1. Project Building Capacity of Church Youth and Women Organizations Leadership for Gender Justice Awareness-raising and advocacy

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FLC Grants 2015


1. Project Building Capacity of Church Youth and Women Organizations Leadership for Gender Justice Awareness-raising and advocacy, Burkina Paso, US$4,000
A capacity building project oriented towards leadership of church youth and women organizations. It intends to raise leadership awareness on gender justice and equip them with biblical and contextual adapted strategies and tools to commit themselves for positive partnership between men and women in their respective organizations, in the church and in the society.

2. Project “Kiragati Community Water Project”, Kenya, US$5,000
A project of The Management Committee of the Kiragati Community Water Project to set-up a bio-gas production plant which will be used as a facility for demonstration and training of the community members in the production of clean energy using animal waste.

3. Project “Dieu est Amour (English: God is Love)”, Togo, US$4,000
A project of Programme Methodiste de Development Communautaire au Togo (PMDCT) which aims to train women in income generation activities, leadership skills and to contribute to the financial self-sufficiency of activities of Methodist women.

4. Project “Mothers Promotion Project”, Kenya, US$5,000
A project of Kiambu Bishopric Mothers Union which aims in promoting the living standards of mother’s spirituality, health, family life issues, financial matters through education and practice.

5. Project Violence against Women and Children, Sudan-Khartoum, US$4,000
A project of Sudan Council of Churches (SCC) Khartoum which aims to raise awareness of community on violence against women and children.

6. Project “Literacy Program”, Madagascar, US$5,000
A project of Dorkasy Foibe F.J. K. M. which aims in achieving human rights. Promoting equality by promoting gender equality, reducing poverty and preventable deaths.

7. Project “Strengthening the Capacity of Christian Women of Free Methodist Church of Rwanda against domestic violence”, Rwanda, US$4,000
A project of Free Methodist Church in Rwanda, Women Department which aims to reinforce the role of Christian women in the promotion of social welfare and fighting against the domestic violence made to children in particular.

8. Project Fight against violence due to widowhood rites and injustice, Cameroon, US$5,000
A project of Evangelical Church of Cameroon/ National women movement (EEC/DUFC) which aims to strengthen the capacity building of 30 leaders of the women movement of 10 regions, so as to make them capable of organizing activities of mobilization involving all the women of regions and parishes (potential victims or potential actors) and to contribute to the fight against the dehumanizing practices of the rites of widowhood including violence against women.


1. Project Messy Church, Tasmania, Aus., US$2,400
A project of Messy Church which aims to reach out to children in poor communities and bring them into program to give them self-esteem and teach them the positive outlook and love they have missed due to circumstances.

2. Project “Mums Cottage – Mothers Companioning Mothers”, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, US$4,600

A project of Mums Cottage by Sister Helen-Ann Johnson which aims to affirm the dignity of each guest while providing companionship and support as they realize their full potential through guidance and mentoring.

3. Project “Pre-Assembly Youth Forum of CCA, Jakarta, Indonesia, US$5,000

This project aims to enable the ecumenical youth to meet prior to the 14th CCA General Assembly main gathering for strengthening their bond as youth leaders in the region, aware and responsive to youth issues, and ready with strategies for decision making, youth participation in the Assembly, and youth program for the next quadrennial.

4. Project “Support of the Self-Reliance of the Homeless”, Ciba-city Japan, US$5,000

Certified NPO Organization Ichikawa Ganba project aims to protect the lives and the dignity of the homeless and the people under urgent circumstances.

5. Project “The Child Protection and Their Provision Work”, Myanmar, US$5,000

A project of Christian Education and Musical Department of the Church of the Provence of Myanmar (Anglican) aiming to enhance the ethical and social development in the community and to develop and reinforce the children's self-esteem.

6. Project “Women and Child Nutrition and Health support project”, Bangladesh, US$4,500

National Council of Churches in Bangladesh project which aims to improve the health and nutrition condition of less-privileged women in the villages through raising their awareness and supporting them with health services.

7. Project “Peace Pilgrimage of Women Dreaming a New Life beyond Barriers”, Korea, US$5,000

A project of Korea Church Women United which aims to illuminate human rights problems of North Korean defectors from multiple angles, to protect their rights and to support their safe settlement process in Korea; to help the young generation defectors exercise their leadership as peacemakers in the future; to develop peace education to learn sensitivity of peace and human rights and to enhance female voice and human rights.

