1983 • First camera 1986-88 • Freelance assistant to several Toronto based photographers 1989-96

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stephen chung director of photography


1967 • Born Kingston, Jamaica
1973 • Moved to Toronto, Canada
1983 • First camera
1986-88 • Freelance assistant to several Toronto based photographers
1989-96 • Freelance photographer for numerous record labels,

Canadian and European editorials

• Award of merit for photography Studio Magazine Annual Awards 1996
1997 • Nominated for Juno Award (best album artwork)

David Wilcox “Greatest Hits Too”

• Juno Award for (best album artwork) Tom Cochrane “Songs of a Circling Spirit”
1998 • Solo exhibition Contact 98 the Rivoli “Still Moving Images”

• Award of merit, The Advertising & Design Club of Canada

(Single Magazine-Page/Spread) “Living in Oblivion” Shift Magazine
1999 • Director of photography on the feature film “Wolf Song”

• Group show, Contact 99 Sixty4 Steps Contemporary Art “One”

• Director of photography for several music videos

• Gold award, The Advertising & Design Club of Canada

(Single Magazine-Article) “Antigua” Shift Magazine
2000 • Group show, Contact 2000 Sixty4 Steps Contemporary Art “Another One”

• Director/cameraman “Subway” film for “Do Make Say Think” - projected and

edited live @ the Bloor Cinema

2001 • Camera operator on the independent film L’il Steve

directed by Sook Yin Lee/Steve Cosen

• Cinematography for Queen St. west documentary “QSW the Wild Zone”

• Director/cameraman for Chris Brown and Kate Fenner music video

“Walk the Lake”

• Director of photography for King Cobb Steelie “Below the Stars” and

Buck 65 “Pants on Fire” both nominated For best independent music video at

the Much Music Video Awards

2002 • Camera operator CBC series David Suzuki’s “The Sacred Balance”

• Camera operator CBC television film “ Scar Tissue”

• Director/cameraman Classified music video " Yuh Ded Now"

• Cameraman for the documentary film "Always moving forward"

• Winner best cinematography Leo Burnett independent film festival “Oh My Dog”

• Director of photography on pilot for Food Network titled “SUSUR”

2003 • Director/cameraman Spookey Reuben music video Shaua

• Director of photography season 1 “made to order”

food network / Alliance Atlantis / Mercer Street Films

• Director of photography on Broken Social Scene music video “Cause=Time”

• Director/cameraman on Denzal Sinclaire TV spot

for Verve/Universal Music Canada

2004 • Became a father

• Director of photography on Broken Social Scene music video “Almost Crimes”

• Director of photography on Feist music video “mushaboom”

• Director/cameraman The Weekend music video “Me vs. the World”

• Director/cameraman The Trews music video “Tired of waiting”

• Director of photography season 2 “made to order”

food network/ Alliance Atlantis/ Mercer Street Films

2005 • Cameraman Canada for Asia – Tsunami Relief Concert Blue Rodeo / Rush

• Director of photography of “Skinny Puppy” Live DVD

“The Greater Wrong of the Right”

• Director of photography of Tegan & Sara concert

• Director Broken Social Scene “It’s all Gonna Break”

Documentary currently in-production

• Director of photography season 1 “The Wilkinson’s”

Frances Films/ Henry Less Productions

2006 • Director of photography season 1 - “Ed’s Up” Peace Point Entertainment OLN

• Director of photography season 1 - “Crash Addicts”

Summerhill productions OLN

• Director of photography/ operator season 1 - “Punched Up”

Indivisual Productions
2007 • Became a father, again

• Director of photography – pilot “sell” Twentieth Century Fox television

• Director of photography – series “Invention Nation” Discovery Network US

• Director of photography - feature film “Confessions of a Porn Addict”

• 2nd unit DOP Ontario Tourism commercials

• Post-production on Broken Social Scene documentary

2008 • Director of photography – “Food Jammers” series Food Network Canada

• Director of photography – Documentry film “Vaccinations-A parents Journey”

Still moving Images

• Winner of Best Cinematography for COPA

at MockFest Film Festival in Los Angeles, California

• Director of photography – “The Week The Women Went” season 2, series

CBC / Paperny Films

• Director of photography – “I Prophesy” series Vision TV / Henry Less Productions

2009 • Director of photography – short film “Record” official selection of TIFF / 09

Bravo / Equation of Design

• Director of photography – pilot “The Gringo” Twentieth Century Fox television

• Director of photography - short film “Living History” Bravo / Tortoise Films

• 2nd unit DOP “Ontario Tourism commercials” Radke Films / Young and Rubicam

• Director of photography – documentary series “City Sonic”

Kensington Communications / White Pine Pictures

• Director of photography – short film “Epilogue/Prologue” JF Productions

• Director of photography – television series “In Da Dance” season 1

CVM / 21 Home Entertainment

• Producer / director / DOP – television series “AUX Live” TV / Still moving


• Director of photography - TV specials “One on One” CMT/ Corus Entertainment

• Director of photography - TV special “Keith Urban Live @ the Orange Lounge”

