1. Who is the man possibly talking to

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第一节 (共5小题;每小题1.5分,满分7.5分)

1. Who is the man possibly talking to?

A. A doctor. B. A teacher. C. His mother

2. What do we know about Sam?

A. His sister will leave for New York. B. His sister will leave for Los Angeles.

C. He will leave New York.

3. What is the woman going to do?

A. Rewrite the paper because there are too many mistakes.

B. Throw the paper away. C. Read the paper again.

4. Why does the woman thank the man?

A. He lent her some money. B. He gave her a five-pound bill. C. He returned her money found.

5. Where does this conversation probably take place?

A. At an airport. B. At a railway station. C. At a department store.

第二节 (共15小题;每题1.5分,满分22.5分)


6. Whom do you think the woman was angry with?

A. The man. B. The repairman. C. The shopkeeper.

7. Why couldn't the woman find the repair shop?

A. She missed the right turn. B. The man gave her the wrong directions.

C. She was a bad driver.

8. Why did the man tell her to turn to these television repairmen?

A. The shop was easy to find. B. One of the repairmen was his friend.

C. They did good work and the price was reasonable.


9. What's the relationship between the man and the woman?

A. They are teacher and student. B. They are friends. C. They are mother and son.

10. What does the woman ask the man to do?

A. Look for a new apartment. B. Find a job to earn $ 200 a month.

C. Share an apartment with one or two roommates.

11. How much does the woman want to spend on rent?

A. Less than $ 200 a month. B. Somewhere about $ 200 a month.

C. A little more than $ 200 a month.


12. What is the woman good at?

A. Swimming. B. Running. C. Playing.

13. How old was she when she became famous?

A. She was twenty. B. She was thirteen. C. She was fifteen.

14. What can we learn about the woman from the dialogue?

A. She took part in one of the Olympic Games.

B. She still swims for international competitions.

C. She used to swim thirty five miles every week.


15. What had gone wrong in their house?

A. Their washing machine. B. The electricity. C. The lights.

16. Who was Mr. Smith?

A. A repairman. B. The woman's husband. C. The woman's new neighbor.

17. Why did the man think it would cost him dearly?

A. Because he wanted to buy a car. B. Because he didn't have a good job.

C. Because their car needed repairing.


18. What were the students going to do?

A. They were going to read their articles before a video camera.

B. They were going to read news on TV.

C. They were going to celebrate the writer's sister's birthday.

19. Why was the writer so nervous?

A. He had never stood before a video camera.

B. He had never read his own article before a video camera.

C. This camera was different from the one he had once faced.

20. What was the writer's feelings to his class teacher?

A. Nervous. B. Afraid. C. Thankful.

第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节, 满分45分)


21. Though every parent admits that reading contributes to better mind of their child, yet let’s face it, who has got time?

A.a; the B.a; / C.the; the D.the; /

22.Their products enjoy 30 percent of the market in this country because both the quality and their service are fine.

A.features B.share C.possession D.sales

23.The warm – hearted neighbor take care of the little girl when her parents were on business, and they appreciated it very much.

A.should B.could C.would D.might

24.In great anger, I rushed to the apartment and tried then, to find it locked.

A.just B.only C.but D.thus

25.Secondary and higher education available to all high school graduates in this country so far.

A. have made B. have been made C. have made themselves D. have made it

26.Mr. Smith, I should tell you this is the fifth time you me for my twin sister.

A.have mistaken B.are mistaking C.had mistaken D.mistook

27.Please double that report. In other words, type on every other line.

A.spacing B.spaced C.space D.a space

28.Today even ordinary people understand that the universe is something larger than ever


A.think B.to think C.thought D.thinking

29.We can no longer to consider water an almost free resource that we can use as we like.

A.permit B.afford C.expect D.spare

30.We the details of the plan time and time again to make sure the project went smoothly.

A.got through B.got over C.went through D.dipped into

31.--- Will the new invention produce miracles?

--- . If you get rid of your car you could be helping the environment.

A.Possibly not B.Not possibly C.Not possible D.Possible not

32.How long is it we last spent the holiday in the country together?

