2003 Viva trash vegas Round 11: Semifinals

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2003 Viva TRASH Vegas
Round 11: Semifinals


  1. Co-written by Danny Keogh, it talks about love gone wrong and how the singer keeps her watch set to a different time zone for sentimental reasons. She also sings about her family's weird habit of getting buried next to their ancestral home, noting that there's an empty space left "In the damn back lawn," presumably for her. For ten points, name this song, the first top 40 hit off the album To Whom it May Concern by Lisa Marie Presley.
    ANSWER: Lights Out

  2. Glenn Burke is sometimes credited with inventing this, supposedly after Dusty Baker homered so that the 1977 Dodgers became the first team with four 30-home run hitters. It is the first action that the other one is mentioned as giving, later followed by actions such as hailing a taxicab and flicking a cigarette an Alanis Morisette's "Hand In My Pocket." For ten points, what is the title of the Stephanie Plum mystery following Four to Score as well as an interactive congratulatory gesture?
    ANSWER: High Five

  3. As a two-year old, he was named "Most Healthy City Boy" at the Iowa State Fair. He then started his professional fashion career as an assistant hat designer for Bergdoff Goodman, where he developed the pillbox hat worn by Jackie Kennedy to JFK's inauguration. After starting his own line in the late 60ís, his popularity skyrocketed, including a deal to design uniforms for the flight attendants of Braniff Airlines. However, a deal to mass market his merchandise at JC Penney led to a loss of prestige and a decline in his products, although the name lived on after his death in 1990. For ten points, name this fashion designer of the 70's.
    ANSWER: Roy Halston Frowick

  4. Takashi Chiba, the deputy governor of Akita Prefecture, recently got into trouble for continuing to play this game after an earthquake struck his country. It most likely descended from the "Coringth Game" which originated in Chicago and modern versions use the Masamura Gauge structure. For ten points, name this Japanese game, best described as a cross between a slot machine and pinball.
    ANSWER: pachinko

  5. ER's Laura Innes wrote one episode of this show, probably because her husband, David Brisbin was a regular. Ben Stiller's future wife, Christine Taylor played Melody, who worked alongside Danny, Ted, and Brad for Mr. Ernst, played by Brisbin. For ten points, name this show, which ran on Nickelodeon from 1989-1991 and featured the Bar None Ranch.
    ANSWER: Hey Dude

  6. Warning: team and year required. Their kicker was the first NFL player to outscore another team during the regular season, besting the Colts by six. They were undefeated until running into Dallas in Week 13, and their two losses were by a combined 5 points. In the playoffs they beat the Falcons and Lions. The highest scoring offense, their touchdown leader, who only had 248 yards rushing, was Gerald Riggs. For ten points, name this team with a 37-24 victory in Super Bowl XXVI against the Buffalo Bills.
    ANSWER: 1991 Washington Redskins (accept either Washington or Redskins)

  7. Raised in Missouri, he made his acting debut in college understudying for Tom Berenger, and his first film role was as Joe Kenehan in 1987's Matewan. Other roles include July Johnson in Lonesome Dove, Conklin in The Bourne Identity, and Frank Fitts in American Beauty. For ten points, name this actor who won a best supporting actor Oscar for his role as John Laroche in Adaptation.
    ANSWER: Chris Cooper

  8. In the one titled "Phantom of the Opera," the hero saves a woman from being murdered during an art robbery. In the one titled "Hoops," Gary tries to save the life of the city's biggest high school basketball star. In "The Cat," Gary takes the cat to the vet, but the cat ends up at the home of a dying woman. Soon to be rerun on Pax, this is, for ten points, what this CBS show running from 1996 to 2000, starring Kyle Chandler, as Gary Hobson, a Chicago stockbroker who receives the newspaper one day in advance?
    ANSWER: Early Edition

  9. When his play All Work and No Play is produced, he finds that a hated co-worker was cast as the lead. Helen Hunt got her start in acting by playing this character's seven-year-old-daughter; in addition to two other daughters, he has a devoted wife Marie, and an adopted Vietnamese son. His wisecracking jabs at Ted are a sign of frustration that includes not winning a Teddy. For ten points, name WJM-TV's head news writer, played by Gavin MacLeod on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
    ANSWER: Murray Slaughter

  10. It was the theme song to Dave's World and has been covered by Garth Brooks and the Chipmunks. The singer has been stranded in a combat zone and likes to tell dirty jokes. He crashed a party on Friday, and apologized on Saturday and might be as crazy as you say but you wouldn’t want him any other way. For ten points, name this song off of Glass Houses, a 1980 release of Billy Joel.
    ANSWER: You May Be Right

