2nd & 3rd 2017 The Crest Sports Complex, McLean Street Georges Hall, nsw preliminary Brief No 3 Thursday August 10th 2017 Foreword

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Big 4 Challenge

September 1st, 2nd & 3rd 2017

The Crest Sports Complex,

McLean Street

Georges Hall, NSW

Preliminary Brief No 3

Thursday August 10th 2017


This is the updated brief for the Australian Oztag Big 4 Challenge.

1. Australian Oztag Proposal

1.1 Australian Oztag will present the Big 4 Challenge to the invited teams in Georges Hall, NSW in September 2017.

1.2 This tournament is by invitation only.
2. The Location

2.1 The Crest Sports Complex (Athletic Field, Steve Folkes Reserve & The Crest Soccer Fields), Georges Hall, NSW.

3. Outline Timetable

3.1 The planning has been in operation for several months and while

some fine detail may change, an outline timetable for delivery of the

tournament is set out below:

- Day One Friday 3rd March, 2:15pm Start. Completed 8.45pm

- Opening Ceremony 6pm In the Athletic Centre (All players, No Boots allowed)

- 2 games to follow on the main field. All 4 participants playing.

- Day 2 Saturday 4th March, 12:30pm start. Completed 7.15pm

- Day 3 Sunday 5th March . 9.30am start. Completed 4pm

- Trophy/Medal Presentation will be held at 4.05pm

3.2 Players, coaching staff & referees will be encouraged to participate in the opening ceremony and final presentation.
4. Proposed Playing Divisions

4.1 Divisions offered.

4.1.1 Open Men’s

4.1.2 Open Women’s

4.1.3 Open Mixed

4.1.4 Men’s 30s, 35s, 40s, 45s, 50s, 55s

4.1.5 Senior Women’s – 27yrs plus, Masters Women’s 35s plus,

4.1.6 Senior Mixed – (M33 W30)

4.1.7 Men’s/Women’s U21s

4.1.8 Boys/Girls U16s, U18s

4.1.9 Mixed U21s

Youth Grades: A player’s birthday must fall on or after January 1st 2017, to be eligible for the division. (i.e. to play in U/16 they must be turning 16 in the current year to be eligible for U16)

Youth Grade Year

Under 21s 1996

Under 18s 1999

Under 16s 2001

4.1.10 Divisional pools have been determined by the amount of entries in that division.

The Women’s 21’s & Senior Women’s have only 2 teams and will play in a best of 5 series.

5. Entry Fees.

5.1 Participation in the Big 4 Challenge is dependent upon full

payment of the entry fee by the closing date.

5.2.1 Team Entry Fee: $1000 (AUS)

5.2.2 Team Fees must be paid to the Australian Oztag Tournament

5.2.3 Closing date was Wednesday February 1st 2017 funds were kept for Sept.

5.2.4 Teams that do not enter and finalized their payment in full by the closing date will not be accepted.

5.2.6 Late withdrawal from the Big 4 Challenge will result in the forfeiture of the entry fee paid.

6. Nations to be invited

6.1 Australian Oztag have invited the following nations to the World Cup:

6.1.1 Australia

6.1.2 Lebanon

6.1.3 Australian Indigenous

6.1.4 Pacific Island

6.1.5 Vietnam (Mixed Opens Only)

All players must be Australian residents and abide by the Australian Oztag representative eligibility policy.

7. Rules of the Game
7.1 The ITF International rules will be used.

8. Playing Uniforms and Playing Equipment

8.1 Nations are required to play in officially approved on-field uniform. (OES supplied)

If there is a breach of this policy the team will forfeit all rights to participate.

8.2 The Official Big 4 Challenge logo must be on the right chest of the

playing top. (Approximately 90mm high)

8.3 The Official Big 4 Challenge logo must be on the right side leg of the tag shorts/tights.

8.4 Numbers on the back of the playing top must be clear to read.

Numerical height must be 20cm high.

8.5 All on-field uniforms will be required to be manufactured by Oztag Equipment Supplies.

9. National Team Ceremony Protocols

9.1 All Nations will be expected to participate in the Opening Ceremony on Friday September 1st 2017 at 6pm on the main stadium (Inner Athletic Track). All teams will be required to attend the Opening Ceremony. They are to be assembled at the tunnel section of the Main Centre at 5:45pm. Ground Officials will be organizing teams.

