2014 Bombardier Learjet 75 airframe: 333. 1 Hours Since New landings: 277 Since New engines

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2014 Bombardier Learjet 75
AIRFRAME: 333.1 Hours Since New LANDINGS: 277 Since New
ENGINES: Honeywell TFE731-40BR Engines - Enrolled on MSP

333.1 Hours Since New

277 Cycles Since New
APU: Honeywell RE100 (LJ) – Enrolled on MSP

129.1 Hours Since New

AVIONICS: Bombardier Vision Flight Deck with Garmin G5000 Avionics Suite

Single 3-Axis Automatic Flight Control Systems with Computation for Flight Guidance, Autopilot,

Yaw Damper and Pitch Trim

Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)

Engine Indication and Crew Awareness System (EICAS)

Surface Awareness System;
Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR); and Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)

Two (2) Flight Management Systems (FMS) supporting Required Navigation Performance (RNP) non-

AR 0.3 approaches with radius-to-fix (RF) legs and Precision and non-precision approach operations

(e.g. LNAV/VNAV and Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) approaches)

One (1) Flight Information System

One (1) Synthetic Vision Systems (SVS)

One (1) Standby Instrument System

One (1) Weather Radar

Two (2) VHF Navigation Receivers

One (1) DME Transceiver

Two (2) 24 Channel GPS WAAS Receivers

Two (2) Mode S Transponders Capable of ADS-B Out in Accordance AC 20-165A

One (1) Traffic Surveillance System Capable of TCAS II Change 7.1

One (1) Radio Altimeter System

One (1) Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) and

Two (2) Air Data Computers.

Single HF Communication with SELCAL

Structural/Wiring Provisions - Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR)

Additional 110V Outlets in Cockpit

Lighted Control Wheel Chart Holders

Smartphone Handsets - Wired

Iridium with ATG Broadband System

Galley Rest Seat

Media Center

Equipment/Furnishings - Modification of Galley and Aft Lavatory Trash Container Door Latches

Pneumatic - Removal of the Nacelle Anti-Ice Valve Heat Blanket


Interior accommodates seating for two crew and eight passengers. Crew area features sheepskin covers on crew seats, rail mounted sunvisors, electronically-heated foot warmers, map and dome lights, speakers electronically adjustable rudder pedals, and curtain closeout to cockpit.

Forward right galley provides single hot liquid container, one ice drawer with two ice compartments and single overboard drain, 4.3-inch Cabin Management System control panel, iPod 30-pin docking station, trash storage and other miscellaneous storage.
Seating for eight passengers is a double club configuration with swivel and reclining capability, inboard armrests, three folding tables, one plug-in table, and flat floor throughout the cabin. Cabin further features arm ledge and lower side ledge storage, convenience panel with reading lights, table lights, air vents and oxygen masks, Four 110V 60Hz Universal AC outlets in main cabin, with fifth in aft lavatory. A life vest is provided at each seat, window shades, drink holders and two wine bottle holders.
Entertainment features include Audio System consisting of sidewall cabin speakers, audio amplifier and headset jack at each seat location, Video System with Six 7” popup screens at each seat (less emergency exit club seats), two 4.3” touchscreen controllers at emergency exit club seats, one 12.1” high-resolution flat panel screen LCD monitor installed on left-hand forward cabinet, moving map system with worldwide map selection and an HDMI input port located at the VIP seat. Cabin control capability at each seat provides passenger control panel equipped with table and reading light switches, scroll wheel for means of navigation on the passenger touch screen and one USB charger limited to smart phone charging capabilities.
Standard aft lavatory area contains externally serviced flushing toilet, sink with tepid water, paper dispenser, miscellaneous storage and storage retention net, coat rod, and lighted vanity mirror. Aft storage area within lavatory are provides 15 cu ft (up to 150 pounds), and external heated baggage compartment of 50 cu ft provides for up to 500 pounds of baggage.

Overall Matterhorn White Desoto.


Pitot Covers

One Dorsal Inlet Cover

Two Engine Covers

Three Jack Pads

One Tail Stand

One Emergency Door Locking Pin

Gust Locks

Thrust Reverser Locking Pins

APU Inlet and Exhaust Covers

One Maintenance Runner for Center Aisle

One Entryway Throw Rug and Throw Rugs Between Club Seats

Keys for Standard Lock

Aircraft Includes DX (Diagnostics Express) Ground Support Software and Maintenance Computer

Interface Adapter (MCIA)

Certified for CAT I Approaches

Certified for Flight Into Known Icing

RVSM Compliant

Engines & APU Enrolled on MSP, Enrolled on Smart Parts

Please See Addendum 1: Warranty Information


Take-Off Field Length (SL, MTOW) 4,440 ft (1,353 m)

Landing Distance (SL, MLW) 2,660 ft (811 m)

Long Range Cruise Speed M 075 (432 ktas)

Max Certified Operating Altitude 51,000 ft (15,545 m)

Initial Cruise Alt. After MTOW Departure 45,000 ft (13,716 m)

Range at 4 Pax with 2 Crew 2,040 nm (3,778 km)

Max Ramp Weight: 21,750 lb (9,866 kg)

Maximum Take-Off Weight: 21,500 lb (9,752 kg)

Maximum Landing Weight: 19,200 lb (8,709 kg)

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight: 16,000 lb (7,257 kg)

Basic Operating Weight: 13,890 lb (6,300 kg)

Maximum Fuel Weight 6,062 lb (2,750 kg)

Specifications are subject to verification. Aircraft subject to prior sale or removal from market.

The specifications are for introductory purposes only, the information is in no way a warranty from Express Jets or the owner of the aircraft on the validity of the information. Buyer should rely on their inspection and verification of the above listed information.

4 Dominion Drive

Building 3, Suite 200

San Antonio, TX 78257


Tel: 210-687-1828 * Fax: 210-687-1826 * E-fax: 210-579-7184

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