  11. It was catalogued as 31/439 after it was detected by the SPACEGUARD asteroid-monitoring system in 2031. The trilateral symmetry of its designers led humanity to encounter two more similar objects in future novels co-authored by Gentry Lee. This cylindrical space-habitat turned out to be inhabited by biological robots. The crew of the Endeavor has a “rendezvous” with, for ten points, what titular alien artifact of an Arthur C. Clarke novel?
    ANSWER: Rama

  12. He declined to join The Three Stooges after "Curly" Howard had a stroke. A Borscht Belt comedian, his routines included "The Chinese Waiter." Making his film debut in 1953's Walking My Baby Back Home, he played Benjy Benjamin, one of several characters caught up in a race for money in It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World and voiced Scuttle in The Little Mermaid. For ten points, name this recently dead comedian, who appeared on Craig Kilborn's show in a segment called "Tuesdays With Buddy."
    ANSWER: Buddy Hackett (or Leonard Hacker)

  13. He just inked a deal to be a talent scout for Attack records. He'll also start recording his first album since 1997's Maladjusted, which sold only 86,000 copies in the U.S. Since going solo, he has produced the albums Southpaw Grammar and Kill Uncle and the songs "I Know Its Going to Happen Someday" and "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get." For ten points, name this allegedly celibate singer, who teamed with Johnny Marr in The Smiths.
    ANSWER: Steven Patrick Morrissey

  14. The publisher limited its release until its editor managed to get a song with the same name on The Ed Sullivan Show. Soon afterwards, the book hit the best-seller charts, as readers began to substitute chocolate for affection in stage one of the three-step program. This approach leads to an effort by magazine writer Catcher Block to write an exposé of the author. For ten points, name this book by Barbara Novak whose title is the same as a 2003 film starring Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor.
    ANSWER: Down With Love

  15. The oldest member of this team is 37-year-old Russian Vlatcheslav Ekimov who, like American George Hincapie and Czech Pavel Padrnos, has the job of protection in the peloton. Spaniards Manuel Beltran and Jose Luis Ribiera and American Floyd Landis serve as intermediate climb leaders while rising star Colombian Victor Hugo Pena is a time trial specialist. For ten points, name this cycling team led by Lance Armstrong.
    ANSWER: United States Postal Service

  16. It was originally supposed to be a series of articles for the New York Times Magazine, but the author felt it was something greater. Among the "characters" are Jeremy Brown, Chad Bradford, Scott Hatteberg and Paul DePodesta. However, the book is mainly about an idea, advanced by Bill James and put into practice by Billy Beane. For ten points, name this book written by Michael Lewis, subtitled "The Art of Winning an Unfair Game."
    ANSWER: Moneyball

  17. He co-wrote the Leo Sayer hit "When I Need You" with Carol Bayer Sager and co-wrote "To All the Girls I've Loved Before" with Hal David. A performer in his own right for songs such as "99 Miles from L.A.," "The Free Electrical Band," and "I'm a Train," his son of the same name is now a guitarist for the Strokes. For ten points, name this singer-songwriter who had a top five hit in 1972 with "It Never Rains in Southern California."
    ANSWER: Albert Hammond

  18. One of his later adventures involves an orange grove and a realtor named Berman. We first meet him talking to a man named Curly, who is gnawing on his Venetian blinds and we are soon introduced to his associates, Walsh and Duffy, played by Joe Mantell and Bruce Glover. In a famous scene, he is nasally wounded by a thug played by Roman Polanski. For ten points, name this detective played by Jack Nicholson in Chinatown.
    ANSWER: Jake or J.J. Gittes

  19. Ron Boone is the ABA's career leader while Karl Malone and John Stockton are first and second in this stat for the NBA. The NBA season record are the 366 by Artis Gilmore in the '77-'78 season, while John Drew and Jason Kidd hold the single-game record with 14. Compiled since 1970, this is, for ten points, what stat, which is sometimes contemplated in its ratio to assists?
    ANSWER: Turnover

  20. His career in entertainment started as an NBC page escorting Madame Toscanini. After a World War II stint in the Air Force, he co-hosted a New York radio show, replaced Dick Van Dyke in Bye Bye Birdie, and served as Steve Allen's announcer on The Tonight Show. Other projects included a kids' show called Choose Up Sides and the musical program Dough Re Mi. For ten points, name this man at the helm of the skinny microphone from 1962 to '69, and again from '73 to '82 as host of Match Game.
    ANSWER: Gene Rayburn