A.until B.before C.since D.that

33.As some famous singers will appear at the pop concert, likely to be a large audience.

A.it’s B.here’s C.there’s D.that’s

34.With his camera, he kept taking pictures he did and saw.

A.where B.that C.of which D.of what

35. --- Sorry, Ann. I’m afraid that I can’t go to the magic show by David Copper field with you.

--- ! Who knows when he will be back here again?

A. It doesn’t matter. B. Do as you like. C. Take it easy. D. What a shame!


Lose-Win is weak. It’s easy to get stepped on. It’s easy to be the nice guy. It’s easy to give in, all in the name of being a peacemaker.

A girl named Jenny once told me about her 36 in the world of Lose Win during her eighth grade year before she finally broke 37 :

My 38 with my mom all started one day 39 she said to me sarcastically (讽刺地), “Wow, you’re sure sassy (厚脸皮的) today.” I 40 it so literally (字面地) that then and there I decided to close myself off from her and never 41 back to her. So every time she would say something 42 I disagreed with her I would just say, “Okay, 43 you want, Mom.”

But I really got cold quickly. And my 44 began to build. One night I talked to my mom about the school homework and she said, “Oh, that’s 45 ” and then went back to mop the floor.

“Don’t you ever 46 ?” I thought. But I didn’t say anything and stormed off. She had no idea I was __47 upset. She would have been willing to talk to me and I 48 her how important it was to me.

At last, I just blew up (发脾气). “Mom, this has got to 49 . You tell me everything you want me to do and I just do it because it’s 50 than fighting. Well, I’m sick of it.” This all came as a 51 to her.

After my blowup, we felt like we were 52 all over in our relationship. But it’s getting better all the time. We discuss things now and I always 53 my feeling with her.

If you adopt Lose Win as your basic 54 toward life, then people will wipe their dirty feet on you. You’ll also be 55 your true feelings deep inside. And that’s not healthy.

36. A. wanderings B. disappointment C. lessons D. helplessness

37. A. out B. down C. up D. free

38.A. relationship B. problems C. quarrels D. improvement

39.A. as B. since C. when D. before

40. A. regarded B. treated C. received D. took

41.A. fight B. struggle C. talk D. turn

42.A. even if B. only if C. as long as D. as though

43.A. something B. whatever C. so much D. too much

44.A. coldness B. anger C. disagreement D. hope

45.A. true B. impossible C. nice D. important

46.A. care B. see C. say D. listen

47.A. also B. still C. even D. already

48.A. warned B. shown C. asked D. told

49.A. end B. change C. last D. stop

50.A. worse B. easier C. more D. less

51.A. surprise B. pleasure C. gift D. harm

52.A. going B. starting C. thinking D. reviewing

53.A. share B. have C. discuss D. improve

54.A. way B. method C. attitude D. theory

55.A. hurting B. waking C. storing D. hiding



Pop idols are celebrities who burn brighter than regular stars. If a star is someone you can recognize on the street, an idol is someone who will cause a stir at a public appearance.

Without fans, an idol is just an ordinary person, like you and me. As Reese Witherspoon once said while announcing the Oscar for best make–up, movie stars look just like people in documentaries (纪录片) if you see them without make–up.

I was once invited to a private party where about half of the guests were stars and the other half entertainment reporters. Guess what? The good–looking ones were the reporters because they tend to be young, and they glow without make –up.

Some idols are born; some are made. Most idols are created by a machine called the entertainment industry. They may have some charms and talent, but not enough to become famous. They are the raw material out of which a star, or even an idol, is made. An army of behind–the– scenes assistants will hype (炒作) or even make up their virtues and hide their shortcomings.

Paris Hilton is the kind of star who possesses no real talent but yet is quite well–known. This is the result of endless hype. If you are thrust into the limelight often enough, you can become a celebrity without having any talent.

Television contest shows create a much fairer more transparent platform where young people can compete and showcase their talent. The soap opera is another platform for idol making. These drama series are long, giving an actor much needed exposure. The actors and actresses are always well–lit, made up and beautifully dressed. Now all they need is some good dialogue from the scriptwriter (编剧).