8. Project “Women are Rising Amidst Crisis: An Ecumenical Church Women’s Program”, Philippines, US$5,000

A project of Kasimbayan Women’s Collective which aims to facilitate the women’s ecumenical community in the nourishment of knowledge, skills, and commitment in empowering the women in the midst of economic-social and political crisis.


1. Project “Wereldvrouwenhuis Mariam van Nijmegen (Women's shelter Mariam of Nijmegen)”, The Netherlands, US$5,000
Stichting Wereldvrouwenhuis Mariam van Nijmegen project aims to support undocumented homeless migrant women with medical problems by providing temporary housing, activities and counseling. It runs a shelter -with 7 bedrooms, two living rooms/kitchens and 1 guest room (for emergency lodging). The project is entirely managed by volunteers and funded by donations from charity funds, churches, local organisations and private persons.

2. Project “Pop Up Monastery”, Germany, US$5,000

A project of Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women (EFECW) aiming to provide a unique opportunity for young women from across Europe to benefit from an ecumenical inter-cultural residential experience, where they can develop their spirituality, leadership skills, and ecumenical awareness.

3. Project “A Plead for Health – Goat Milk as an Alternative to Medication”, Republic of Moldova, US$5,000

A project of “Soarta” aiming to promote healthy living behaviours, and the consumption of healthy natural, bio products, with a focus on the goat milk, in the remote rural areas, as well as all over Soroca County – Republic of Moldova.

4. Project “To Build up a Meaningful Life – Retreat for women in prison (and their children) who prepare for their return into society”, The Netherlands, US$5,000.00

Stichting Dominicanenklooster Huissen project retreat aims: 1. to help the women in their recovery process, 2. to emphasize the possibly healing role of faith and religion, 3. to strengthen the relationship of mothers and children (some mothers had been separated from their child for some time) and 4. to make space for mothers and children for quality time and playing together.

Latin America

1. Project “Creative Leaderships from Ourselves”, Chile, U$S 5,000
A project of Presidenta Centro Comunitario de Atención Pre-escolar Santa Adriana (CCAP Santa Adriana) which aims in: 1. Training and strengthening in creative leadership with a focus on gender and integrating mind-body-spirit and public connection of 65 women from two regions and from diverse ecumenical faith communions and worldviews. 2. Providing a space for mutual support and creative female leadership for the strengthening of the gender approach within the spiritual communities of which women participate.

2. Project “Biblical and Ecumenical Socio-Theological Training for women members of the Regional Movement for Popular Resistance (RMPR) from Guatemala’s Southern Coast”, Guatemala, US$5,000

A project of Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI) National Board which aims for women participants to obtain Biblical and Socio-Theological tools for ecumenical action. To develop aptitudes and the ability that will help them understand and facilitate their spiritual strength; and, encourage them in the struggle for a dignified life without discrimination.

3. Project “Leadership Formation”, Chile, US$5,000

Fundación ANIDE aims to contribute to the empowerment and personal development of women from various churches through information sharing and training on current issues relevant to the Chilean society in order to open spaces for reflection and dialogue within the churches.

4. Project “Educational Center for Guatemalan Women”, Guatemala, US$5,000

A project of Concejo Ecuménico Cristiano de Guatemala that aims to provide a space for formation/ training with formation on women/gender issues, for the development of integral, solid and effective leadership in the churches and society.

Middle East

1. Project “Reaching Orphans through Sports Ministry”, Beirut, Lebanon, US$5,000
This project of Believers Sportive-Gospel Society aims at developing sportsmanship between the female orphans in a local orphanage in Lebanon; encourage teamwork; create a family atmosphere within their home especially for new orphans recently joining the orphanage; present Jesus as a hero and an example to them; encourage them to spread the word of God; and use sports as a means for them to become leaders in the future.
2. Project “Beit el- Hanane/ Home of Tenderness”, Lebanon, US$ 5,000
A project of Home of Tenderness aiming to shelter abused women and rehabilitate them through the necessary basic education and social training so as to qualify them to find suitable jobs and educate others as well.

