by Sharon Stone, tossing out this line afterwards. Answer: “CONSIDER THAT A DIVORCE!”

c) After throwing a pipe through the villain Bennett, Arnie offers this anger management quip in Commando.

Answer: “LET OFF SOME STEAM, Bennett”

3. Given a now-defunct NHL team (and maybe the series of changes), name their current incarnation, FFPE:

a) Hartford Whalers [Reader: accept either city or nickname on all these]

Answer: Carolina Hurricanes

B) Winnipeg Jets

Answer: Phoenix Coyotes

C) Quebec Nordiques

Answer: Colorado Avalanche

D) Kansas City Scouts By Way Of Colorado

Answer: New Jersey Devils

e) They became the St. Louis Eagles in 1934, were terminated a year later, then reformed over 50 years later.

Answer: Ottawa Senators

f) California Golden Seals became this team through a move in 1976, a merger in 1978, and a move in 1993.

Answer: Dallas Stars

4. Where would Spiderman be without J. Jonah Jameson and the Daily Bugle? Name these members of the Bugle staff from descriptions, FTPE.

a) Considered Peter Parker’s first girlfriend, she was originally J. Jonah Jameson’s secretary. Later, after the death of her husband she would become a reporter.

Answer: Betty BRANT or Betty Brant LEEDS [accept Betty]

b) Hired to replace Betty Brant Leeds, she has served as JJJ’s personal secretary throughout most of the series.

Answer: Gloria GRANT [accept Gloria]

c) The editor of the Daily Bugle, he has a checkered past with the criminal known as Tombstone. Answer: JosephRobbieROBERTSON [accept Robbie]
5. Name these recent Newberry award winning books from a description FTPE:

a) A motherless ten-year-old escapes his foster home in Michigan to find the man he thinks is his father in this Depression-era Christopher Paul Curtis book.


b) This E.L. Konigsburg novel about four sixth-graders who participate in the Academic Bowl was once given as a prize by Charlie at a high school tournament.


c) Jonas is a 12-year old who becomes the receiver of memories during the Ceremony of Twelve and learns the meaning of love, pain, and sacrifice in this Lois Lowry novel.

Answer: The GIVER

6. After the death of Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl took a few months off and then formed The Foo Fighters. FTPE name the members and former members of this band from groups they were formerly in.

a) Other than Grohl, the only remaining original member of the band is this bassist formerly of Sunny Day Real Estate.

Answer: Nate MENDEL

b) The most recent Foo Fighter, this guitarist was a member of 22 Jacks and No Use For a Name.

Answer: Chris SHIFLETT

c) This former Germs and somewhat Nirvana member played guitar with the Foo Fighters for a while.

Answer: Pat SMEAR (accept “Georg Ruthenberg”)
7. Given a brief history, name the supermarket chain FTPE

a) Founded in 1939 in Boise, ID, and still headquartered there, this chain is now in 39 states, offering Quick Fixin’ Meals and a complete line of Specialty Breads.


b) Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, its family of stores includes Dillon and Kessel, with brands including Private Selection and Big K.

Answer: KROGER

c) Begun in American Falls, ID, by M.B. Skaggs in 1915 and merged with Selig stores in 1926, it is now headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, and has over 1650 stores across the US and Canada including stores such as Vons, Dominick’s, and Carrs.


8. Given a set of characters from the show, name the SCTV alum who played them, FTPE.

a) 3-D Horror film star Dr. Tongue, renaissance man Johnny LaRue, music show host Gil Fisher.

Answer: John CANDY

b) Station manager Edith Prickley, Melonville Calendar host Yolanda Devillbis, former city council candidate and host of the issue-oriented show “You!” Libby Wolfson.

Answer: Andrea MARTIN

c) News co-anchor Earl Camembert, SCTV Disco host Mel Slirrup, and security guard Gus Gustofferson.

Answer: Eugene LEVY

9. With a cult favorite original and three sequels the Killer Tomato movies have included their share of noteworthy television actors. From a description, name the actors who appeared in these film farces FTPE

a) After playing Skippy Handeman on “Family Ties,” he appeared as Michael in Killer Tomatoes Eat France.

Answer: Marc PRICE

b) Appearing as Matt Stevens in Return of the Killer Tomatoes, this actor had already appeared in cameo roles in “Crazy Like a Fox,” “Riptide,” and “Hunter” and would go on to appear in “Roseanne” and a somewhat more illustrious acting career.

Answer: George CLOONEY

c) Finally, this writer of Killer Tomatoes Strike Back appeared in the last three movies as “Ze Captain,” “Lance Boil,” and the tomato dealer “Jim Richardson” before going on to a more infamous television appearance.

