#35 & 36 (will be collected)

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HW #26: Welcher Rp.11:1-5 Q & A 11:21 #35 & 36 (will be collected)

Test 11/23?
Apparently there are different versions of the Welcher book… please complete these questions!!
35. What ratios of particles make the nucleus stable? How can you tell whether an atom is stable?

a) Compare & contrast alpha, beta, gamma, & positron in terms of mass and charge.

b) Write the equation for the alpha decay that occurs in a smoke detector containing Americium-241 (Am-241)

c) Write the equation for the beta decay of Colbalt-60 (Co-60) used in cancer treatment.

d) How is the radioactive decay of Krypton-85 different from the radioactive decay of Americium-241?

Download 2.33 Kb.

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