56. Which of the following statements agrees with the writer’s viewpoint?

A. Most idols are born. B. The entertainment industry is more popular.

C. Many stars are often good looking. D. Pop idols are not as pretty as you think.

57. According to the passage, the following factors play important roles in making an idol EXCEPT .

A. fans B. hype C. make–up D. speaking skills

58.Why does the writer use the example of Paris Hilton?

A. To show that hype is an important element in making a star.

B. To indicate that Paris Hilton is very famous.

C. To prove a star often lacks talent.

D. To show a star is popular because of the acting skills.

59. What does the writer think of the television contest show?

A.More practical B.More formal C.More equal D.More competitive

60. The underlined sentence in the fifth paragraph means “ _________”.

A. if you often push your way onto the stage

B. if you frequently appear on the stage

C. if you are often pulled onto the stage

D. if you are frequently invited onto the stage

Unlike modern animal scientists, dinosaur scientists cannot sit on a hillside and use telescopes to watch dinosaurs in order to know how they lived and whether they were good parents. Instead, they have to search hard for information from dinosaurs’ fossils (恐龙化石) because dinosaurs died out millions of years ago.

 It’s very difficult for the scientists to reach an agreement because different results can be got from the same fossils; Many fossils of the same kind of dinosaurs have been dug out from one place. They might have formed when an entire group of dinosaurs got stuck all at once, or they might have been the result of dinosaurs getting stuck one after another over a course of a few centuries. Thus we can say that dinosaurs might have in the first case lived in big groups and in the second lived alone.

Though there are two different results, dinosaur scientists now generally agree that at least some kinds of dinosaurs lived in big groups. “That’s pretty much settled at this point.” Says Paul Sereno, A kind of dinosaurs called Sauropods left behind tracks in the western United States that appear to run north and south, suggesting that they even moved long distances together.

As to whether dinosaurs cared for their young, dinosaur scientists have turned to the closest living relatives of dinosaurs ― birds and crocodiles ― for possible models. Birds give a lot of care to their young, while crocodiles just help their young to the water. The discovered fossils of dinosaurs sitting on their eggs and staying with their young suggest the parents were taking care of their babies, but we still cannot say that all dinosaurs did the same.

There is still a long way to go before the above questions could be answered. Dinosaur scientists will have to find more proof to reach an agreement.

61. Dinosaur scientists can get information directly by           ____.

A. studying dinosaur fossils B. examining modern animals

C. watching dinosaurs D. using telescopes

62. What is pretty much settled according to Paul Sereno?

A. Half of the dinosaurs lived alone. B. Most dinosaurs moved long distances.

C. Many dinosaurs settled in the north. D. Some dinosaurs lived in big groups.

63. Dinosaur scientists can probably know whether dinosaurs were good parents by              ___.

A. watching many kinds of animals B. studying dinosaurs’ living relatives

C. following the tracks left behind D. working on dug-out dinosaur eggs

64. Which of the following is true according to the paragraph?

A. Birds hardly ay attention to their young.

B. Baby crocodiles can look after themselves well.

C. Some dinosaurs took care of their young.

D. Birds and crocodiles take good care of their young.

65. The best title for the passage is .

A. Difference between modern animal scientists and dinosaur scientists

B. Dinosaurs: the died out animals.

C. Searching information and reaching an agreement is very hard for dinosaur scientists.

D. Dinosaurs: good parents.


On Saturday August 12, 2000, during Northern Fleet training exercises in the Barents Sea, the Russian nuclear submarine (潜水艇) Kursk sank in about 100 meters of water with some 118 sailors aboard. It's known later that several officers were also aboard, observing the training exercises. The Kursk is lying on the ocean floor in the Barents Sea. The Russian Navy said that it was listing 30 degrees to port. Other sources reported it was listing as much 60 as degrees. According to a Russian newspaper, when the submarine Kursk failed to make contact with the naval command at the right time later that day, Northern Fleet Commander Admiral Popov ordered rescue ships into the area. It took hours to find the submarine, as it didn't launch a marking buoy (浮) before sinking.