  21. Seven years before this facility added lights for night events, Fanny Blankers-Koen won four gold medals in 1948. 1986 saw Chicago defeat Dallas in the first official "American Bowl", 1987 saw Mike Tyson defeat Frank Bruno, 1991 saw London defeat Barcelona for the first World League of American Football title, and 2000 saw the last World Cup qualifier in this venue, now being demolished and rebuilt. For ten points, identify this English facility, which co-hosted 1985's Live Aid concert.
    ANSWER: Wembley Stadium

2003 Viva TRASH Vegas
Round 11: Semifinals


  1. Name the movies starring Don Cheadle, for ten points each.

    1. Cheadle plays "Mouse" Alexander in this movie, in which Denzel Washington is a World War II veteran that is hired to find the wife of a Los Angeles mayoral candidate.
      ANSWER: Devil in a Blue Dress

    2. Michael Douglas plays the newly appointed Drug Czar in this movie, and his daughter is a heroin addict. Cheadle plays a DEA agent.
      ANSWER: Traffic

    3. Cheadle played Private Washburn in this John Irvin Vietnam War film about ten days in May 1969.
      ANSWER: Hamburger Hill

  2. The world is full of bad ideas. Given the premises, name the god-awful reality TV shows, for ten points each.

    1. This new Bravo show will feature a team of gay experts helping cloddish straight men with their fashion choices and grooming.
      ANSWER: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

    2. This TLC program allows friends, family members, and seriously cheesy wedding planners to arrange couples' weddings with a $5,000 budget and a week's worth of planning, all without input from the couples.
      ANSWER: For Better or for Worse

    3. In an attempt to become the Ozzy Osbourne of game shows, the host of Lingo is now starring in this reality show about his work at the Game Show Network, his home life and his occasional lunches with Pat Boone.
      ANSWER: Chuck Woollery: Naturally Stoned

  3. For ten points each, name the books currently on New York Times children's bestseller list.

    1. This book by Dr. Seuss if often a gift during graduations, and includes the line "You'll Be on your way up, You'll be seeing great sights."
      ANSWER: Oh, the Places You'll Go!

    2. This book tells the story of a canine with gastrointestinal problems that helps foil a robbery.
      ANSWER: Walter the Farting Dog

    3. Toni Morrison and Slade Morrison wrote this fable about an ant and a grasshopper.
      ANSWER: Who's Got Game?

  4. For ten points each, name the Eagles song from lyrics.

    1. Whoa and its a hollow feelin'. When it comes down to dealin' friends, it never ends.
      ANSWER: Tequila Sunrise

    2. This night is gonna last forever, last all, last all summer long. Sometime before the sun comes up, the radio is gonna play that song.
      ANSWER: Heartache Tonight

    3. Now I look at the years gone by and wonder at the power that be. I don't know why fortune smiles on some and lets the rest go free.
      ANSWER: The Sad Café

  5. 5-10-20-30. Name the websites that make the following claims.

    1. Visiting this website and its forums just goes to show that its assertion is correct: The Internet Makes You Stupid.
      ANSWER: Something Awful or www.somethingawful.com

    2. Founded in April 1997, this website purports to be "paving the paper trail."
      ANSWER: The Smoking Gun or www.thesmokinggun.com

    3. This volunteer-based guide to the boob tube claims to be "...by you, for you - about the TV shows you love!"
      ANSWER: TV Tome or www.tvtome.com

    4. Glenn Reynolds has actually trademarked "If you've got a modem, I've got an opinion!" for this website.
      ANSWER: Instapundit or www.instapundit.com

  6. Answer these questions about the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, formerly the Bob Hope Desert Classic, for the stated number of points.

    1. (10) This 2003 Masters winner took home 1st place in this 5-day event.
      ANSWER: Mike Weir

    2. The Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, in addition to its celebrity guests, is held over 5 days at 4 courses. Name any two of these courses, five points per course.
      ANSWER: PGA West (Palmer), Bermuda Dunes, Tamarisk, Indian Wells Country Club

    3. (10) This celebrity participant's presence at the Bob Hope became news when he did not report back to his anchor position to cover the Columbia tragedy, which occurred over the tournament weekend.
      ANSWER: Aaron Brown

  7. Herb Alpert, not just part of a famous music label. Answer these questions about his creations, for ten points each.

    1. Alpert's version of "Spanish Flea" became the opening theme song for this Chuck Barris game show.
      ANSWER: The Dating Game

