1; What is the cultural heritage you are working on?

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Answers for pruposal

1; What is the cultural heritage you are working on?
We are working right now on clothes , carpets, woven sacks, woven gloves, different types of embroidery, jewelry, art.
We are using warp, piece, peppers, and machines for making these things
2; What are the threats, and risks involved for this specific heritage?
We don’t have enough machinery for working, that we have are so old and not enough
We don’t have enough skills to provide special heritage for our people
We don’t have accesses to our primary materials
We are face with electrical problems
We are face with security problems
Instability of prices in markets
3; how these threats are a danger to production of the heritage?
We have social problems like people don’t leave there daughters and sisters for working abroad
They have economic problems that they can not follow the training courses ,even they don’t have money for rent of the way
We are face with losses our cultural heritage because we don’t have enough products of them.
If we loss our ancient cultural heritages we will face with disregarded our old culture and these heritage will replace with foreign culture which is not belong to us
4; how do you these threats could be overcome ?
If we work on capacity building skills this will have a good outcome for our workers and on the product and will received more customers.
Networking of artisan in global value chains another
A good economic situation will also improves project
5; how critical is the need for cultural protection?
We should have more products of cultural heritage
have a best marketing system inside the country and outside the country
we should have more display rooms to show our products for customers
6; What will happen to the cultural heritage if the project does not go ahead?
we will loss cultural heritages, we will loss our culture, our people become poor and jobless

introduction of our organization
it was formed in 2007/AUG/25
it was founded by Mrs. bibi gulali sultani
objectives of organization:

  1. To help poor people

  2. Making courses for women

  3. Prepare crafts for women and childrens

  4. To help women and children primary health services

Arranging the resources

  1. Internal payment

  2. Membership payment

  3. Income of publication

  4. Help of national traders and help of internal and external establishments.

Project we have done

We have twenty branches of schools in kabul and districts
We are making these all of our handicrafts and sell through markets, and don’t have a known place for exported these things there.
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