Russian Navy Chief insisted that the submarine Kursk had been involved in a major collision (碰撞), but a great deal of information shows that this is not true. Up till now, it's believed that an explosion in the torpedo compartment (鱼雷舱) in the nose of the Kursk was the likely cause. Now Russian government officially asked Norway for help in recovering of sailors' bodies first of all, and Norway has agreed to offer all help. But Russian insisted that only Russians work inside the submarine Kursk and that the work last for about 10~18 working days. It is expected to recover only 25~35 bodies from the Kursk.

It was not until October 25, when a team of Russian divers entered the submarine Kursk, some 350 feet below the surface, that truth became clear. On November 7, in the morning, owing to the icy and the cold weather, a special rescue meeting held on Murmansk decided to stop the whole bodies recovering operation.

66. From the text we can infer that _______ led to the sinking of the submarine Kursk.

A. a small fighting with another foreign submarine

B. an explosion inside the submarine Kursk

C. a great collision inside the submarine Kursk

D. an attack from another foreign submarine

67. After Kursk accident occurred, Northern Fleet Commander Popov _______.

A. decided to recover all the sailors' bodies immediately

B. went to apply to Norway for help at once

C. decided to find out the real cause of sinking at once

D. sent several rescue ships into the Barents Sea

68. Which of the following is NOT true according to the text?

A. The Norwegians were willing to offer all help.

A. If the rescue work did within 10~18 days, there would be about 30 sailors to be recovered.

B. It was not believed that there were many unclear weapons inside the Kursk.

C. A team of divers from Norway entered the submarine Kursk successfully on Oct. 25

D. It's reported that a major collision was unlikely to cause the sinking of the Kursk.

69. Why did Russia insist that only Russian divers can work inside the submarine Kursk?

A. Because the Barents Sea is very icy and the weather is too cold.

B. Because Russia feared that the top secrets inside the Kursk will be let out.

C. Because Russian divers are much more skilled than those from Norway.

D. Because Russian government wants to bring the cost down to the lowest degree.

70. The underlined words “make contact with” in the first paragraph refers to the idea that the submarine Kursk can't_______.

A. get in touch after much effort with the naval command

B. send up the nuclear weapons in the training exercises

C. get the naval officers to return to the Northern Fleet

D. get in touch after much effort with Russian government


Money spent on advertising is money spent as swell as any I know of. It serves directly to bring about a rapid sale of goods at reasonable prices, so setting up a firm home market and making it possible to provide for export at good prices. By drawing attention to new ideas it helps greatly to raise standards of living. By helping to increase demand it causes an increased need for labor, and is therefore a nice way to fight unemployment. It lowers the costs of many services: without advertisement your daily newspaper would cost four times as much, your price of television program would need to be doubled, and travel by bus or subway would cost more.

And perhaps the most important of all, advertising provides a promise of reasonable value in the products and services you buy. Besides the fact that twenty-seven Acts of Parliament govern the terms of advertising, no regular advertiser dare produce anything that fails to live up to the promise of his advertisements. He might fool some people for a little while through misleading advertising. He will not do so for long, for the public has the good sense not to but the poor goods more than once. If you see the product frequently advertised, it is the proof I know that the product does what it promised for it, and that it has good value.
Advertising does more for the good of the public than other force I can think of.
There is one more point I feel I ought to touch on. Recently I heard a well-known television person declare that he was against advertising because it persuades rather than informs. He was telling us the real difference. Of course advertising tries to persuade.
If its message were nothing but information, that would be difficult to get more people to buy, for even the choice of the color of a shirt is a bit persuasive--advertising would be so boring that no one would pay any attention. But perhaps that is what the well-known television person wants.