CMT/ Corus Entertainment

Select Credits


Yuna Kim – DOP (doc) Discovery Asia / Bang Productions

Living History - DOP (short) Bravo / Tortoise Films

City Sonic - DOP (short series) Kensington Communications/White Pine

Record - DOP (short) Bravo / Equation of Design

Epilogue / Prologue – DOP (short) Joe Frankel Productions

Confessions of a Porn Addict – DOP (feature) Breakthrough Films

Broken Social Scene – Producer Director / DOP (doc) Still Moving Images

Samuel Bak – DOP (doc) TVO/Little Dog Productions

Vaccines: A Parent’s Journey – DOP (doc) Still Moving Images

Always Moving Forward - DOP (doc) Tork Productions

L’IL Steve – Cameraman (feature) Independent / Sook Yin Lee

QSW: The Rebel Zone - DOP (doc) Rhombus Media / Lorraine Segato

DMST Subway – Producer/ Director / DOP (live) Still Moving Images

Stuff – Cameraman (feature) Bullseye Productions

Wolf Song –DOP (feature) Howling Wolf Productions

Weird or What - DOP Discovery US / Cineflix

One on One - DOP CMT/ Corus Entertainment

In Da Dance - DOP CVM / 21 Home Entertainment

Keith Urban Live @ the Orange Lounge -DOP CMT/ Corus Entertainment

AUX Live - Producer / Director / DOP AUX TV / Still moving Images

The Week The Women Went, season 2 - DOP CBC / Paperny Films

The Gringo - DOP Twentieth Century Fox Television

I Prophesy - DOP Vision TV/Henry Less Productions

Sell (Pilot) - DOP Twentieth Century Fox Television

Food Jammers III – DOP Food Network/Peace Point Productions

Invention Nation - DOP Discovery Channel(US)/Peace Point

Ed’s Up season 1 – DOP OLN / Peace Point Productions

Punched Up season 1 – Cameraman / DOP Comedy Network/ Joe Blow Productions

Crash Addicts season 1 – DOP OLN / Summerhill Productions

The Wilkinsons season 1 - DOP CMT / Frances Films Inc.

Made To Order season 1 & 2 - DOP Food Network / Mercer Street Films

David Suzuki’s Sacred Balance - Cameraman CBC / Kensington Comm.

Canada for Asia – Tsunami Relief Concert - Cameraman CBC / Revolver Films


Ontario Tourism - X 6 2nd unit DOP Young & Rubicam/Radke Films/Spy

Kraft - Cameraman J Walter Thompson/Henry Less

Sobeys - DOP Leo Burnett / Trace Pictures Philadelphia Cream Cheese - DOP J Walter Thompson / Don Dixon Films Denzel Sinclaire – Director / DOP Universal Music / YYZ Pictures

ING Direct x 2 – DOP Partners Film CO.

Mastermind Toys - DOP Partners Film CO.

NBA Authentic Gear - Cameraman Zoo TV

Movie Pix /The Movie Network - DOP Konservative Veesual

Director/Director of Photography Production Co.

The Weekend “Me vs. the World” YYZ Pictures

The Trews “Tired of waiting” YYZ Pictures

Spookey Rueben- Shauna Still Moving Images

Classified featuring Dan-e-o & D-sisive Sundog films

Chris Brown and Kate Fenner-Walk the lake Players Film Co.

Do Make Say Think-Disco+Haze Still Moving Images
Director of photography

Lullabye Arkestra “Icy Hands” Scion AV / Vice Records

The Mark Inside “sweet little sister” Nuclear Blubber Productions Inc.

Feist “mushaboom” Shalabi Effect Productions

Broken Social scene “Almost Crimes” Shalabi Effect Productions

Broken Social Scene-Cause=Time Play Film

Tom Cochrane – Ali Revolver Films

Buck 65-Pants on Fire Sundog Films

The Dears-End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story Still Moving Images Molly Johnson-Diamonds in my Hands Revolver Film Co.

King Cobb Steelie-Below the Stars Revolver Film Co.

Blue Rodeo-The Day’s in Between Revolver Film Co.

Sciencespheric “Static” Revolver Film Co.

Live Performance

Do Make Say Think - Producer / Director / DOP Still Moving Images

Keith Urban - DOP CMT/ Corus Entertainment

Happiness Project - Producer / Director / DOP AUX TV / Still Moving Images

Thunderheist - Producer / Director / DOP AUX TV / Still Moving Images

K’naan - Producer / Director / DOP AUX TV / Still Moving Images

Arts and Crafts NXNE - Producer / Co. Director AUX TV / Still Moving Images

Richard Undrehill - DOP RU productions / Factor

Avril Lavigne – Cameraman EMI / Vison Entertainment

Feist – Cameraman Polydor- Universal

Skinny Puppy – DOP YYZ Pictures

Tegan & Sara - DOP Sanctuary Records Group / MTV

Tragically Hip - Cameraman Revolver Film Co.

Broken Social Scene – DOP Still Moving Images

The Music - Cameraman Revolver Film Co.

Four Seasons Condominiums - DOP Trace Pictures

Wella Balsam - DOP Donato Hair Salons

Pearson International Airport – Terminal 1 Promo Flashcut

Diesel 2005 Test Patrol Fashion Show- Director/DOP Donald Miller Productions

416.704.3631 stephen@stephenchungphotography.com 721 Gladstone Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6H 3J5

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