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1AR – Psycho

1] Framework – Let us weigh the case A] Stasis- anything else moots six minutes of our offense – o/w’s because fairness constraints our ability to evaluate substance B] Idea testing- destroys rigorous contestation which is a necessary to prevent epistemic dogma and unjustified theories that misdiagnose the problem which turns the K

2] Case Outweighs – prioritize existential impacts – A] Pre-req- It precludes the ability to engage in the alternative since your dead B] Process- The process of nuclear war causes massive suffering through famine, poverty, pollution which materially harms communities C] Uncertainty- Ethical uncertainty means we should prevent existential risk to ensure the future has value.

3] Psychoanalysis fails

A] Homogenization DA – it flattens oppression by glossing over how identities are produced by historically contingent practices and are subject to change

B] Collapses on itself – it prevents prioritization and distinctions between levels of suffering which papers of contingencies, recreating violence and making it impossible to challenge dominant power structures

C] Self-referential – it retroactively explains bad events but doesn’t have predictive or explanatory power

D] Non-falsifiable- psychoanalysis isn’t peer reviewed or falsified, at best its pseudoscience

E] Neuroscience proves neural malleability

Masland 20[Richard Masland- Contributing columnist “The Brain Reshapes Our Malleable Senses to Fit the World” https://www.quantamagazine.org/the-brain-reshapes-our-malleable-senses-to-fit-the-world-20200324/#:~:text=Yet%20with%20modern%20methodologies%2C%20neuroscientists,brain%20neurons%20do%20physically%20change.&text=Studies%20of%20this%20phenomenon%20are,plasticity%20of%20the%20developing%20brain. March 24th 2020] VHS AI
Yet with modern methodologies, neuroscientists have conclusively proved that the circuits of the brain neurons do physically change. Our senses are malleable because the sensory centers of the brain rewire themselves to strike a useful balance between the capacities of the available neural resources and the demands put on them by incoming sensory impressions. Studies of this phenomenon are revealing that some sensory areas have innate tendencies toward certain functions, but they show just as powerfully the plasticity of the developing brain.

4] Cede the political – moving outside of the plan allows policies to be passed against the alt which dooms solvency

5] Vagueness DA – if you don’t know what *alt* is, what the links are, etc. you should not fill in the gaps for them – they haven’t explained things like drives or the lack and real

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