71. By the first sentence of the passage the writer means that __________.

A. he is fairly familiar with the cost of advertising
B. everybody knows well that advertising is a waste of money

C. advertising costs more money than anything else

D. money spent on advertising is worth spending

72. In the passage, which of the following is NOT included in the advantages of advertising?

A. Getting greater fame. B. Providing more jobs.

C. Raising living standards. D. reducing newspaper costs.

73. The writer thinks that the well-known TV person is __________.

A. quite right in passing his judgement on advertising

B. interested in nothing but the buyer's attention

C. correct in telling the difference between persuasion and informing

D. obviously unfair in his views on advertising.

74. In the writer's opinion, __________.

A. advertising can seldom bring material interest to man by providing information

B. advertising informs people of new ideas rather than wins them over

C. there is nothing wrong with advertising in persuading the buyer 

D. the buyer is not interested in getting information from an advertisement

75. From the second paragraph we learn about .

A. Many regular advertisers produce things that don’t’ agree with the promise of their advertisements

B. False advertisements won’t last long

C. Consumers are often cheated by the false advertisements

D. Consumers tend to be interested in getting information from an advertisement

第Ⅱ卷 (45)


第一节 阅读表达(5小题,每小题3分,满分15)

There comes a time in our lives when we wonder how we reached here today, and have no idea how it happened. If your life hasn't quite worked out the way you planned it, you are not alone. Is it too late to change direction? No, of course not, but it will take some action on your part to make it happen.

Here are five easy-to-do tips on how making small changes can lead to big differences.

Tip 1

Change the way you see yourself. If you have tried to change in the past and it hasn't worked for you, don't see yourself as a failure. Use what you have tried in the past as a learning experience.

Tip 2

Don' t focus on problems. Instead, focus on' solutions. If you change the way you think, you will open up a new world of opportunities to succeed. Be more flexible in your thinking and you will find many more solutions.

Tip 3

Set yourself some goals. Make an action plan about how to achieve your goal and when. Each day make a small change and step towards your goal. Taking action will make your goal a reality. If your goal seems too big, ___________ mini-goals. Give yourself a reward once you reach each mini-goal. Having a reward to look forward to will keep you focused.

Tip 4

Believe you have the power within you to change. Let your imagination see things how they should be. Stay positive and don't give up. If something isn't working, change what you are doing. But don't give up on your goal.

Tip 5

You are not helpless. The life you want is achievable. Make a small change every day and at the end of the week you will have made seven positive small changes towards your goal.

76. What is the best title for the passage? (Please answer within 10 words.)

77. Please fill in the blank in the passage with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence. (Please answer within 8 words.)

78. Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? If you haven't achieved some goal in life, neither will some other people.

79. Which of the suggestions do you think is the best for you if you want to change your life? Why? (Please answer within 30 words.)

80. Translate the underlined sentence in the fourth paragraph into Chinese.

第二节 书面表达(满分25分)

假如你是李华,你上个星期天去市图书馆看书时发现以下问题,并写信向馆长Mr. Li反映:1.新书太少;2.书架上的书比较混乱;3.阅览室的一盏灯坏了;4.管理员工作时彼此闲聊。





21—25 ABCBB   26—30 ACCBC    31—35 ACCDD

36-40 ADBCD 41-45 CABBC 46-50 ACDDB 51-55 ABACD  

56—60 DDACB 61-65 ADDBC 66-70 BDCBA 71-75 DADCB

76. Tips on How Making Small Changes Can Change Your Life

77. break it down into

78. If your life hasn't quite worked out the way you planned it, you are not alone.

79. Make an action plan about how to achieve my goal and when. Thus, I can make a small change each day and step towards my goal gradually.

80. 思考时灵活些,你此会发现更多的解决办法。



Possible version:

Dear Mr. Li,

Last Sunday, I went to do some reading in your library. Over the time I was there, I found something unpleasant. Therefore, I’d like to voice my opinions, which I hope, would be of help for you to create a more comfortable place for readers.

First, there were few new books on the shelf and most books were not popular today. Second, some books were not sorted in proper order, making it difficult for readers to find what they want quickly. Third, the assistants didn’t offer good service. Instead, they were chatting. In addition, they took no notice of the fact that a light wasn’t working. Leave this state of affairs to stay the same, and I am afraid there will be fewer and fewer readers.

So, for the sake of readers, I suggest that you change all these as soon as possible.


Li Hua


Text 1

M: I'm not feeling so well.

