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Field Definition

This field contains a note relating to the provenance of the item.


Optional. Repeatable.


 Indicator 1:  blank (not defined)

 Indicator 2:  blank (not defined)


$a Text of Note. Not repeatable.

$u Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)

The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), for example a URL or URN, which provides electronic access data in a standard syntax. This data can be used for automated access to an electronic resource through one of the Internet protocols. Subfield $u may be used when an electronic version of the image of a page(s) relevant to the provenance information is available (i.e., a digitized extract of the item described in the record, part of an electronic resource). Repeatable

$5 Institution and copy to which the field applies

Name of institution to which field applies in coded form. Codes should be entered in accordance with the provisions of International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations (ISIL), ISO 15511. (Existing records may contain codes from MARC Code List for Organizations, the full name of the agency or a national code). If the institution holds more than one copy the shelfmark of the item should be added after a colon; however, it is strongly recommended that this be done even if the copy is the only one held at the time of cataloguing. Mandatory. Not repeatable.

$6 Interfield Linking Data

This subfield contains information allowing the field to be linked for processing purposes to other fields in the record. This may be one of the 7X2 fields for former owners, donors, auctioneers, etc. Not repeatable.

The instructions for the use of this subfield form the first part of Section 3.13. $6/0 Linking explanation code will always have the value 'b' = Link associated with a copy, unless an alternative graphic representation or script is involved.

Notes on Field Contents

It is expected that the record is made for the ideal copy. However, in this note field provenance of the copy in hand is described in the form in which it appears in the book, e.g. book-plates, author's and/or owner's autographs, seals, etc. Code of the institution to which the Provenance Note field applies is recorded in $5.

Related Fields


This field contains a note relating to characteristics of the copy in hand for older monographic publications, as for example, wanting leaves, copy characteristics, binding, numbered copies of an edition, etc.


This field applies only to the whole item described in the record. It cannot be used to provide electronic access to a part of the item described in the record.


EX 1: 317 ##$aInscription on inside of front cover: Theodorinis ab Engelsberg$5Uk

EX 2: 317 ##$aInscription on the title page in sixteenth century hand, 'Iohannes Wagge me iure tenet'$5DB/S-5-KK.555

EX 3: 317 ##$aZapis na nasl. str: 'Poklonio Narodnom muzeumu Aleksander Shue... Zupnik u Stenjevcu'$5CiZaNSK: RII F-8º – 1541a
317 ##$aZapis na nasl. str: 'Colegii Zagrabiensis Soc. Jesu. Inscriptus. 1698'$5CiZaNSK: RII F-8º – 1541b

Notes on the inscription on the title page of two respective copies of the same item.

EX 4: 317 ##$aEx libris: 'Nikolai Skerlecz de Lomniza'$5CiZaNSK: L III H13

EX 5: 317 ##$aZapis na nasl. str: 'Daruje sveučilištnoj knjižnici Ivan Kukuljević

$5CiZaNSK: R II C-8º – 100b
317 ##$aNa vrhu nasl. str. glagoljski zapis$5CiZaNSK: R II C-8º – 100b
702 ##$aKukuljević-Sakcinski$bIvan$4320$5CiZaNSK: R II C-8º – 100b

This copy is donated to the National and University Library, Zagreb by Ivan Kukuljević. On the same copy there is a glagolitic inscription written by hand, probably by the donor.

EX 6: 317 ##$aNa poleđini predlista zapisi: Francisci de Ragnina ex dono dni Vincentij Volanti; Velimir Gaj 1873$uhttp://www.nsk.hr/piesni/pol-predlist.html$5CiZaNSK: RIIC-8o-75
317 ##$aNa nasl. str. zapis: Ellena di Gozza Sorgo nta Ragnina
$uhttp://www.nsk.hr/piesni/naslstr.html$5CiZaNSK: RIIC-8o-75

Digitised pages containing information on the previous owners of the book are linked to the Provenance note by URLs in $u.

EX 7: 317 ##$aС экслибрисом Б-ки Голицына$5NLR

Ex libris of the Golitsyn Library

EX 8: 317 #$aFrom the Library of Kenneth Roberts, with his book plate, dated 20 November 1939.$5ViU:PS3535 .O176 Z42 .S8 G7 1939

317 ##$aAuthor's inscription: "For Irving Bacheller I am honoured to inscribe this book. John Steinbeck Tos Gator 1939."$5ViU:PS1054 .B3 Z9 .S74 G7 1939
317 ##$aGift of C.W. Barrett.$5ViU:PS1054 .B3 Z9 .S74 G7 1939

Two copies of Grapes of wrath in the Clifton Waller Barrett Library of American Literature, University of Virginia library. The second shows two stages in its provenance.

EX 9: Provenance notes:
317 ##$6b01$aSignature "Aymon", 17e siècle, au f. a2$5FR-693836101: Rés Inc 233
317 ##$6b02$aEx libris ms. 16e siècle au titre d'Antoine Gérard. Ex-libris ms. 17e siècle au f. a2 du Collège de la Trinité des Jésuites de Lyon$5FR-693836101: Rés Inc 501

Provenance place and date access points:
621 #1$aFrance$f16$5FR-693836101: Rés Inc 233
621 #1$6b01$aFrance$f15$5FR-693836101: Rés Inc 501
621 #1$6b02$aFrance$cRhône$dLyon$eCollège de la Sainte Trinité de la Compagnie de Jésus $f16 $5FR-693836101: Rés Inc 501

Personal and corporate name access points:
702 1#$6b01$aGérard$bAntoine$factif en 15--$4390$5FR-693836101: Rés Inc 501
712 2#$6b02$aCollège de la Sainte Trinité de la Compagnie de Jésus$cLyon$4390 $5FR-693836101: Rés Inc 501

The $6 codes 01-02 link the related fields.

EX 10: 317 ##$aArms of Edward Byde (d.1712) on both covers. Armorial bookplate of Byde, hand-coloured, with MS inscription: "This book was the property of Edward Byde, of Ware-park, co: Herts, Esq: after whose death, it was purchased, (at the sale by auction of a considerable part of his library;) by Thomas, Baron Dimsdale, MD, FRS &c., who on Dec. 27, 1773. presented it to John Zachary." Beneath this, armorial bookplate: "Talygarn" [seat of G. T. Clark]. On facing page, book stamp: TAL-Y-GARN. If the inscription is correct, the auction must have taken place several years after Byde's death in 1712, the year of Dimsdale's birth.$5UK-WlAbNL: WingU124

Provenance for a copy of Nicolai Vptoni De studio militari, libri quatuor. ... Londini, 1654, in National Library of Wales. Subfield $5 links this field to other copy-specific fields in the record. See 316 EX 15, 621 EX 3 and 702 EX 5.

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