2013 Coho Enhancement Fund Project Monitoring Report

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National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

2013 Coho Enhancement Fund Project Monitoring Report

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Gravel Augmentation


C. Gravel Augmentation; F. Fish Disease

REPORT TYPE: (check one)

Annual (Project in progress)

Final (Project completed)



A. Summary of Accomplishments for External Reporting: Please provide a brief description (four to six sentences totaling no more than 200 words) for use by the public, governmental agencies and/or other external partners. This summary should include the following:

  • A one-sentence description of the project, its location and its goals;

  • Two to three sentences describing your key accomplishments over the course of the project;

  • One to two sentences describing any monitoring completed and the results of that monitoring.

B. Summary of Project and Location: Provide a summary description of the project and its location. Include a summary of the Project’s activities and how the Project fulfills the related HCP Objective.

C. Project Timeline/Budget: For the Annual Report (Project in progress), describe what stage the Project is in, and whether activities are on schedule and within budget. Describe remaining activities required to complete Project. For the Final Report (Project completed), describe whether the activities were completed on schedule and within budget, and provide reasons for any variances in the schedule and/or budget.

D. Project Related Targets: This report is specific to Projects directed at HCP Objectives C (Gravel Augmentation) and F (Fish Disease). Indicate which target is applicable to the Project (check one or both).

C1. Provide 500 cubic yards of gravel augmentation either annually or 3,500 cubic yards over the term of the HCP downstream from Iron Gate dam.

F1. Implement measures under Objective C: Gravel Augmentation to improve scour of disease host habitat through the strategic placement of coarse sediment annually in the mainstem Klamath River.

E. Habitat Monitoring Results: Please provide descriptions, measurements, or estimated values (as applicable) for each of the following metrics. Describe the methods or source of information relied upon for addressing each of the metrics.

1. Specific locations of gravel augmentation and the extent of reaches affected by them, including GPS coordinates and River Miles (RM) as appropriate:

2. Volume of gravel augmented (cu. yd.) by site:

3. Augmentation material bulk particle-size distribution:

4. Estimated gravel mobilization flow (cfs) at the site:

5. Frequency of estimated gravel mobilization flows at the site (per year):

6. Depth (in) of bed scour of augmented gravel before and after mobilization flows:

7. Mapping of sites of gravel accumulation resulting from augmented gravel:

F. Coho Salmon Use Monitoring Results: If Target C1 is applicable to this project (checked above), describe any observations or other evidence of presence of coho salmon (e.g., spawners, redds) at treated sites pre- and post-project. Describe the methods or source of information relied upon for these observations or evidence.

G. References and Supporting Documentation: List any cited references used in this report. List and attach other supporting documentation, such as the following:

  • Photos from the project – before and after gravel placement (minimum resolution of 300 dpi);

  • Report publications, GIS data, brochures, videos, outreach tools, press releases, media coverage;

  • Topography/bathymetry surveys of augmentation locations before and after gravel placement.

  • Other applicable project deliverables (per project contract).

Download 25.53 Kb.

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