    2. This hit took home Grammys in 1965 for "Best Instrumental Arrangement" and "Record of the Year". Years later, this song would surface on The Drew Carey Show, thanks mostly to Kate's bad singing.
      ANSWER: A Taste of Honey

    3. "A Taste of Honey" was among several hits on this 1965 album, named in part for its title track, but remembered by many for the cover model, who was covered in one of the title objects.
      ANSWER: Whipped Cream and Other Delights

  8. Comedy, thy name is Don Knotts. Answer these questions about his film career, for ten points each.

    1. Knotts played a TV repairman in this 1998 film about a brother and sister transported from 90's reality to a 50's TV town.
      ANSWER: Pleasantville

    2. Knotts coaches the California Atoms in this 70ís Disney flick, where the Atoms have a knack for winning games via special teams, particularly because of the title character, a field-goal kicking mule.
      ANSWER: Gus

    3. Knotts' other work with Disney during the 70's included the role of Theodore Ogelvie in this series of films featuring three kids and their wacky adventures in the Old West.
      ANSWER: The Apple Dumpling Gang (Apple Dumpling Gang and Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again)

  9. When Jake and Ellwood were on the lam, the police looked for them at a certain address on West Addison only to find it was Wrigley Field. For ten points each, given street addresses, name the sports venues you'd find there. You'll get five if you need the name of an athlete who played there for the home team in 2003.

    1. (10) 600 Civic Center Drive
      (5) Henrik Zetterberg
      ANSWER: Joe Louis Arena (Also accept The Joe)

    2. (10) 1265 Lombardi Avenue
      (5) Ahman Green
      ANSWER: Lambeau Field

    3. (10) 601 F Street, NW
      (5) Chamique Holdsclaw
      ANSWER: MCI Center

  10. So you want to be a NFL draft pick, eh? Answer these questions about the NFL Draft experience, for ten points each.

    1. Unless you're able to score a personal workout, you'll probably attend the scouting combine in this Midwestern city.
      ANSWER: Indianapolis

    2. While in Indianapolis, you may be asked to take this "intelligence" test, which consists of answering 50 questions on a variety of subjects in 12 minutes.
      ANSWER: Wunderlick

    3. The 2003 draft marked the last time that this draft analyst, who died in 2002, published his Pro Football Weekly guide to the draft.
      ANSWER: Joel Buschbaum

  11. Five for one, fifteen for both, name these candidates on slates for the next SAG election.

    1. The incumbent president and wife of Bruce Boxleitner; and the man who won an Oscar for his role as Farmer Hoggett in Babe.
      ANSWER: Melissa Gilbert, James Cromwell

    2. The opponent of Gilbert, who played Jim Reed on Adam-12 as Jack Webb's co-star; and, opposing Cromwell, the man who plays Lt. Tony Rodriguez on NYPD Blue.
      ANSWER: Kent McCord, Esai Morales

  12. Jake Grafton is an A-6 pilot who decides to bomb Communist Party headquarters in Hanoi during the Vietnam War. For ten points each:

    1. Name this novel later made into a movie with Brad Johnson, Willem Defoe, Rosanna Arquette, and Danny Glover.
      ANSWER: Flight of the Intruder

    2. Who wrote Flight of the Intruder?
      ANSWER: Stephen Coonts

    3. The eighth book to feature Jake Grafton, it takes advantage of September 11 by using villains known as the Sword of Islam, who have bought nuclear weapons from a renegade Russian general.
      ANSWER: Liberty: A Jake Grafton Novel

  13. Given a classic NCAA basketball tournament upset or series of upsets, name the year in which it occurred for ten points each. If you need a list of that year's Final Four teams, you will receive five points per year.

    1. (10) The University of Richmond defeats a Charles Barkley-led Auburn squad.
      (5) Georgetown, Houston, Kentucky, and Virginia
      ANSWER: 1984

    2. (10) #11 seed Loyola Marymount defeats #6 New Mexico State, #3 Michigan, and #7 Alabama to reach the West Region final.
      (5) Arkansas, Duke, Georgia Tech, and Nevada-Las Vegas
      ANSWER: 1990

    3. (10) #14 seed Weber State upsets North Carolina, and #10 seed Gonzaga knocks off Minnesota, Stanford, and Florida to reach the West Region final.
      (5) Connecticut, Duke, Michigan State, and Ohio State
      ANSWER: 1999

  14. For ten points each, name these associates of TV detectives.

    1. He manages the estate of Robin Masters on Magnum, P.I.
      ANSWER: Jonathan Quayle Higgins III

    2. William Hopper and Albert Stratton have played this investigator who aids Perry Mason.
      ANSWER: Paul Drake (accept either)

