Make a Musical Road

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Student Activity Sheet

You are expected to complete a task from at least one activity sheet. rumble strip landscape 1.jpg

Make a Musical Road

Experiment to see if you can create a rhythm or tune using the same ideas as seen on the video clip ‘Musical Roads’. Represent your rhythm or tune with a drawing using only lines so that others could replicate (make again) your design.

2009 Honda Civic Musical Road: A short video of the making and testing of the Honda Civic musical road in America.

Melody Road – Mt. Haruna, Gunma Prefecture, Japan: Video recording of a musical road in Japan.

Asphaltophone: Image of an Asphaltophone developed by Goodyear Aerospace Company in America. Also on the page, a number of videos of musical roads from around the world for later reference in activity four.

Resources and materials

Internet access, something with wheels, (such as a bike, skateboard, scooter or miniature toy car), cardboard or thick paper sheet, craft sticks, bubble wrap, corrugated card, beads or anything else that can be used to create a bumpy surface, tape or hot glue.



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Good start

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Great effort

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Research about Musical Roads.

Develop and create a rhythm or tune using materials and a wheeled vehicle.

Considered how to represent the design with lines so that others could understand and copy it.

Invited classmates to experience the musical road.


Created a mind-map showing main ideas used to create a Musical Road.

Made a mini musical road with a ten second tune or rhythm.

Created a visual image using only line for other students to be able to make the same rhythm or tune again.

Accepted feedback and noted comments from classmates.

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