Answer: Rick ROCKWELL

10. Given the stadium and the arena in which a university plays its home football and basketball games, name the school FTPE:

a) Williams-Brice Stadium and Frank Maguire Arena.


b) Autzen Stadium and McArthur Court

Answer: OREGON

c) Heinz Field and (soon) Peterson Events Center


d) Commonwealth Stadium and Rupp Arena


e) Lewis Field and Gallagher-Ilba Arena


f) Kenan Stadium and Dean E. Smith Center

11. Given the pets or former pets from a popular comic strip, name the comic strip, FFPE.

a) Elektra (a dog)

Answer: CATHY

b) Fuzz (dog), Sid (cat), Wack (duck), Josh (parrot), Goldy (fish)

Answer: ZIGGY

c) Bitsy (dog)

Answer: MARVIN

d) Snert (dog), Kvack (duck)

Answer: HAGAR the Horrible

e) Barfy (dog), Sam (dog), Kittycat (cat)

12. After the death of a bandmate, many bands choose to carry on with a replacement. FTSNOP:

10) After the death of Brian Jones, this guitarist filled in with the Rolling Stones long enough to appear in the video for “It’s Only Rock and Roll” and on the album Let It Bleed.

Answer: Mick TAYLOR

15) After Keith Moon died, the Who used this drummer on the album Face Dances and the subsequent tour.

Answer: Kenny JONES

5) After Cliff Burton died, Metallica hired this bassist whose first album with the band was …And Justice For All. No replacement for him had been named.

Answer: Jason NEWSTED
13. Name these fictional drinks from clues, FTSNOP

5) Called “the best drink in existence” by the Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, its effect is like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.


10) This non-alcoholic drink – a favorite of Harry Potter – is sold at the Three Broomsticks Pub in Hogsmede.


15) A brand of whiskey from the Red Dwarf novel Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, it represents a future Japanese buyout of Glenlivet whiskey.


14. "My So-Called Life" brought Claire Danes to popular recognition as anguished teen Angela Chase. Identify these supporting characters from the show, 5-10-20-30. First or last names are acceptable.

a) Played by Wilson Cruz, this homosexual friend of Angela's lived with the Chases after being kicked out by his uncle.


b) This nerdy friend with bushy hair and a terrible crush on Angela was played by Devon Gummerall.


c) Jared Leto played this character, Angela's love interest, who had been left back in school twice.


d) This friend of Angela's, played by A.J. Langer, has a drinking problem and was voted "Most Slut Potential" her sophomore year.


15. Given the product description, name these razors manufactured by Gillette FTPE

a) Introduced in January 1990, it won awards for product innovation, design, and advertising excellence. It

features twin blades that are individually mounted on highly responsive springs and that automatically adjust to facial contours.

Answer: SENSOR

b) The first triple-blade razor, it has three independently suspended blades, each equipped with patented DLC comfort edges. Other features include forward pivot, single point docking, Indicator™ lubricating strip, and an ergonomic handle design.

Answer: MACH 3

c) Its soft cushions smooth out the skin so three blades shave closer, the rounded head fits into even the most hard-to-shave areas, and the forward-pivoting action of the head allows it to float across the skin. Guaranteed to make every woman feel like a goddess.

Answer: VENUS

16. Even Robert Osborne from Turner Classic Movies thinks you must be a freak if you don’t like “A Christmas Story,” the classic 1983 film about a boy’s obsession with a Red Ryder air rifle. FTSNOP identify the characters involved in this tale.

5) The name of the protagonist of the film, played by Peter Billingsley.

Answer: RALPH(ie)

5) The radio personality whose decoder pin Ralphie buys, only to discover the secret message tells him to drink Ovaltine.


10) The first and last name of either the bully or his toady who regularly chase Ralphie and his friends home from school.


10) The last name of the next door neighbor whose dogs eat the Christmas turkey.

Answer: BUMPUS
17. Remember when the Braves sucked? Identify the member of the 1978 Atlanta Braves line-up FTSNOP:

5) An All-Star 7 times between 1980 and 1987, winner of the NL MVP twice, and Gold Glove winner five years straight, he played with the Braves from 1976-1990 before joining the Phillies and the Rockies. To sum up the ’78 Braves, they had this future Gold Glove centerfielder struggling defensively at catcher and first base.

Answer: Dale MURPHY

10) The 1978 Rookie of the Year, he moved straight from Arizona State to the Braves starting line-up where he would hit a home run in his first major league game. Plagued by injuries and weight problems, he moved from 3rd to 1st base. After signing with the Yakult Swallows in 1987, he played one year in St. Louis, then retired.