    3. Played by Robert Ito, he is a fellow coroner of Jack Klugman's Quincy.
      ANSWER: Sam Fujiyama

  15. For ten points each, answer these questions about frequently advertised toll-free numbers.

    1. What can you buy at 1-800-ABCDEFG?
      ANSWER: Hooked on Phonics

    2. Paul Harvey frequently plugs 1-800-282-2673 for what product for the home?
      ANSWER: The Bose Acoustic Wave Radio (prompt on partial answer)

    3. The Pets.com sock puppet has gone from Super Bowl 34 ads to TV ads for this toll-free number for auto loans.
      ANSWER: 1-800-BAR-NONE

  16. 5-10-20-30, who plays these villains in recent sequels:

    1. The T-X in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.
      ANSWER: Kristanna Loken

    2. Fallen Angel Madison Lee in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.
      ANSWER: Demi Moore

    3. Drug lord and money launderer Carter Verone in 2 Fast 2 Furious.
      ANSWER: Cole Hauser

    4. Mutant-hater William Stryker in X2.
      ANSWER: Brian Cox

  17. Identify these famous MG’s, for ten points each

    1. What does the acronym “MG” stand for in the musical group name “Booker T. and the MG’s”
      ANSWER: Memphis Group

    2. What does the acronym “MG” represent on British vehicles of that make?
      ANSWER: Morris Garage

    3. What two names does the contraction “MiG” represent for former Soviet Bloc or current Russian Aircraft? Because we are merciful, you will get five points for one of the names.
      ANSWER: Mikoyan-Gurevich

  18. Sometimes, a band's greatest hit is not sung by the groups lead singer. Name the singer of these hits for ten points each, and the song, for five points each.

    1. This drummer provided the vocals for Kiss's biggest chart-topper, this power ballad which was originally the B-Side of "Detroit Rock City."
      ANSWER: Peter Criss, Beth

    2. This bassist provided vocals for this biggest hit in the history of The Cars.
      ANSWER: Benjamin Orr, Drive

  19. Name these famous Jays, for ten points each.

    1. On television and film, he played Tonto opposite Clayton Moore's Lone Ranger.8
      ANSWER: Jay Silverheels

    2. He appeared as “Jay” in the films Clerks in 1994, Chasing Amy in 1997, Dogma in 1999, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back in 2001.
      ANSWER: Jason Mewes

    3. This actor played Kikicho in Living the Life in 2000, Carlos Nuñez in Crazy, Beautiful in 2001, and Joaquin 'Wack' Campos in The Rookie in 2002.
      ANSWER: Jay Hernandez

  20. In a famous Onion article, a drunken Kevin Wollersheim purchased the entire video collection of Mama's Family. We won't ask you to repeat his mistake, but rather answer questions about the show, for ten points each.

    1. This Carol Burnett Show regular portrayed Thelma Harper, a.k.a. "Mama."
      ANSWER: Vicki Lawrence

    2. Mama and the rest of the family reside in this fictitious town.
      ANSWER: Raytown

    3. Allan Kayser joined the cast after the first season as this teenaged nephew, known for his constant wearing of maroon Chuck Taylor high-tops.
      ANSWER: Bubba

  21. For ten points each, answer these questions about the work of Grandmaster Flash.

    1. This 1983 collaboration with Melle Mel warned against the use of cocaine and other drugs, including riffs on inequalities in sentencing among "street kids" and "a businessman with 24 kilos".
      ANSWER: White Lines (Don't Do It)

    2. This member of The Furious Five served as Grandmaster Flash's first MC and is credited with the phrase "Throw your hands in the air."
      ANSWER: Cowboy or Keith Wiggins

    3. In addition to his Flashformer, Grandmaster Flash provided his technical expertise to the creation of this recently released device for DJs, named after a Star Trek character.
      ANSWER: Empath

  22. Come springtime, every Major League Baseball franchise has an equal shot at winning the World Series. However, a team's general manager can give a team a more equal shot than other teams. Name these current major league GMs of some notoriety, for ten points each.

    1. This Cincinnati GM once suggested that baseball players should pick September 11 if they were going to strike.
      ANSWER: Jim Bowden

    2. This general manager has 2 World Series titles to his credit, one with the 1985 Royals and the other with the 1995 Atlanta Braves.
      ANSWER: John Schuerholz

    3. Although currently employed by Major League Baseball, other teams could court this GM in future years due to his work as the GM of the Montreal Expos.
      ANSWER: Omar Minaya

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