The Ceremony will begin on time at 6pm sharp. We will not wait for late comers. Teams are also expected to attend and support the medal presentation on Sunday afternoon.

9.2 All Nations will be expected to wear appropriate team wear to the Opening Ceremony. (Players and Officials please wear running shoes. No Boots allowed)

9.5 Flags to be flown on the main arena flag poles are required to be handed in before the first game to the administration area or to the Australian Oztag Office prior to the tournament. If your flag is not delivered your pole will stand vacant at the opening ceremony.

9.6 Each team will be responsible for presenting a cultural presentation during the opening ceremony.
10. Nations squad numbers
10.1 National squads can register a maximum of 18 players

per team.

10.2 Teams can field a maximum of 18 players per game.
11. Official National Logos

11.1 All Nations must supply official logos to the ITF for promotional marketing purposes. Please send as soon as possible. Please supply logos in high res jpg formats or AI or pdf file formats.

Email files to adel@oztag.com.au
12 Official Big 4 Challenge Merchandise

12.1. Australian Oztag Limited have given exclusive merchandising rights to Oztag Equipment Supplies for the Big 4 Challenge

12.2 Associate Member Nations are sanctioned to sell their own merchandise at the tournament but must enter into an agreement with Oztag Equipment Supplies. This should be done ASAP. Email: david@oztagequipmentsupplies.com
13. Insurance

16.1 All players registered players at this tournament will be registered under the regular Australian Oztag insurance policy for tournaments.

14. Big 4 Challenge Eligibility

    14.1 The player must be a registered oztag player and must have either played in the 2016 Junior or Senior Australian Championships OR were registered in the local SUMMER 16/17 oztag competition and have played 7 games in ONE TEAM per season. Eg: A player would play in a team playing one game per week over a seven week period

14.2 A player is eligible to play Internationals for:-

(a) the country in which they were born;

(b) the country in which either of there parents or any of there grandparents were


14.3 A player who is eligible to play for more than one country shall be entitled to select the country they wish to play for. When a player plays an International game for a country, they are deemed to have elected to play for that country.

Once the selection is made the player may not play representative tag for any other country until the end of that tournament.

14.4 The burden of proof in establishing eligibility is on the player and the National Team they wish to represent. If a player plays an International game for a National Team which he is not eligible to represent, both the player and the National Team which selected him shall be guilty of misconduct.

14.5 Where a player is not able to provide a copy of the relevant birth certificate and/or passport, the matter shall be referred to the Australian Oztag Tournament Director Bill Harrigan and the player shall only be entitled to represent the National Team if they can or the Nation can provide satisfactory evidence to the Tournament Director that the player is eligible to do so. Affidavits by a player will not be considered as satisfactory evidence.

14.6 Rulings on any eligibility matters are to be made by the Tournament director Bill Harrigan. Dispensation has been given to Pacific Islands for this tournament.

14.7 In the event of a player being ruled ineligible the national team which the player was selected for may appeal the decision of the Tournament director. This appeal will be heard by a committee formed of the 1 member from the other nations participating. The decision of the Appeals committee is final.

15. Player poaching from other nations

15.1 Once a player has been selected for a national team and signs the team registration form, they are committed to that team. They will not be permitted to leave and decide to move to another nation. If they choose not to play they forfeit all uniform rights and monies already paid to that team. They will not be refunded. There uniform will also become the property of the team they have left.

15.2 Coaches and Managers are not to approach players from other national teams once the player has committed to the team.

16. Team Photos

Teams who would like a team photo should book with Ian Bennett on 0415231624 or email: ieb@ibimages.com

17. Food Vendors

These will be located throughout the venue.

18. Rubbish/Waste Bins

Bins will be allocated throughout the stadium but it is your teams responsibility to keep your designated areas clean at all times.
19.Weather Policy

A weather policy will be on hand for wet and heat conditions.

This policy will located on the walls of the down stairs foyer area. On the live results website and will be emailed to delegates and touched on in the Coaches meeting.
20. Registration Forms
Team registration forms will be due to be handed into the administration before your first game on the Friday of the tournament.
21. Stadium Venue
All fields within the venue will be closed until the tournament begins Friday Afternoon. Therefore no training will be allowed on the venue fields. For those who think this is harsh please consider Australian Oztag want the fields in the best condition they can be for the tournament. I’m sure the players do too.

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