2015 Jeff Kyle 400 at the Brickyard Late race restart keys corr03’s second Brickyard victory

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2015 Jeff Kyle 400 at the Brickyard
Late race restart keys corr03’s second Brickyard victory

corr03 took advantage of a late race yellow flag and restart to take the lead and cruise to his third victory of 2015. The win was the second at the Brickyard for corr03. jarmezzani and armwell, who led the most laps, finished right behind corr03 in second and third place while apeng, moehawk and fear44 finished in seventh, eighth and tenth place respectively. jarmezzani increased her 2015 Copenhagen Cup points lead to 410 points over edm who is in second place. corr03 trails edm by 100 points in third place with armwell 20 points behind in fourth place. yernutt rounds out the top five, 80 points out of fourth place.

Did You Know?

apeng posted a top ten in five straight races while corr03 has done the same the last four races. corr03 leads FANCAR with three wins while jarmezzani leads FANCAR with seventeen top fives and eighteen top ten finishes.

Next Up

FANCAR returns to Pocono Raceway for the 2015 Windows 10 400 where moehawk is the reigning race champion. mjstakem, edm and jarmezzani lead all FANCAR owners with two Pocono victories. fear44, yernutt, armwell and apeng also possess a victory on the triangular oval.

2015 Jeff Kyle 400 at the Brickyard – Results

1.    armwell Kevin Harvick 3rd Place 90 Points **

2.    yernutt Jimmie Johnson 15th Place 0 Points

3.    corr03 Kyle Busch 1st Place 100 Points

4.    mjstakem Jeff Gordon 42nd Place 0 Points

5.    jarmezzani Joey Logano 2nd Place 90 Points

6.    edm Dale Earnhardt Jr. 22nd Place 0 Points

7.    apeng Matt Kenseth 7th Place 40 Points

8.    moehawk Kurt Busch 8th Place 30 Points

9.    bdon Jamie McMurray 16th Place 0 Points

10.  fear44 Brad Keselowski 10th Place 10 Points
** - Led Most Laps
Updated: 7/29/15

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