Answer: Bob HORNER

15) Remembered now as much for his distinctive name for his hair and his throwing arm, this catcher was an All-Star in 1978, but had his best overall season in 1977 with a .290 batting average, .394 on-base percentage, and .445 slugging percentage. He now sells gourmet sausages with his brothers.

Answer: Biff POCOROBA
18. Need a little cash? For a true, unpublished story, you can receive $400 from Reader’s Digest. From the RD’s official description, name the comedic feature, FTPE:

a) Humorous happenings on the job.


b) Amusing stories about life in the armed services.


c) Anecdotes illustrating humorous or appealing sidelights on the American scene.

19. Answer these questions about the shifting cast on the WB series Charmed FTSNOP:

a) First, for five points, all or nothing, name the three actresses who currently play the sisters on the show.

Answer: Alyssa MILANO, Holly Marie COMBS, and Rose McGOWEN

b) For five, McGowen replaces was volatile actress who left the show in May.

Answer: Shannen DOHERTY

c) For ten, what actress was originally cast as Phoebe Halliwell, later to be replaced by Alyssa Milano?

Answer: Lori ROM

d) Finally, for ten, name the British actress who played the girls’ mother Patty Halliwell in a number of episodes last season, known previously for her maternal role on Blossom.

Answer: Finola HUGHES
20. Hey, it’s bonus 20, so we’ll let you choose: tennis or skiing? Choose now.


While it is not a definite killer, having your movie center on snow skiing is not always the best route to an Oscar. Name this skiing-related films, 5-10-20-30 (5 for one, 10 for two…).

a) In this 1972 release, Dean Jones inherits a run-down ski lodge and decides to move his family up there. Standard Disney hijinks follow.


b) Promoted with the tagline, “The Hottest Action Ever To Hit The Slopes,” in this 1991 film, rival groups in a skiing school, one group rich kids and the other party animals, battle on and off the slopes. A sequel followed.


c) In this 1984 movie with David Naughton, a naïve skier picks-up a bimbo named Sunny, sleeps with Shannon Tweed, and competes against Rudy, a European skier.


d) Called by Leonard Maltin “Policy Academy On Skis,” this 1990 release tells of a land developer who seeks to sabotage a ski resort’s safety record. Ray Walston appears as Pops.




Identify these famous locales of grand slam tennis tournaments, FTSNOP

5) This complex is the site of the Wimbledon tournament.

Answer: ALL-ENGLAND Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club

10) This park which contains the National Tennis Center has been the site of the Australian Open since 1988.

Answer: FLINDERS Park

15) The US National Championship moved here in 1915 from Newport, RI, the tournament later changing its name to the US Open. The tournament was played at The West Side Tennis Club in this area of Long Island until the Open moved to Flushing Meadows in 1978.


  1. Hey, it’s bonus 21, and you’re stuck with the leftovers from bonus 20.

[READER: Use unused part of Bonus 20]
22. While no one can replace the inimitable Freddie Mercury, the other members of Queen have collaborated with other artists stepping in for a song or two. Provide the singer who joined the remaining members for each of the following, FTPE.

a) Sang "Somebody To Love" at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert and sings it on Greatest Hits III.

Answer: George MICHAEL

b) Provided the vocals for "We Are The Champions" for the soundtrack of The Knight's Tale.

Answer: Robbie WILLIAMS

c) After inducting Queen into the 2001 R&R Hall of Fame, he sang lead for "Tie Your Mother Down."

Answer: Dave GROHL
23. Begun in 1956, it included such panelists as Dilys Powell, Nancy Spain, John Julius Norwich, and John Arnatt. Its segments ranged from word origins and word meanings to the ever-popular confused origins of popular phrases. FTSNOP,

10) Identify this BBC radio program created by Edward Mason and Tony Shryane.

Answer: MY WORD

15) The two regular performers on the program, they first collaborated on the program “Take It From Here” and in 1998 released the book The Utterly Ultimate ‘My Word’ Collection. Name either.

Answer: Frank MUIR or Denis NORDEN

5) Begun in 1967, this companion piece for “My Word” also featured Norden and Muir, though here they squared off in the world of music rather than language.

Answer: MY MUSIC
24. Given the title of a recent biography or autobiography, name the subject 5-10-20-30:

a) It’s Not About The Bike: My Journey Back To Life

Answer: Lance ARMSTRONG

b) Heavier Than Heaven

Answer: Kurt COBAIN

c) The Truth Is…My Life in Love and Music

Answer: Melissa ETHERIDGE

d) If Only

Answer: Geri HALLIWELL

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