3. Project “Creative Hands”, Aleppo-Syria, US$2,500

A project of Jinishian Memorial Program-Syria aiming in particular to: a) revive and appreciate our traditional hand-made work; b) ` organize and plan free of charge courses for women, to learn new hand-made works and improve their skills; c) fill the leisure time of women with a productive and useful work; d) give hope, courage and self-confidence to desperate and miserable women in hard financial states especially nowadays, during the Syrian crisis and e) to appreciate their work and pay for it, which will help them to support their families financially.

4. Project “Integrated Care for Women in Slums”, Egypt, US$5,000

The project of Presbyterian Women’s Union, Synod of the Nile aims to apply a holistic approach of development and care for one hundred families living in slum areas of Egypt. The project gives emphasis to two main neighborhoods one in Cairo, the capital, and one in Giza Governorate. The holistic approach of development and care covers spiritual, cultural, health and economic aspects related to those women and their families. It will help improve their relations with God, their families and their society in general.

5. Project “Let’s be Balanced”, Armenia/Lebanon, US$4,800

The project of Pastor’s Wives Committee of Armenian Evangelical Churches in Lebanon aims to bring the Pastor’s wives of Armenia together to help them be encouraged, equipped and see their ministry as a blessing and motivate them to take part.

6. Project “Coping with Uncertain Future”, Syria/Lebanon, US$5,000

A project of Pastor’s Wives Committee of Armenian Evangelical Churches in Lebanon which aims to help women in Syria and Lebanon to be thankful for today’s blessings and to see the future which is uncertain through God’s perspective.

1. Project “Reduce HIV Vulnerability and Gender Based Violence”, Papua New Guinea, US$5,000

Singa Manga Women – End Violence Against Women/ Girls Project to reduce HIV vulnerability associated with gender-based sexual violence against women and girls.

2. Project “MO’UI ANGAMA’A: Young People Making a Difference, Tonga, US$5,000

Catholic Theological Institute for the Formation of Children and Laity Diocese of Tonga and Niue project to conduct and implement an alternative life- experience programme by the way of live- in seminars, Bible Studies, Life exposure opportunities and Spiritual retreat camps for village young people of age 8-21 based on “Dignity, Rights and Protection of children.

3. Project Mitna Community Women Access to Education”, Papua New Guinea, $5,000

A project of Mitna Rural Community Women’s Group aiming to empower women and promote and create education opportunities for women/ girls to help them realize their potential in education and future life.


1. “Listening to the Voices of Single Mothers who are Receiving Workfare in order to Develop a Training Program that will Lead to their Self-Sufficiency”, USA, US$5,000
A project of San Francisco Living Wage Coalition aiming to develop a training program that will lead young mothers receiving workfare to self-sufficiency. The success of this program will depend on listening to these women as they share their opinions and experiences.

2. Project “Society Development Project”, Tanzania, US$5,000

A project of California-Pacific Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church USA in partnership with Njombe Community Development Foundation (NCDF) which aims to promote environmental care such as tree-planting, bee-keeping, recycling; to open education centers with special concern for orphans and children with disabilities; to enhance village life.


1. Project “Thursdays in Black Campaign against Rape and Violence”, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria and South Africa (Africa), Palestine and Israel (Middle East), Sweden and Bosnia &Herzegovina (Europe), Korea and Thailand (Asia), Argentina and Colombia (Latin America), Jamaica and Cuba (Caribbean), New Zealand and Fiji (Pacific), US$5,000
A project of the World Council of Churches WICAS which aims to raise awareness and mobilizing action against sexual and gender based violence.


1. Project WDP 2015 Bahamas “Jesus said to them: Do you know what I have done to you?”, Bahamas, US$5,000
The WDP 2015 worship service material was written by the Bahamas Committee. The goal of the project is to engage some of the Family Islands in the celebration of the program in the year 2015 in consonance with the world focus on learning and praying with the Bahamian women. Ultimately it will result in widening the connection and empowering women in the Bahamas.

2. Project WDP Workshop for “All God’s Creation is Very Good!” 2018 WDP Worship Service,” Suriname, US$5,000

The goal of the project is to support the WDP Suriname Preparatory Workshop that will be held in 2015. The outcome of the Workshop is to launch the writing process through the study of the theme based on the country context, theological framework; and to organize the ecumenical working writing groups that will develop the worship service and educational resources.

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