W: Get some rest and take these three times a day and you should feel better. If you don't, come back and see me.

Text 2

M: I met Sam on the street today.

W: Really? Did he say something about his sister?

M: Yes. She ought to be leaving New York very soon, because her hus­band has taken a job in Los Angeles.

Text 3

M: Are you sure you've corrected all the mistakes in the paper?

W: Perhaps I'd better read it through again.

Text 4

M: Does this bill belong to you?

W: Oh thanks, I've just lost five pounds.

M: I'm glad that I've found the owner, otherwise I would have to go to the Lost and Found.

Text 5

M: We'd better hurry. I think that's our flight.

W: Have I got time to get a newspaper?

M: Well, I don't think we have time. Look---

W: All right, well, you take that bag, and I'll take this one.

Text 6

M: Do you want your television repaired?

W: Yes, but not by the man you suggested.

M: Why not? The repairmen are very good and the charges are so rea­sonable.

W: That may be, but I couldn't find the place.

M: But you couldn't miss it . I told you it is at the first right after the railroad bridge.

W: I took that. I went to the end of the road. There is no such place.

M: Wait a minute. Perhaps it is the second right. Yes, I think it is.

W: I should have known, whenever someone says "You can't miss it", you can be sure that you won't find it.

Text 7

W: Hello, Roger? This is Ann.

M: Hi, Ann. How have you been? And how's your new apartment working out?

W: Well, that's what I'm calling about. You see, I've decided to look for a new place.

M: Oh, what's the problem with your place now? I thought you liked the apartment.

W: I do, but it's a little far from the campus. Do you think you could help?

M: All right. So, what kind of place are you looking for?

W: Well, I'd like to share an apartment with one or two roommates within walking distance of school.

M: Okay, how much do you want to spend on rent?

W: Oh, somewhere under $ 200 a month.

M: Hmm. And anything else?

W: Yeah, I need a parking space.

M: Well, I know there's an apartment nearby. I'll drop by there on my way to class today.

W: Hey, thanks a lot.

M: No problem.

Text 8

M: Is it true that you don't swim at all now?

W: I'm afraid so, I'm too old.

M: But you are only twenty.

W: That's too old for a swimmer. If I swam in an international competi­tion now, I wouldn't win. So I'd rather not swim at all.

M: But don't you enjoy swimming?

W: I used to, when I was small. But if you enter for big competitions you have to work very hard. I used to get up at 6 to go to the pool. I had to train before school, after school and on weekends. I swam thirty-five miles ev­ery week!

M: But you were so famous at fifteen. And look at all those cups.

W: It's true that I did have some wonderful memories. The Olympics were very exciting. But I missed some important things too. While other girls were playing, I was swimming.

Text 9

W: Please turn off the lights, Harry.

M: Why? What's the matter? I want to read the paper.

W: If we turn on too many lights, all the electricity in the house will go off.

M: Now who told you that?

W: Our new neighbor Mr. Smith.

M: Mr. Smith? When did he come to our home?

W: I had to go to his home and ask for help today.

M: What was wrong?

W: When I turned on the washing machine, all the lights went out.

M: Well, did he take care of it for you?

W: Yes, but he said it would take a lot more work to do a really good job.

M: What does he mean by a really good job?

W: He said we need new electric wires throughout the house and a lot of other things.

M: Did he tell you how much it would cost?

W: Yes, about a thousand dollars.

M: A thousand dollars? That's a lot of money. And just when we need to get some work done on our car, too.

Text 10

It was 2 : 05 in the afternoon. When I entered the classroom, I was sur­prised to see a video camera. Our class teacher was operating the camera, and my classmates were all talking among themselves slowly. Most of us had never been in front of a video camera before, so we were quite nervous. As for of myself, I had once faced one at home, my uncle was shooting when we were celebrating my sister's birthday. But this was completely different. We had to talk about our articles as if we were reading news on TV. The funny thing was that every time I tried to face the camera and talk about my article, I forgot the article and couldn't resist looking down at it. It was a completely different experience for me, thanks to our class teacher.

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